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I am still here as well. Thought I was going a few days ago for sure. Mucus plug came out like a huge jellyfish, and I started having a few painful contractions, but then everything just stopped.

I wish I could use all of my Enya music during labor, but being a massage therapist I used to use it alot during sessions. Now all it makes me think about is having a client come for a massage........... so I need something new. That is actually on my list of to-do's today.

This baby better come soon- I don't know how much more preparing I can stand. Every day I think of *one more thing* that I HAVE to have bought or done!

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I got my c.d.'s for the birth.........don't laugh guys, but I got what relaxes me now which is some light opera....Charlotte Chuch and Sarah Brightman, and some Latin/Spanish guitar. I wonder if my midwife will laugh!.......well maybe not, her last birth was a yoga instructor who brought chanting monks on cd.
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Oh Jenn.....how exciting!!! When the baby comes and you've recovered...be sure to let us know, okay?

Jenni....good picks for labor CDs. I had totally forgot about Sarah Brightman and Charlotte Church. I have several Sarah Brightman CDs (Eden & Time to Say Good-bye) (I have Luna but I don't really care for it) and one Charlotte Church. I'm sure your midwife won't laugh...those are excellent choices

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Wow, I had a major nesting urge yesterday. Our office is now a baby sactuary (we have never had a babay room so why start now - but little bean will definitely need a place to be away from his overly loving big sister (2yo) and his thinks she is really much biger than she is older sister (6yo). Anyway this room is cleaner and less crowded than it has ever been and it is quite nice this way. Next is our room, which is terribly empty now that the last of the childrens things have been moved out. I feel so much more organized this time. I guess that is one of the gifts you get with your third

The birthing music I picked is The Bengamin Gate. They are less that relaxy but it is easy to get lost in thier music. it is hard to explain but if you have never heard them I highly recommend picking up thier CD. They're both good but htier first one is my favorite. Last time it was Sarah Mclaughlin (surfacing) and before that Indigo Girls (Swamp Ophelia).

Just some random questions:

How much baby care do you think a 6 year old is capable of? I am not talking about baby sitting or anything but she wants to change her diaper and I am sure she will think she is old enough to carry him around (she carries Lily around every where and she weighs 35# but Lily is considerably tougher than a newborn). I was discussing it with her and asked her if she thought she could take over a couple of feedings a day and she looked at me like I was crazy and told me "I haven't got milk in these ninis mama but I can pump yours for ya!!" What a helper .

Can I paint while I a pregnant? I don't have the urge to paint the whole house but our changing table clashes with the walls and our dining room has had the same two cans of paint in it for a year now. If it doesn't get done soon it just isn't going to happen. I painted our house a few weeks before I had Lily but now she is a little strange. . . . (JK, shes special ).
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I am GBS+ and will do the IV antibiotic. I'll probably wimp out and get the epi anyway so I'll need an IV for that. I'm not worried, but all I can think is I'd rather have the antibiotic going into me and keep things clear than have the baby have to get an antibiotic if something were off after I deliver. I'm a little more mainstream about this childbirth thing than I'd like to be...oh well. My last two deliveries went really well (6 hours of hard labor and pushing) and I was induced and had pitocin and an epi for both (pre-eclampsia). Even given those circumstances, I was pretty happy w/the whole experience, esp. w/DD2, even being at the hospital and all medical, it was so peaceful. After she delivered, they laid her on top of me w/warm blankets, she nursed right away, and I held her for like 20 minutes before they took her the 2 feet away to get cleaned up. She never left the room it was wonderful after DD1 having to be in the NICU for 4 days and me having to be on complete bedrest w/mag. sulf. for 24 hours post-delivery.

