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when it comes to the yeasty thing.. (i know yuck)
I am hoping to avoid baby getting it, by avoiding getting it myself and passing it to babe during delivery....if baby has it in the diaper area.. it is stilla good idea to take acidopholous as it protects mama.. but becuase it is a living organism it wont pass through breastmilk to baby...so it protects you, but not baby.. you can use it directly on the rash too though.. mixed with breastmilk..or even straight unsweetened yogurt.. you can even give it too baby again mixed with breastmilk (not yogurt though..lol)...I had to deal with the whole nystatin thing with my second.. no fun at all.. so i am really hoping to avoid having a yeast overgrowth at the time of delivery.. cause than i am not giving it too baby!!
eating suagrs and white flour or foods that encrouage yeats to grow will still affect your milk and encourage overgrowth in baby too...another reason to avoid suagrs while nursing even.. personally i don't eliminate things from my diet, as I htink an aspect of being healthy is being happy, and denying myself simple pleasures never serves me that well.. i just lower my intake and increase my positives.. like acidopholous and cranberry and rrl...
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red raspberry leaf tea/lots of contrax

Just a note to any mama having lots of B/H contrax like me, my MW told me NOT to drink this until after 38 weeks as it can add to the contrax.. I was/am having 4+ B/H an hour and she made sure I wasn't drinking this tea (which I wasn't). Don't know if it would cause early labor or anything but I am holding off until after delivery to help get that uterus back in shape PP.

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Oh my... This thread is a reminder of all the things I'm *not* doing right this time. <sigh> I will have to make a list of this and post it all over the house to remind myself - get more exercise, drink more water, eat better, skip the sugar, do those kegels...
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