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I am cautiously optimistic...

I am 4wks 3 days...had a chemical pregnancy last month so very scared...I think bean has implanted just scared it won't stay that way...

I will be due around October 20...last baby came 16 days after due date so...but after last month this baby can stay in as long as it wants..no rush...

I still have a fairly light line on the hpt but darker than 2 mornings ago...that's a little concerning but the lines are getting darker...that's the main thing right...I didn't get my bfp with my second daughter until cd35 of a 28 day cycle...

I should mention this will be #4..I have 3 girls...I love little girls so another girl would be just fine...a boy would be kind of nice too...healthy baby would be best though...

I look forward to getting to know all of you in the next 8-9 mos..
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Congrats! And welcome too!

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Welcome! I have three girls as well!
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Congrats, Mama! Sorry about your last little one, I'm sure this one will be just fine!
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HI welcome,

It's easy to worry, I understand, trust me. This is how I feel about it: not to sound like a geek , but Darwinism has something to do with it. Survival of the fittest. If the baby is meant to be, it will be, if not, it was not healthy enough to survive. Try to think positively. Send some positive love to that baby of yours. Best wishes and welcome!!!

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