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Baby fell off bed!!

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i can't believe this happened. My son was in the middle of our kingsized bed, after a bath, playing happily in his gleeful nudity. I turned around t put the lotion back in the master bathroom, not 10 feet away. I was coming back when i heard that horrible sickening thud. He had rolled right off the bed. He landed on his side, but nothing seems to be broken. he cried for a bit after the fall, but stopped after a few minutes and grabbed a toy.He is playing and eating, sleeping normally. Then, less than a week later, he rolled off the bed AGAIN right under my nose as i was changing him, and i was not fast enough to grab him. He's just so fast and so strong all of the sudden. He has a huge goose egg on his head. Its not a bruise (no color change), but its very swollen and looks tender. I feel absolutely horrible about this. Should I take him to the doctor? I have been watching for vomiting, pupil changes, listlessness, etc. Nothing seems really wrong.
Here's my worry -
If i take him in and they think i didnt do something right or fast enough, could i have a social worker camping out in my living room for a week? Will they think i am dropping him or that I am a negligent mother for him falling twice? But if i dont take him in, could i be missing a major brain injury?
I cant believe this happened. I feel like the worst mother in the world.
What should i do?
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My baby did the same thing at almost 4 months he is almost 6 now and I am wating for it to happen agean. I did not go to the Dr. becasue I figured if he was playing he was fine. I cryed all day over it I was so scared I think he cryed more because I was upset, and runing around the house like a freak trying to find the phone to call my friend. HUGS.
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Well my dd whacked her head and I called Telehealth (hotline in Canada where you can ask questions to nurses).

They asked stuff like:

- did she fall from at least twice her height
- does she seem dazed/confused
- is she bleeding/does she have an open wound/anything stuck in her skull (I kid you not!)
- does it seem like she is having a hard time seeing. or has double/triple vision
- is she puking
- does she otherwise seem strange/unlike herself

The answers to all these questions were no. They advised me that they didnt recommend any treatment, but that I was to wake her every 2 hours for 48 hours. Which I didn't do. The very questions reassured me she was fine!

Don't beat yourself up mama. The little buggers are accident prone and hard to kill. :LOL
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It is my (totally unscientific, untested, and unstudied) theory that every baby has been dropped and/or rolled off and/or fell off a piece of furniture at least once. And the parents that deny it are lying. Including anybody who replies to this post and denies it - so there! Liars! :nana: You probaby shouldn't volunteer this story to your MIL or any social workers you encounter, but definitely don't beat yourself up! He sounds fine.
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Originally Posted by guerrillamama
It is my (totally unscientific, untested, and unstudied) theory that every baby has been dropped and/or rolled off and/or fell off a piece of furniture at least once. And the parents that deny it are lying. Including anybody who replies to this post and denies it - so there! Liars! :nana: You probaby shouldn't volunteer this story to your MIL or any social workers you encounter, but definitely don't beat yourself up! He sounds fine.
Oh, this is so true! Everytime I watch my friends dd she falls, trips, walks into a wall, etc. Good thing my friend loves me LOL. Both my kids have fallen. Both have had one x-ray and both..are perfectly fine.

Just wait until they get to the age when they do stuff and it gushes blood. That's when it gets fun!
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Initiation to motherhood! You're a real mom now!

(all 6 of mine have rolled off the bed, despite every effort to protect them.)
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I completely agree with the above posters...in my 27 years, I have never met a child/mama who hasn't fallen off something..bed/changing table/playground equip/couch...you name it...

I am not suggesting you start making a game of it LOL...but you are not alone....those babies are fast lil suckers and murphey's law states that just when you think your child might be develomentally behind because they haven't rolled over yet, they roll off the middle of the bed while you take 30 seconds to pee or something....lol

It's okay and healthy to be worried, do all the necessary checks, etc, but don't beat yourself up about it---if you feel the need to go to the doctor, I would go...remember, abusers mostly try to hide the "evidence" so if you calmly and intelligentally explain what happened (I am sure doctors hear this ALL the time)...I am sure no one will think something is "fishy"...

Good luck and take care!
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The best family bed advice I have gotten is from a veteran co-sleeper who told me (when ds was very very small): he's going to fall off the bed.

He's fallen at least 4 times from the bed. Twice in the middle of the night & twice at least when he first started crawling. Even when I was right there.

The first few times he fell (from the bed, or in that awful first stage of pulling up when they sometimes fall straight back on their heads) I would watch him like a hawk for signs of brain trauma.

Now, alas, I'm used to the occassional thumping.

He's almost 10 mos, and doesn't fall often anymore. Especially since we taught him to get down off of things by himself. And since he's developed a healthy respect for heights.

But he does fall sometimes. Not the bed necessarily, but he's unsteady on his cruising feet when he gets tired. And I'm very sure he'll fall off the bed again someday.

