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Morning sickness - inadequate nutrition.

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I am eating like a fourth of what I should! What do I do? I am kind of freaking out here, and my next doctor's appointment is not for two weeks. Has anyone else asked their doctor about this, maybe in a previous pregnancy? I try to think of anything in the world that sounds good, and that would be exactly nothing. Last night I thought I could eat a frozen pizza, of all things, so I sent hubby to Wild Oats to try to find one that wasn't a hydrogenated hockey puck, and he did a good job picking one, but once I smelled it, I didn't want it anymore. I managed to choke down half a very small frozen pizza, and that was it. The only reason I am not beating the doctor's door down is that I am stillk keeping my prenatal vitamins down, and that gives me a little comfort.

Is the baby going to be okay?
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I was very sick for the first 17 weeks. I lost about 10lbs before I gained anything at all. My dr. wasn't too worried. I was able to keep down my vitamins with the help of some antinausea medicine, but food was still difficult. I think I existed on chocolate shakes and pizza. For some reason, that was all I could eat. I wouldn't worry too much. Lots of people are really sick for awhile and do just fine. I would go with what your body will eat, try to choose the better of two options when your body will let you, and don't stress out. You will probably make up the weight later. I ended up gaining 25lbs, so I was just right.
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I don't think I would worry (says the pg woman who is still waiting for nausea to set in) Are you trying to eat little bits throughout the day, not just major meals? With my ds I always had snacks with me- cheese and crackers, almonds, granola bars, etc... It really helped to keep things in my stomach all the time. If I just went on 3 meals a day I felt terrible. Sorry if you are already doing this... it was just the first thing that came to mind!
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i lost weight for the first three months of my pregnancy with erin. We still managed to gain more than enough and she's a happy, healthy, little girl now.

I second the idea of eat whatever sounds good. Lots of my veggie friends crave hamburgers during pregnancy.

says the woman who has thus far today eaten
1/2 an egg salad sandwich
1/2 a clementine (my 2yo stole the rest)
1 diet coke : I know, I know, fake sugar and all but it helps me
1 handful of chips and
1 cup of soup.

during my last pregnancy the cafeteria here still served grilled cheese sandwiches. which i consumed at a rate of every day for lunch during the first trimester.

and finally, one thing I learned with the first pregnancy. If you have questions, call your doc. You'll probably talk to a nurse if you're in a traditional med practice but there's someone there who's job it is to deal with questions via the phone. Obviously you don't want to call for every darn little thing, but if you are really really worried, it is easy to call.

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Don't worry! (((hug)))

I get really sick with my pregnancies and loose weight. My weight gains were like this:
1st - 25lbs; baby was 6lbs 4oz at 2wks early
2nd - 10lbs (yes, I only gained 10lbs!); baby was 7lbs 6oz at almost 2 1/2 wks early!
3rd - about 16lbs; baby was 7lbs 9oz at 40w1d.

I do the same thing where I try and think of things that sound good...but once I have it, it looks/smells NASTY!!!! I used to fret about it then realized.....just eat what you can. Even if it's crap. One day with my 2nd dd, the ONLY thing that sounded good and that I could keep down was a mini-Snickers. :LOL Today all I've been able to keep down is a Peppermint Lifesaver.
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This is my 4th time and I am sick as a dog once again. I have a theory that all the good food I used to eat is somehow stored to draw upon for this. I've thrown up everything I've eaten today except for the smoothie I am currently sipping on. Give me 1/2 an hour and see if it stays with me! I can't even keep the prenatals down right now.

Anyway, in spite of this always happening my previous 3 have all been well over 8 lbs, healthy, and happy!

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Thanks, Mamas! I am going to try to calm down. I'm going to have to - last night my husband made a VEGETARIAN stir-fry, and I swore the whole kitchen smelled like dead fish and had to run for the bedroom and shut the door to get away from the smell. This, after I promised myself I would force myself to eat dinner. That didn't happen, needless to say.

Does this morning sickness mean my chances of miscarriage are any lower, I wonder?
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I was very much like that my last pregnancy...one thing I did was forget about healthy for a bit...if I felt like french fries I had them, often all I wanted was plain white rice...occasionally a chocolate bar...

Sometimes a regular pizza instead of the organic one appealed so I had the junky one figuring the nutrition outweighed things

I found protein was the key...my appetite came back around 12 weeks...not completely but enought that I felt I was eating enough...

I doubled up on my prenatal vitamins(had to get materna because my really expensive, healthfood store, organic, dye free ones made me sick)

Good luck...don't worry too much..baby will be fine...it's you that will have to build up your system again once appetite comes back
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ugh. well i'm not throwing up but i feel the same way as you guys. today i ate a bowl oatmeal and 2 pieces of whole grain toast...and a fish stick. i wake up after like, 5 hours of sleep, completely nauseated and it doesn't go away until around 3:30/4:00. i was charting out what i ate today to see what i'm missing and it's pretty disheartening. i could barely force myself to eat what i did. but oh well. maybe tomorrow will be better.
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there are women I know who live in saltines and jolly ranchers for the first 12 weeks.

My rule is you eat what sounds good when youre nauseated. Healthy or not, ther's likely to be *some* nutritional value in what yorue eating.

And baby takes what it needs from you. You may get malnourished, but the baby takes all it needs from you.

When nursing and pregnant, baby takes what it needs, nursing toddler takes what it needs, and you get the rest.
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ahhhh...the morning sickness is getting really bad. i feel like i have the flu. i know i don't, but the acheyness + feeling like i have to puke all day long + no energy is really wearing me out. i ate today, but i'm barely keeping it down. for the last two days i've just layed in bed watching movies. i walked to the store yesterday and felt like i was dying the whole way there and back. yes, so i'm an exaggerator but...i feel really sick. i need a morning sickness miracle!
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I'd not worry about it. Get as much hydration as you can keep down; when you do eat, eat really WELL, and you should be just fine. In pregnancies past for me, any time I got too hungry, I got sick. It was my body's way of telling me that I needed to eat.

In my last pregnancy, I didn't gain a single pound. After I delivered, I weighed less than when I got pregnant. And, Atticus was my biggest baby--8lbs, 15 ozs. During the first 12 weeks with Attie, I lost almost 30lbs. But, after that, I slowly and carefully gained almost all of it back. The difference was that I was super active and I ate only whole foods.

There is some speculation that an increased nausea during the early parts of pregnancy means that the hormones you need to sustain a pregnancy through the embryonic stage are there in good amounts.

That said, I've not been sick at all during this pregnancy. Honestly, it feels great this way!

Good luck to you, and listen to your body. It will tell you what you need.
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