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Evelyn Joy

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Our babe was born Monday, 7 Feb, at 12:11 a.m. A girl, Evelyn Joy Kerr. She looks like her father.
8 lb 11 oz
21 3/4 in

Labor and birth summary:
Water broke 7 am Sat Feb 5, contractions starting within a few hours
Home birth transferred to hospital after many hours of one stubborn lip of cervix. Besides being stuck, there was a bulging vein in the vagina which could have cause an emergency.
In the hospital, we managed a vaginal birth with only a teeeny tiny bit of pitocin (there went the cervical lip) and a little help from the vacuum extractor after pushing for over two hours. Nurses there were impressed that we did this without any pain drugs.
Baby came out posterior with a nuchal hand. No tears worthy of stitches!
Total active labor to birth was about 36 hours. Evelyn is beautiful. As for the experience - I thank God I had no idea what it would be like ahead of time.

We came home today, 8 Feb (a day early by their standards), a little after noon, with a stop at the chiropractor.
So far, nursing was going okay until overstimulation by all the hospital poking-and-prodding put the baby into such a deep sleep that she wouldn't wake enough to latch on. Thank goodness for my midwife who came over this afternoon (after 8 hrs without a feeding) and tormented the baby with the cold rag, in many different positions, until she latched on. Now, with a very peaceful environment, Evelyn is latching on and feeding pretty well when we wake her every two hours. Whew.

I look forward to catching up on the threads a bit later, when we're up to three hours between feedings. Meanwhile, I'm cherishing every twinge from the sore nipples. Thank you to the women on this beard for sending your support. I thought of you often during labor.

Edited to add:
photos - not shrunk and formatted for the web yet, but you can see them: http://www.cirerrek.addr.com/girl/babyphotos
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Yay Jessica and welcome Evelyn Joy!!!

Sorry to hear that the hb didn't happen- but how awesome that you pushed out such a big baby- posterior and with a nuchal hand and with no tears- you go mama!!!

Enjoy your babymoon!!!!

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Congratulations Jessica. I am so happy for you.

Welcome to the world, little Evelyn.
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Wow Jessi!!! I am so impressed - I had the same first labor with Rebecca, but ended up with an epidural, which I wouldn't recommend (although it was very relaxing during the labor - I just didn't get to feel ANYthing during the birth and I thin kit really threw off my body chemistry for a long time) -a VERY difficult first labor. Don't let it put you off! Ori came this time with only 6 1/2 hrs. of active labor (10pm - 4:30am). I am so SO pleased Evelyn is a big healthy girl and you and she are both doing so well! Welcome home and enjoy enjoy enjoy!!! Sending you healing vibes and lots of love, andy et al.
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Congratulations Jessi on your new little blessing! Welcome to the outside world, Evelyn Joy!
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Hey jess! I am impressed you navigated that birth without a c-section, never mind with out drugs! Posterior AND nuchal hand is super tough, esp. with a good sized baby like yours. I also can't believe you made it through without a tear with all that baby coming out with the vacuum. Well. done. Sorry it wasn't the sweet homebirth you dreamed, but all that preparation you did made you quite the birth warrior mama. It sucks when it doesn't go as dreamed, but wow, I'd say awesome job! Heidi -still pregnant!
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Congrats Jess!!!!

It sounds like you did GREAT! What a mama tiger you are! Evelyn weighs more than Ribh already! Good job...and enjoy!

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Wow Jess!!! You are a birth warrior!!!! I can't believe how strong you were in such a tough situation. It really goes to show the power of your psyche. The hospital is there for a reason, yk? I'm sorry you didn't get your homebirth, mama. My first birth was the same way. Glad you're resting and gettign back to the creature comforts of home.

And you're right -- thank god we have no idea what labor is like going into it. I believe there is an evolutionary reason for that

Happy Birthday Little Evelyn Joy!!!!! :
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Jessi I was thinking about you while I was in labor. Glad to hear you got through it sounds like a tough labor and birth
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Originally Posted by 3_opihi
And you're right -- thank god we have no idea what labor is like going into it. I believe there is an evolutionary reason for that
yes and the fact the we'll forgot how bad it actually was
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Congratulations on the new baby!! : Evelyn!!

