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I need to post a correction.

It's Daughters of Copper Woman

Might make a difference if you're looking for it online....
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Okay, I got The Goddess in Every Girl today. I actually found a copy on half.com for $5.00 plus s&h (there are more listed). I haven't gotten to look through it really thoroughly but it definitely looks worth the five bucks. It does look to be a little to old for my dd in a lot of ways but there are a lot of exercises and things that she and I could work on together even if she's not ready yet on her own. Your dd would probably be totally old enough for them, Arduinna. Anyway, just wanted to say, it looks good--I'll add more when I've read more.
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oh thanks :-) I will look at half.com, I've bought books there before and am always looking for a good book deal
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The Viking Answer Lady http://www.vikinganswerlady.com/
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bumping for those in need
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Enjoying this thread. Haven't seen "A Witch Alone" by Marion Green listed. I really like that book.
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im new to this part of MDC and would like more resources.. especially for those dealing with pagan homeschooling... and wondering if any one is from canada.....
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There's supposed to be a book Pagan Homeschooling out by Kristen Madden. Not sure who publisher is though.
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Tricia, check out yahoo- there's a pagan homeschooling group there.
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I think I belong to every single Pagan Homeschooling group i could.. :LOL was up late last night trying to research all I could... Thanks for the info..
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I cant find that book anywhere... i checked out amazon.com , amazon.ca , even another bookstore website in my area... arrgh it sounds like it would be a good read... thanks for the info tho...
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I found the book Pagan Homeschooling on Amazon.ca

Right here

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Thanks I spelled the authors name wrong... I spelled Kristen not Kristin.. i am having one of those days... and to top it off i have to order it off amazon.ca cuz the local chapters bookstore doesnt carry it... and i dont have a credit card so i gotta do it the long way.... oh well ... thanks for the info tho...
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Sorry I spelled her name wrong in my post.

I had even gone to find the book by her that I have to make sure I got her name right!

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a hellenic site
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another Hellenic site http://members.aol.com/Donnclass/Greeklife.html

and bumptin because we are on page 5
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Lost Goddesses of Early Greece : A Collection of Pre-Hellenic Myths
by: Charlene Spretnak

I would HIGHLY recomend this beautiful book. The reviews on this site say it all.


I recommended this to someone today, and thought i'd add it here too. I found this to be a refreshing and beautiful read.

Edited to change link. Thanks dado.
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the link didn't work for me, got a "page not found on this site" message.
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thanks. i fixed it.
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