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Can I get non bf'd toddler to nurse?

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Is it possible to get my toddler, who never fed directly from the breast but was exclusively fed pumped mm, to nurse after I have my next baby?

I am expecting babe #2 in June when dd will be 22 months old. I exclusively pumped for 15 mos (until I basically dried up from pregnancy) for dd, who basically refused to latch since birth -- despite trying every bfing trick and technique. I intend to give her pumped mm again when I begin lactating, but would love to tandem nurse.

This is a crazy question, I know, but is this possible? Has it ever been done? She won't know how to bf, yet she also probably won't have the same extreme adversion to the breast that she had before. Will seeing her sibling nurse be enough to get her bfing?
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I don't know the answer to your question, but as someone who has gone through having a second child (after having bf issues with #1), I want to gently ask how committed you are to adding this to a plate that will be awfully full once your 2nd is born?

You will be dealing with getting used to a newborn again, trying to make nursing work this time and all of the anxiety that entails, adjusting to the loss of your one-on-one relationship with dd, helping dd adjust to having a sibling, the whole rearrangement of family life, etc. If dd wants to do it and you have the energy, go for it, but I wouldn't get overly attached to trying to make it work. It just sounds really stressful.

I hope you don't think I'm trying to rain on your parade! Just giving my perspective. And alll the best to you with nursing this time! Things worked out great for me the second time around, and I wish you the same happiness.
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Don't worry! I don't feel that you're raining on my parade. You ask the same thoughful questions that have been dominating my mind since I saw two pink lines.

Sincerely, establishing a successful nursing relationship for babe#2 will be my top bfing priority. I'm just curious off hand if it's possible.
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I remember reading a mothering article where a mother got her adopted baby to suck her breasts for comfort. She wanted to see if she could produce milk, but was unable to do that. Simply getting her to suck for comforts sake took a great deal of effort, but she was able to bring the child around to that. I have breatfed all my children, and am currently nursing my fourth- a 10 month old. The early kids were fairly close together, and I made the currently nursing child give up nursing for the baby. I regret this now, because that was so tramatic for them. I think that tandem nursing is great, if you can do it. I have read mothering article where mothers are quite happy with doing this. I wish I could have...I think it is great for the kids. I do not think it would be bad for the new baby, in fact I think it is a bonding experience for them both. My older kids love to lay with me when I am nursing the baby. The biggest problem might be getting the older to accept the taste of the breastmilk.

Good Luck
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Thanks for your reply! Getting dd to accept the taste of breastmilk would be no problem I'm sure! She looooooved mommy's milk when I exclusively pumped for her and it took us a while to gradually wean her onto formula when I got pg and started to dry up.
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I miss my nursing relationship with my dd. I can only hope!
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