What an amazing birth. You really are a stupendous mama!! I am SUPER impressed with your abilities!!

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Thank you so much for your compliments and encouragement. The whole thing was pretty traumatic. It really helps to hear from you all that I did a good job.
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Jess -. Its really important to process your.birth right now. Whether it be through journaling, talking to us, your midwives ect...Alot of us mamas right here have been through the exact same thing and we know what its like. Just know that you did nothing wrong ---actually its quite the opposite. You proved how incredibly powerful you were under the circumstances. There's really something to be said about that. Anyway, make sure you allow yourself to feel whatever it is you are feeling right now. We are all here for you.
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Jessica- I know from my own experience how hard it can be to deal with a transport and the loss of ones plans.... but seriously- from what you wrote you were dealing with a tough birth. Heidi was so correct- most women (1st time moms) would have had a c/s for a birth like what you described.

Birth teaches us so much, and the #1 thing, IMO is that we are NOT in control....

Like Ann said- nows the time to process your birth- talk, write, grieve and do whatever you need. Ultimately remember that regardless of what help you received or how it went, YOU STILL DID IT!!!

We're here for you mama!

ANd don't forget to enjoy your sweet little Evelyn!
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Jess... you will probably go through so many emotions in the next while; be patient and kind to youself! You and Evelyn shared a beautiful birth ~ not what you'd planned, but still a moment that just you two are part of. Take care of yourself, enjoy as much TLC as you can get, and lots of cuddle time with your sweet girl. It does wonders for the soul

As Karen said, we are here for you!!
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Jessi-Congrats on your baby girl. 36 hours of labor and 2 hours of pushing with no drugs is amazing. You're incredibly strong! Enjoy your babymoon...
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Originally Posted by jessitron
Thank you so much for your compliments and encouragement. The whole thing was pretty traumatic. It really helps to hear from you all that I did a good job.
HUGS! You did sooo great. One of the worst things, too, when you are traumatized by a planned homebirth is that those who didn't understand or support your orginal birth plan can get kinda smug, like "i knew it was a bad idea, you should have been in the hospital in the first place since you ended up there anyway" or, even those who supported you may have trouble helping you process- dh may have his own issues, and everyone else just wants you to be happy that you have a good baby. Or they may think it would have been better if you had "had a real doctor", or took medication, and even you may wonder if it would have been better another way. Anyway, when birth sucks and you had visions of it being really lovely it's just that much worse. I hope you find good outlets to process it all with, you are welcome to here....Just know not liking your birth is legit in and of itself- it's a huge body level expereince you just had, and you don't need to dismiss any feelings you have about it. It shook you too your bones, it's ok to be in that a bit. You can love your baby and hate your birth expereince. And still love birth, even. It doesn't mean you were wrong about it all. In fact , I think you would have totally had a c-section if you didn't start at home. So I think your choices led you to have the best outcome you could have had considering the very tough hand you were dealt. You are a birth warrior goddess! But warrior goddesses fall apart, too....

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Hi Jessi - I just wanted to add to Karen and Ann for a moment - birth with dd was very similar to yours with Evelyn, as I mentioned. It took me two YEARS to get over some of that stuff, because I didn't process it at the time with those who were part of the event with me. It was, and still is, very emotional for me. I know that you overcame something HUGE and wonderous, that you became part of something LARGER than ourselves as mamas, as women, even as human beings. It's a part of the universe that we just get to be a part of for a very short time. It isn't always as we think it will be, or want it to be, but like so many things in the world that we don't understand, it's a natural part of the flow of the universe. Evelyn is part of this world now because of what you two did together. Now when Beca talks about her birth she says 'well I was a difficult birth because I had the cord around my neck and I was such a smart baby that I knew I shouldn't tuck my chin or turn around. Even though it made it hard, I stayed alive!'. To hear a child talk this way is SO empowering... Give yourself EVERY pat on the back that you can, especially to people who may not understand the issue well, or those who didn't/don't support your decision to homebirth. I really give you so much support for working through the birth w/o epidurals etc., as it's so EASY once you're there...I know 'cause I did! Ok, 'nuf from me. Lotsa hugs and love, andy
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from one jess to another! FWIW, I am still working on my hospital birth issues too. All of these mama's have so much wisdom...and they are right, you are a true birth warrior!
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