But I don't think it's my fault so much anymore. And I trust him, now, to survive it.
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Hi Lisa I agree with everyone else... don't beat yourself up over it, babies fall, that's just how it is. I'm sure he'll be fine, but of course trust your motherly instinct and if you really think he needs checked take him in to the Dr. Just within the past week Amelia has bumped her head so many times!!! It's like a phase or something, I'm not sure. :LOL
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Dr Spock wrote he had consoled hundreds of parents whose babies had fallen off their beds that they were just fine. OTOH my daughter fell off my low platform bed at almost 4 years old on a carpeted floor and had a concussion. It's more to do with the way they fall. You'll know and if you know what to look for you probably don't need to call your dr. You can always call and see what they say, but I'm sure they get it all the time and will just tell you what to watch for.
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Lukas has come close this week to just crawling off the bed. (He's sleeping in his crib now but we relax on the bed or change there during the day.

We had our 6 month ped apt a few weeks ago and I me and doc were talking casually and I said Lukas had taken a good fall that morning but there were no bruises. He kind of laughed and said when one of his sons was a little older than Lukas and teetering he would fall a lot. He came home from work one day, looked at his son and realized there was something different. There were no new bruises that day!

Hang in there!
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I echo everyone else's sentiments.

If it makes you feel better, you might want to put something very soft on the floor next to the edge of the bed. We used to have a crib mattress on the floor next to the end of our bed, since dd used to roll all over the place during sleep. She fell off twice in the middle of the night and landed on the crib matress. Both times she muttered a few baby curses, hauled herself back up onto the bed, and promptly fell back to sleep. These things happened when she was around 18 months or so.

The most scary fall she ever had was a couple of months ago, off the guest bed -- queen-size mattress very high off the floor. She was sitting on it and scooted backwards very quickly. Fell ON HER HEAD from a high height. I saw the whole thing and couldn't get to her in time. I actually saw her land on her head and saw her neck bend in a very unusual way. She immediately got up, matter of factly said, "ouch," and carried on as usual. I was sure, in the moment, that she had broken her neck. I think we got very lucky on that one.
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Thanks everyone, for your good words of wisdom. Noah seems to be just fine, despite the awful goose egg on his head. He is babbling and playing just like normal, with the one exception that in the 2 days since the fall he has started saying "Mum..mum..mum.." when he wants to nurse.
I called the nurse advice line last night and they said just what you all have said - watch for the signs of head injury (vomiting, pupils, lethargy) and put ice on the bump a couple times a day.
MDC is the greatest resource. Dh and i were talking last night about the head bump and he said, "why dont you go onto your board and ask the other moms what they think?" Thats like a stamp of approval from my husband.
I dont know what i'd do without you guys!!
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I am glad you're not so worried anymore ds has fallen off the bed 2x's at MIL's and a couple times at home...babies are pretty durable, just ask DH. When he was 6 months old, his grandpa pushed him down a tornado slide, and he seems pretty normal
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My dd fell of the bed twice already too. once at 8 months and the other day (10 months). She cries mostly because she gets scared becuase both times (luckily) there have been big piles of clean laundry that I haven't folded and put away yet.
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Not every child has... but most have.

My first never did. But she pulled a table runner off a dresser and pulled some picture frames onto her head.

My second, my medically fragile child, fell off the ottoman, off the back no less, on her head. AND< my HD fell down the stairs with her. She has a shunt in her brain and even she was fine.

My third, oh he's never fallen off anything, but, (worst day of my LIFE) I forgot him in the car while I walked into bath and body works. Then ran panicked and sick to my stomach back to get him. I was just sick at myself. It's a wonder I didn't voulentarily take him to social services and unfit as I felt, and still do.

Feel better?
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she muttered a few baby curses
Love this phrase! I've always said that my baby girl is cursing at me when she gives me that look and mutters in that way that only babies that aren't geting their own way can!
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Baby Fell Off our BED!!

This morning I woke up to hearing a thud, and then my baby crying....... We just got a new king size bed and it is quite high, about 2 feet. My husband is a shift worker so there is two nights a week he isn't home. Our baby sleeps with us, in the middle and we never really worried yet about him falling off. This past month though he started crawling, creeping and my husband has woken up to him creeping into him and trying to get over him. I feel like such a bad parent for not noticing him gone, and falling from our bed. I usually always have my arm around him, cuz i nurse him off and on all night long. And it wasn't that long this morning that I was nursing him, but exhaustion gets to you and you want to sleep so bad, I guess I nodded off and took my arm off around him, and he creeped off the bed. I am so worried now, we brought him into emergency where the nurse looks at you like you are negligent or something, it is so pathetic how they look at you, but oh well who cares what anyone thinks you know what happened that is all that matters and of course I am going to bring him in to make sure he is okay. Now I am scared to leave sight of him......I wish he would sleep in his crib, so it wouldn't be so scary now for me? Does anyone have any ideas now what to do to sleep with him? Sandi
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