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I believe I was in cloth at least for a while... I don't think my brother was, but I know my sister was because she was allergic to sposies. For DH, I know that at least he and two of his three brothers were also in cloth. MIL even pointed out once a spot on the stairs where she spilled the bleach water (ugh... yeah.... that was back in the bleach-the-heck-outta-cloth-diapers time).

DH and I are both the oldest children in our families (he's 26, I'm 25). None of our siblings are married, and one of my BILs is studying to be a priest, so I don't have to convert him

But the other siblings? Not sure. I don't think my brother would use cloth, though he's much more liberal than I. My sister? She's a senior in high school and doesn't think of things like diapers. And when I get talking about diapers she sort of stares in that zoning-out kind of way, nodding occassionally to keep me happy

BIL2 isn't married but I don't know if he'd use cloth... although I know he's changed one of K's FBs before! And BIL4? He's just 19. In Korea in the army. I'm sure he doesn't think about diapers
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I was in a foster home from 2 on. I was going to be adopted and lived with that family but dhs pulled me out of that home when it was realized that there was abuse going on..ack..so...I was a sposie baby.

My sister (my parents got a big suprise after they adopted me...and my sister is their biological child) was cd'd. My mom was the first crunchy person I knew. She nursed my sister, cloth diapered her (washed them herself) and she is just an incredibly crunchy mama..still! When she visited me after younger dd was born..she was petting my cloth diapers HA HA.

My cousin and his wife cd their kids. After they conceived their second child they picked my brain. They use FB's and I have given them some Wonderoos. If my sister is smart she'll cd too. She's a level three NICU nurse and she will hear it from me if she puts paper pants on her children. Besides..she was CD'd

We are LDS and the sister missionaries have been coming over frequently and we change dd in front of them all of the time..and we've given them the inside scoop each time. Most of them will go on to have families..so I'm speaking to the right crowd LOL. They were really grossed out after I told them what was in disposable diapers. They love all my diapers..they always ask Lillian to show off the diaper she is wearing LOL.
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I was cd'd and sposie'd...my bros. are all still in there teens, so we'll see what they'll do. My guess is use 'sposies unless they happen to marry really cool mama's who are a little less mainstream than they were raised! My DH was cd'd unless his family traveled...then MIL used 'sposies. She think the new cloth is awesome and is glad I'm using cloth. She can't believe though how much it's changed!
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My mom CDed me and my bro -- she made all our dipes.
MIL CDed all 8 of hers.
None of my SILs with kids CDed, but I do have a SIL who will when they start having kiddos.
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My mom did, because I was allergic to sposies and they were really broke, too- but she had a diaper service, so I'm guessing a relative paid for it.

I'm sure my dh's mother did- she had her kids in Vietnam, and from what I've heard, and the pics I've seen, I'm sure there were no sposies in the picture.

Funny thing, my mom has always thought I should use sposies- because they're easier, and she thinks that dipes w/sewn in soakers can't really get clean and rinsed all that well.
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DH was CD'ed. My brother and I were CD'ed. Had my DH not suggested CD'ing, our kids would be in sposies.
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My brothers and I were all cloth diapered and breastfed. Yay mom, lucky us! I also have pics of myself as a baby in pinned prefolds and pull on covers.

ETA that I have 2 brothers, 1 is older than me, (in his 30s), and a confirmed bachelor. The other is younger than me, he's 25, and getting married in the fall and if they have kids, I can guarantee they won't cd. His fiancee is the very mainstream. She was really shocked by my homebirths and kept asking me if it was safe. I am not going to let bfing go though, I already sing the benefits to her whenever I can. Maybe I need to show her some super cute cloth.
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My mom used cloth. She has told me she used to love doing the laundry and hanging them out on the line.

One of my aunts used cloth on at least one of her kids, I can remember her showing me how to fold them (flats and prefolds) when I was 12 .

Two of my cousins and one SIL use/used cloth part time. I'm doing my best to convert the rest
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I am 2 of 5, and although momsays she didn't cd any of us,I remember the flats and plastic pants with my youngest bro...and I remember the diaper pail most of all....oh well, she is in menopause!!

