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For those of us not finding out the sex of the baby

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I thought it would be fun to keep a record of our predictions. I'll make a master list and keep editing as you post. If you change your mind, just repost and I'll change your prediction.

You can predict sex, date of actual birth (not your due date unless you really feel it will happen that day), day of the week of the birth, whatever you've dreamed or felt or envisioned.

I think it would be fun to keep a log and see how it turns out in August!

(Chiro_Kristin): BOY, Aug 24
Kerri (Mama Coltrane): BOY, Aug 28
Abshoup: GIRL, Aug 2
Jamie (heldt123): GIRL, Aug 10
Kate (ktmama): BOY, Aug 28
rainbowmoon: BOY
lilgreen: GIRL, Aug 10
henhao: GIRL
Alexia (alex_i_aa): GIRL
Chelsea (ChelseaG): GIRL, Aug 10
Abylite: BOY
Goldie (Goldiemom): BOY, Aug 29
Kathy (Little Cluck): BOY
Tracy (mtnsunshinemama): GIRL, Aug 28-29
Holly (CrunchyClark): GIRL and BOY, Aug 1
Dana (Lavish_Grace): GIRL, Aug 27 with labor starting during her friend's wedding
Em (Anguschick1): GIRL, Sept 7

The girls are up, 10-8! I hope nobody minds the color coding. Let me know if you do.
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Kerri: BOY, born on August 28th
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Jamie: Girl, August 10th

We are going to find out the sex via ultrasound, but that's my prediction for now!
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thanks for doing this Kristin:
Kerri, I'm predicting a boy too on August 28th!
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I have no clue really and we aren't finding out the sex this time around (we did last time)

if I have to guess I will say boy
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Girl on August 10.

My whole reason for not wanting to find out is to love it and get to know it without a name or a gender... just its soul. Yet, I can't help myself constantly assuming it's a girl. Maybe because I already have a boy, it's subconscious wishful thinking. Or, maybe it's because it really is a girl. Who knows?!

Take good care,
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My prediction is a girl. I have a strong feeling about it. BUt I plan to find out in another month or so. I'd feel weird having the medical staff know if I didn't know.
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I'm thinking girl, sometime this year ;-)
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BOY...beginning of August. We are undecided if we want to find out yet.
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I am thinking Girl - my dreams all have girl babies in them, and the heartbeat is on the fast side which i guess is "supposed" to indicate girl...
edd is Aug 4th - but I am thinking it won't be until around the 10th...
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Goldiemom: boy 8/29.

That is just the day I feel this child will choose to arrive. I am getting boy vibes for now, but we shall see if that stays the same as we progress.
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I think we'll have another BOY. birthday....hmm....Aug. I don't know.
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I'm predicting a girl Aug.28 or 29th. Lots of girl dreams too and a fast heartbeat!
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Predicting Girl Boy August 1st (My IPs say girl, girl because daddy had a dream, but both my boys says boy/girl and that's my leanings...just because of the odds....I don't have any 'feeling' one way or the other!)
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Just bumping for all the new folks!
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I'm thinking September 7, and all my dreams have either "the bits" covered w/one of those pixelated censor boxes or twin girls. Since I'm not having twins, I have no idea. Dh thinks girl though.
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I really don't know what to think but dh and I have been saying that we are having a girl and I dreamed yesterday that we had a girl so my guess is that it's a girl.
I think the baby will come on August 27th. My friend is getting married that day and I just know I'm going to go into labor during the reception. LOL
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bumping for the new folks
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hmmm...i'm thinking boy. don't have a date but thinking in the early am
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