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I just finished my moon

And I definitely need thinner cloth pads
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Just finished my bloodmoon, but been thinking about it...
Had endo and PCOS and tried YEARS through much heartbreak to conceive DD. Miraculously got pregnant on our own only a month shy of the appt. at the clinic after we'd given up completely on ever conceiving naturally.
DD Is 18 months and I've only had a few fertile cycles. Been charting with NFP to avoid pregnancy, but want another baby in the future.

My endo pain/flow returned by the third cycle, and I've had no ovulation on the last one, and I'm skeptical about the one before. I think I'll be spending a lot of time in here.
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I just took down my red tent about 3 days ago ... lol
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entering the tent today...

its ds's birthday. i think its really interesting i enter the red tent on the same day i was giving birth 3 years ago.....
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interesting stirr. I have to agree!

Happy birthing day mama!
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Originally Posted by AdinaL
Well the infertile childless gal is gonna come and hang out - in hopes that the general vibe will get me going....haven't had a period since nov. 20th...and I want to bleed so bad I could cry. Literally.

You think your period sucks? Try not having one for over 80 days when you AREN'T pregnant or nursing. That sucks. I never thought I would want a period so bad in my life.

I hope this is PMS - 'cause otherwise they are gonna need to lock me up.

So maybe if I hang out with all you women who actually have functioning reproductive systems...mine will get the hint? Maybe? I feel like such a horrible failure as a woman.

s and understanding.

CD 76 with no end in sight, wishing I could come to the Red Tent as well.

You are not a horrible failure as a woman, Adina, you are awesome and I treasure your strength at all you have been through. I am honored to be in the presence of such a woman.
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I'll just pop my head in the tent and wave hello. I'll see you all in a few days.
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It worked! It worked!

and 86 days later.....I am able to join you all again!

I knew if I hugn out here, I would get going! Thanks much. Not I am gonna sit in the corner with a hot pack, some tea and a pile of chocolate.

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Yay Adina!
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Oh YEAH!!!! Adina!!!!! I am really happy for you!

CD80 here, hoping to join you ladies very soon.....
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Get busy!!! Now I have my reputation invested in this
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Ok, join you ladies. AF started today, early. I thought something was wrong with me, but I looked at the calander and it's just a bit early.

Anyway, I'm here.
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isn't it funny..no matter how long we have it, when the slightest bit goes off kilter, we freak?
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All righty!! We will do our best to conform to your vision! That would make me so freaking happy you have no clue....
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Hee hee, you gals are so much fun that I almost wish I could join you in the tent, but on the other hand I am still happy to be flowless... I will take it for a while longer. Although my DD just decided to sleep through the night last night so I may be here sooner than I thought! Could there be an end in sight to the all night breastmilk buffet, and a return to the days of the tent? Hmm... Maybe those vibes are so powerful that I should leave quickly!

I do want to hear about the keeper vs. diva cup, I'm not sure which to try when it's needed again...

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I like it that you found that old thread

I am laughing at how I ran the man out on the first page.

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now ladies and one man.........

the tent is complete.
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we actually were discussing this thread in chat one night. it being one of the funniest threads i can remember. so i thought i would resurect it.

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