I am the only one that I know who currently cd's but my cousin is hooked on dd's and is busy buying up dipes for her ds...she hasn't gotten any yet, but they are in the mail!! (including a kick ass fleece cover that I would have bought, if I had a son! )

Both mom and MIL are okay with it, they both offered to pay for a month of diaper service for us, totalling 2 months, but we didn't like the one in our town (only one) and I got a bunch of really cool dipes shortly thereafter...MIL did give me money for cloth though, in lieu of the serivce, so that was cool. I also showed her how to put them on dd, since she wanted to change her. When we go to visit the gp's we stay with dh's parents, and of course I bring the stash...and she is wonderful about making sure I get to wash them and all that...

My 18 year old sis, who LOVES dd's cd's and wants to bf, co-sleep and just ap in general too...she is gonna be a great mom. My 20 year old bro is also hoping to have his in cds, but he needs to find the woman first, he says! (so true) Also, my sil will most likely cd...she is very ap minded, wants a homebirth, has already made her own sling for the kids in the daycare she works at, etc..she is very crafty so I am sure she will make her own...WAHM in the making I think???

That would be cool, I could be the family member of a WAHM like you were mentioning!!
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I'm the first in a looooooong line of family...gotta break the sposie tradition!!!!
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Forgot about my cousin's wife...she had wanted to CD, she asked me for lots of advice and I gave her some really nice supplies as a shower gift. I don't think she stuck with it, though. Makes me a little sad, especially since I would have loved to have a shower gift like that...wonder what she did with her mini-stash...
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I was one of the lucky ones. My Mum CDed all three of her kids and my parents were generous enough to offer to pay for a diaper service when I had my ds. Of course, now that I'm sewing my own diapers, they keep telling me how nice and easy today's diapers are. I think that if either of my brothers have kids, they'll be using CDs. There's no way that I would let them put a sposie on my nieces or nephews now that I know what's in disposable diapers.
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My mom used cloth on my older sister, but then sposies were invented so she used those on me. I am the only one in my immediate family with kids. None of my close friends have kids, but I will try to get them to use cloth when they do. No one close to me has ever expressed much interest in learning about cloth though.
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My mil did with both her kids, dh's mom didn't however. fil says they tried but it was disgusting to ring them out in the toilet so they switched to disposables.

My baby book says that I got a rash and the doc said to put me in cloth.
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I am one of four kids, and the only one that ever wore a sposie was my older bro and he only wore them for a few months. I doubt either of my bros would ever CD, but I know my sis is going to whenever she decides to have kids.
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My mom is the one who has talked me out of cloth. Boo hoo! Well, my aunt helped her. They both gave cloth a tried and opted for sposies.

But now dd's 8 months old, finishing daycare (I'm leaving my job for a while) and I'm going to give them a shot.
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I just got my first batch of cloth dipes in the mail, yay!

The only people who know we are going to cloth diaper are my parents and my brother and his wife. She tried it once but I don't think she liked it too much. I really thought she would go nuts for it but I know her 2 year old is in sposie training pants. Bummers.

I hate that people say that sposies don't have to get changed as often, I don't see how this is true. Even though I haven't used cloth yet I remember using the sposies on my nephews very well and I remember changing them alot when I babysat them. Even if it was just pee the diaper was soooo heavy and smelled of pee. I wasn't gonna leave that on them just cuz they didn't poo! Their diaper was sagging and smelled and if they peed again I don't know if it would of held it. I never chanced it so who knows.

Even my husband was exited to see the cloth dipes when they arrived. He said in his cutest babylike voice he could "They are just so cute." Ah, I'm glad he is all for it.

I dread his dad finding out that we are cloth diapering though cuz he already hates how we just have to be "so different" about everything. LOL

Safe to say, nobody in our family has recently done the cloth thing. The last that did it on a regular basis was my grandmother because that is all they had to use. So, my dad thinks it is cool that we are doing it. Says he has changed lots of them, he was one of 9.
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My mom CD'ed all 3 of us - my sister and I at the same time (15 mo. apart). She was when I told her I was going to CD this babe. I tried it with my first (Gerber PF's and vinyl pants) and hated it, so skipped it with #2 but researched more with this little guy and am totally converted. I think my mom was proud that I am cd'ing much in the way we would be if our kids chose to cd our grandkids My sis is a die-hard sposie user. My bro hasn't been able to have kids, but I know for sure he'd be a sposie guy. I've tried to convert LOTS of people (friends, dh's family, etc.). They all agree they are cute, but "too much work" or "too gross to put them in my washer" I have offered my whole NB stash to several different people, too, so it wouldn't cost them a dime...sad, isn't it? I guess they'll just wait in the attic for the next !
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