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Julia Roberts

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Ok so I know this is not technically television but since I saw pictures and read about it in an entertainment rag I thought this was the place for it! :LOL

Saw pictures of Julia Roberts and her dh out with the babies, both of whom were being carried by nannies and not their parents, Julia wasn't holding anything. I also read that she is due to start shooting a film soon. I thought she told Oprah that she was going to be staying home for a long while to take care of her kids?

Just thought I would put what I read out there and see what everyone thinks?
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I saw that today. In People mag. I was in the grocery store lineup, and my first thought was posting here.

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Very. I really thought she was going to be so into those babies by the way she talked on Oprah and how organic and all she is. I mean ok so maybe there was a reason she didn't hold one of the babies that day, maybe she was sick? But the movie thing :
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I have the magazine and noticed it right away. Not only was she not holding one of her infants, but she wasnt carrying anything, and dad was holding the diaper bag.

I hate to rag on celebs, but when i saw the pictures, i cringed.

I am almost ashamed to admit how much it bugs me to see that.
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Me too. I thought for sure that I was going to be slammed for posting this. But it bugged me too much to let it pass. To have the luxury to be able to stay home with your babies, whether it be 1 or 7, and not have to stress about $$ at all for probably the rest of your life if you invested wisely. And then to just hand them off to someone else like that, I just don't get it. I just hope that like I said there was an issue as to why she wasn't holding one of them, kwim?
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Oh, c'mon folks, can we just give that lady a break?

That picture (yes, I have a PEOPLE subscription) represents ONE second of their lives. How can we make a judgement based on that?

Did no one else but you, the mother, ever hold your babies?

The mag said this was one of their first outings. Maybe mama just needed a break from holding two babies. Or, maybe Julia had just slipped her coat on and the nanny was just getting ready to hand the baby back? Or, maybe there were pictures taken of the parents holding the babies, but those weren't published?

Lordy, some people can never do anything right. :
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Lisa ~ ITA.

It's amazing to me how some people can see a split-second snapshot of someone's life and sum them up as parents.

When dh and I are out & about I NEVER carry dd. That's just the way he is. He wants the one on one time w/ her and to give me a break. Plus, when his folks are here I barely get her at all unless it's to nurse. I can't imagine what people walking by must think of me.

Who says Julia wasn't holding one of them all day and the nanny finally said, "Hey, I want a turn!".
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Lisa & Amanda~ . I would not put it past the paparazzi to wait for Julia to hand the babies to the nannies & THEN take the pics. We cannot judge her by one photo.
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Also, I've heard of some stars who go back to work and take their babies on the set with them, and go nurse them on breaks. Maybe she has some kind of an arrangement for her new movie to take the babies with her.
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MamaBug, hooboy, I could have warned you that you would get slightly slammed for this! I once posted about something similar and got the same reaction, except mine wasn't about a celebrity, it was about well-off perfectly coiffed suburban moms on cellphones at the playground while thier nannies played with their toddlers in the sandbox.

I agree that it is just a snapshot and you can't necessarily judge based on one second, of course you can't, but I do think that most of us here would have an initial gut reaction like that: "Why is a nanny holding both babies?" It's just an instinct many of us have as mothers who believe in holding our babies a lot. It's just a shame that celebrity moms are portrayed this way, since a lot of people look up to celebrities as role-models. In fact, I've noticed that Child magazine (which I keep getting even though my subscription ran out years ago!) has a whole section devoted to what the celebrity moms are doing, ugh.
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I don't think she was slammed at all, not even a little bit... we are entitled to our opinions, too, right??

I also think that while I was the main caregiver for Joe when he was a baby, (still am actually!) many mothers who practice AP work outside the home & leave their babe with a caregiver who will hold the baby in arms all or most of the day. I don't think it matters AS MUCH who was holding the babies, but that they WERE being held, kwim? She could have tossed them in a stroller or left them in their car seats.
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I don't really think any slamming was going on, just using the word mamabug used! But every once in a while, I notice that some member here will be upset by something they see another parent do, celebrity or regular mom out at the market, then when she posts about her gut reaction, she's told she's too judgmental. I was just trying to put it in perspective, that's all! Of course everyone is entitled to an opinion. But I think we should feel comfortable enough here to express those gut reactions without worry, that's all.
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I did know that someone would take what I said wrong, but that's fine. As I said in both my OP and a follow up, I hoped there was just another reason neither she or her dh were holding the babies. I didn't hold my boys 24/7 either, they were held by dad or others. It was just a gut reaction to seeing her with her babies for the first time and not having a parent hold either of them. And while I could not afford a nanny I doubt that I would ever have one even if I could especially if I was home with them, but then again that is a personal choice we all have to make.

I try very hard not to judge other mothers that I see, I might make a snap reaction but upon more thought I realize that there are SO many things that can come in to play. And I guess I WAS holding her up to a higher standard. But only because that is the standard she seemed to set for herself, in all the pre-baby interviews. She said she was not going to work, and she surely does not have to, I never said she should NOT work she is the one who said she could not bring herself to be away from her babies. She also did seem very AP/earthy/crunchy and when I saw the photos and thought, wow that is odd, I thought for sure she would not hire a nanny, I mean she won't even use a cleaning service for her house. She did look very worn to me in the photos, like she was having a rough time. Who knows she could have post partum depression.

So now I am not upset about being slammed, just like joesmom said we all have our opinions, and while my reaction to the pictures might not be correct, I cannot help that that is how I reacted, kwim?
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FTR - Julia has been out several times without the babies.

If memory serves - the babes were 2 weeks old or something and her and Danny left to go out for the night.

Of course - I don't care for Julia Roberts.
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I didn't see this magazine so I don't know what is up with the nanny stuff. I did read somewhere that she is nursing...so at least she's got that going for her.
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And she has two nannies. One for each baby, I guess.

Logically, one wouldn't pay for help and then do the job the help is being paid to do. No one hires a maid and cleans their own house, or hires a driver and has him/her sit in the back.

I see the OP's point- we thought Julia would be more like 'one of us' since she comes across that way in interviews, and to see that she has two probably full-time workers to assist with her children makes her seem a bit disingenuous in retrospect.
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I also just read that her dd has breathing issues and is on a heart monitor and that is why she was in the baby bucket. Also I read that she has nursing staff there as well? Don't know how accurate that is though
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Well, if you put yourself in public view and all you have been talking about in the last months is your babies then I think you would at least want the public to see you in your glory and how much you love your babies. I was surprised considering all the hype surrounding her pregnacy and her birth that she was not loving her babies to death for the photo.
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I still have not seen all the pics, are there many in the new PEOPLE? My subscription is late and I didn't see her on Oprah
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JMHO - I'm not a big Julia fan & am really tired of her.
Many regular folks have twins with no help & manage.
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