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Differences between a KKAFP and PEA IN A POD???

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Has anyone had experience with both of these? I wish I could afford to try both,when I am not even sure if I can afford to try one yet. It is a toss up between the kangaroo korner fleece, and the pea in a pod sling. I know they are similar, with 4 or 5 rows of snaps. can i wear dd on the back in either of them. THANK YOU for helping with this decision!!
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The main difference is the material. KK are fleece and the PIP is hemp fleece cotton (like a sweatshirt material). The hemp fleece is warm but not nearly as hot as the fleece can get. I have both and I like the PIP alot. It does stretch out after a long while and I wash it on cold and dry it for about 10 min and it's right back in shape. The KKAFP "may" be a tiny but deeper-I'd have to measure for sure it's just a thought.
I like them both-one for winter and the other for warmer months. So if you had to pick one you could always dress them warmer in the cold and get the PIP.
Good luck
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I have them both and like them really well

The fit is similar and, yes, you can wear either on your back (though I probably wouldn't for long amounts of time, because of back pain). If I were to have only one, though, I would probably choose the Pea in a Pod pouch. The KKAFP is great, but IME can only be worn comfortably during the cooler months of the year---I know that the website says it's fine during warmer months, but I haven't found that to be the case. The PIP is comfy year-round; not too hot during the summer, but snuggly enough during the winter. The KKAFP does seem to be a little more stretchy, but the PIP is definately stretchy enough to give a comfortable fit.

I love both of these carriers---I'm actually on my second of each!---and I'd imagine that you'd be happy whatever your choice.
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Did the makers of the PIP reopen their site, or were you going to look for one on ebay?

I have both, and LOVE my PIP the bestest. In fact, I have two. It's my fave carrier ever. One thing I really like about it is that the fabric doesn't bunch or slide down your shoulder like other fabrics do -- it has just enough body and grab to stay in place.
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I just order my pea from ebay about 2-3 wks. ago. Her site is still down because her ds is very sick and is in the hospital. Just keep checking ebay though.



(BTW~I love my Pea too)
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THANK YOU ALL!! I think I will search for a PIP. Now the question is size, I think I am on the threshhold between sizes, and my daughter is 22 lbs, because she is quite heavy if I go up to a medium will she pull it down too far, will a small hold her closer and snugger? And has anyone found that they felt the PIP sizing ran a little small or big? Thank you all again for your kind help!!
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She is not doing EBAY anymore for new pouches but she does have one available right now at www.hyenacart.com under mom and me creations
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Re: sizing...I wear a small KKAFP and can wear a XS/S or S PIP. I fit those sizes best at the non-preggo (lol) measurement of a 38" bust, and at 38" am at the largest or next-to-largest snap setting.
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I am 5'0 100 lbs. and have a 21 lb., 21 mo. dd and the size small is just great!

Good Luck~

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I have owned both, and much much prefer the PIP also. My fav part is the tapered sholder. and yes she's not selling on ebay right now...

as for sizing i'm about 130lbs(still carring 15bls extra baby weight), 5'4 and wear a small PIP on the smallest or second to the smallest snap settings. I had to trade my KKAFP b/c it was a small and it was to small to nurse in. i would need a med in a KKAFP. HTH!!!
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I can't be the only one to like the KK better??

I have both too and I reach for my KKAFP EVERYTIME!! My back is not good and I find the stretch of the KKAFP much better then the PIP. Now I love the way the hemp fleece feels to the touch, I is just not nearly as comfy on IMO.
The tapered shoulder made absolutely no difference to me and I found the extra snaps unnecessary and cumbersome.

It is a nice pouch, just IMO not as great as the KKAFP.
KangarooKorner "invented" the adjustAable pouch. And to me that really shows!! (ok, ok, so I am a fan ;-)
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I think this is a tough call! I do like the narrowness of the shoulder on the PiP, and I also like the fact that it is easier to get a toddler in/out who is wearing SHOES because it is so darn stretchy. However, the fact that it IS so stretchy can be a problem, too. Fit is key with any carrier, and as long as you can get your DC in, the higher/the tighter the better . . .with a PiP (IME), you can't guarantee how long during your wearing session that it will fit the way you want it to because of the stretch. I also don't love the rails on a PiP for a newborn.

As for the coolness of the fabric, I think the difference is only marginal. I probably wouldn't use either on a hot day for something like a cradle hold.

One benefit of the PiP is the padded rail . . .it just seems like it would be more comfy (for your DC) for a hip carry.

Anyway, since your DD is so heavy, are you planning on using this for short or long periods? (I'd recommend only for short with a one-shoulder carrier and your DD's weight.) Another pouch option is a hotslings . . .
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