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I don't know if it is comforting or not to know that my pain came on suddenly around 6 weeks or so. And boy does it hurt! yikes ... I hope it is a passing thing
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DS is (2) and nursing and I am 7 weeks pregnant. Nipples are sore but I do not plan to wean him, unless he wants to.
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Still night nursing my 2.5 year old DS. I've never heard that milk dries up during pregnancy. Always? Only in some? I had hoped to tandem, if DS is still wanting it.

I do have "pins and needles" type pain occasionally when he nurses, but nothing extreme, and luckily, nothing continuous! We're only 6 weeks along, and hope that it doesn't change!

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Add me to the list!
I just found out yesterday but I am thinking I am 5 weeks. DS is 13 months and nurses whenever he wants which is almost all of the time at home! LOL
I have had some nipple pain but only while he is latching on. I am looking forward to next few months. It wil busy around here, this will be baby #4!
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i am tandem nursing my 4yo ds and 20 month old dd - obviously, i nursed through my last pregnancy as well. i'm not planning on weaning, but i suspect ds will wean by the time my milk dries up (happened at around 16-18 weeks last time). he's nursing very infrequently as it is - less than once a week, if that. i will probably work on night weaning dd soon though - i'm exhausted already and my nipples already are sore.
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augustmom, don't be nervous about the lack of breast pain - i didn't have any when i was nursing through my last pregnancy until the last couple of weeks. i already have nipple soreness this time, and i only found out yesterday. just goes to show that every pregnancy is different!
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Nursing and newly pregnant here! I'm not too sensitive yet but do feel some agitation when she nurses for a long time. This morning she told me that my milk tastes different, but so far, she doesn't seem to mind.
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Some days the pain is worse when he is nursing than others. Liek today. And I feel like complaining. ow ow ow.

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I just found out today that I am pregnant...and I am nursing my 7 month old. I am very, very concerned about loosing my milk in the next few months (I am guessing I am about 5 weeks along) as my milk is my dd main source of nutrition and should be until she is a year or so....So I don't know what to do if I loose my milk before she is a year old!!
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I'm in here too! There are a lot of nursing pg mama's!! I think I am around 5 weeks pg I will continue nursing dd (22mos) but I am hoping she will wean : I barely have the pateince for it right now, the nipple pain is unbearable . I feel selfish but it's how I feel right now...this could change, I guess but I really don't think I'm into the tandem-ing!

youngnhappymamma~you might not lose your milk and if you do...isn't it around 20weeks that it happens? Don't feel guilty about it, you might have to supplement for a little while. Talk to your ped about what to do! Sorry, I don't know if that helped.
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Nursing my 23 month old, through the night and a bit in the day (I'm a WOHM). Cautiously expecting right now.
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