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11 mo old with NO interest in nursing in the day!

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My DS is 11 mo old, and my goal is to nurse him until he quits, and I'd really like to go at least until he's two. He's never been very into nursing, he just eats and is done. Has never been a comfort nurser, since birth. I WOHM, and in the last five weeks or so, he's really lost interest in nursing in the day on the weekends. In fact, he seems to be losing interest overall. I offer frequently, and he climbs off my lap! He will fairly consistently nurse before bed, then once or twice in the night. He was also a very good morning nurser, but now I need to distract him with Little People or other toys to keep him nursing in the morning. Once he gets a letdown, which takes about 30 seconds of consistent nursing, he nurses, and takes both sides. It just sometimes takes 5 or more minutes of playing and cajoling him to get that let down. I feel like I am somehow forcing this on him, since I am fairly persistent with playing with him on my lap until he nurses, since I know he will, eventually. If he cries and bats at the breast, I let him go, of course.

I know that ecologically breastfed kids aren't supposed to wean before 2-3yrs, but I've been pumping for over 9 mo at work, so its not like he has had the most natural nursing experience in the world.

I am certainly planning and willing to continue nursing him in the night until he absolutely refuses those feedings. This is very stressful for me, though! I am afraid he'll quit in the next few months, no matter what I try. Call it a strike or whatever, if he eventually won't nurse, he won't nurse.

I read all these posts about toddlers who nurse upteen times a day, and I just wish it was us! I don't see how I could make that happen, though.

Did anyone else's kids have a period where they had very low interest in nursing, later to have it rebound?

Many of my friends don't get it, they just think I should be happy that we'll have a weaning without his tears. If its soon, though, there will be plenty of my tears.
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It is normal for an older baby to become more efficient nursers. It is not biologically normal for an 11 month old baby to 'loose interest' in breastfeeding. Could you be pregnant? Some suggestions and questions:

Stop all bottles and artificial nipples if at all possible
Try massaging breasts to get letdown to come quicker
Eliminate baby cereal if you have been using it
Let him finger feed to avoid overfeeding

Older babies/toddlers can be nursing little or even be weaned and then start nursing again because of some stress in their lives - illness, injury, move, ect.
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*hugs* That sounds very stressful. Kudos for you for doing all that pumping! No advice, but I think it is possible this is a typical phase....

My daughter, who is also a very efficient nurser, has gone through times of less interest in nursing. She's now 16 months and nursing a heck of a lot more than she did when she was 11 months. She was down to nursing maybe 3 times during the day, which I was completely unprepared for. At the time she was working hard on learning to walk and say her first few words, so I think she was just too distracted to focus on nursing. But that changed. Now she nurses something like 6-8 times during the day, or more!

Hang in there,
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