I painted DD2's crib while pg w/her. Can't say for sure if it did any damage, I think not though. I painted in a well-ventilated area and did it in short bursts. I am so "nesting" too but have so far managed to get someone else to do the work. My sisters came and cleaned my house top to bottom this weekend while I took my girls to my folks (it was my late birthday gift - heavenly!). And of course my mom and dad took over and did everything w/the girls so all I did was eat and sleep which means I probably gained more weight, but it felt so good to be babied! My DH is just not good for that at all. He seems to have only recently realized that I am indeed pregnant and is just now showing enthusiasm about the birth. Better late than never I guess? :

My CDs are all classical. Only this time I also have "Winnie the Pooh" packed b/c I'm sure my girls will be visiting. LOL - that'd be something to deliver to, eh?

I have a new to-do list every day. I keep thinking everytime I cross the last thing off, "ok, now I'm really ready," but nothing happens so I think of 2-3 things the next day that have to be done before I deliver and on it goes...

I'm SOOOOO crabby, it's not even funny. And I'm mean, I keep slipping and speaking my mind to my girls, usually I shut myself in the bathroom and just shout at them from the inside, "please just leave mommy alone for one minute!" and I can hear my 3.5yo outside explaining to my almost 2yo that "mommy just needs a little break, it's okay, come w/me and I'll read to you" So sweet, but do I feel like a heel! I'm so glad to hear Evan turned!

everyone else-
Hope all is well!! Can't wait to start hearing birth stories (please let me be first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL)

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no such luck, my "medically accurate" due date is tomorrow. my last babe was 24 days late so i must keep patience as my friend. my dad told me i shouldn't be driving, it's this kind of stuff that makes waiting exasperating.
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hello everyone!

I just helped dh paint the basement. I wore this mask that is supposed to be for latex paint and something else. I also wore it to sweep up the dust from spakalding(sp?) sanding.

I had this cd called "music for yoga meditation" for my first birth. I think I was actually "listening" to a whale sounds disc when my son came out. I don't care for lyrics when I am in labor/meditation. My dh knows this Native American musician, and he just released a new cd that I want to get for this birth. Lots of drumming, flute, etc. I feel very much rooted in the earth and tribal vibes during labor, so that kind of music is perfect.

Had to have a non-stress test this past week due to decreased fetal movement. All is well, though. ONe of my midwives asked if I was doing e.p.o. and the cohashes to get things going. I won't do the cohashes or any other induction after my first experience. Actually, I am not in a great hurry to have this baby. I think this will be my last pregnancy, so I am a bit sad for it to be over. To know I probably won't ever have a little person inside me again makes me sad. But we can't afford these kids without a lot of help, so I know we can't have another. I need to finish college and then we have 2 kids to put through school!!! I hate that economics is determining our family size. But my dh will never make much money (he is in education) and we want to eventually not live paycheck to paycheck!!!! So I am really trying to enjoy these last weeks. I know my body will never again look so beautiful or be as important.

We are tye-dying some things for Baby and ds today. I tried to make a fleece blanket yesterday, but I wasn't real patient and it looks like poo!!!

take care everyone!!!
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MACMOM.....How come dd1 had to be in the NICU for 4 days?? Is she alright now? That's funny how she takes care of your dd2 while you're in the potty...lolol. I don't have Winnie the Pooh...but I do have Kenny Loggins "Return to Pooh Corner" which I like ALOT. Do you have that one?

casina....hang in there, woman! Wow, 24 days past your medical due date must've been torture. What have you been doing lately to keep occupied?

smaug.....I know what its like to be tight financially. DH has been laid off for almost a year now (some timing, huh??) So, what did you use to tie dye?? I'd like to do some of that for our baby....mainly some onesies, but I don't want any harsh dyes or anything. When's your little one coming?? I feel soooo unprepared.

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Wow, this has been a wierd pregnancy. It is like every wierd/horrible thing my friends have been subjected to that I have managed to avoid has been laid on me this time. Early on I threw up every time I smelled poop (dd still in dipes so that was at least once a day. ) and then peed my pants everytime I threw up. Good thing we never had company while Iwas yacking. I also have hed morning sickness throughout this whole preg. i have had numerous infections and now I have swollen feet/hands and numb lags. i am starting to get a little paranoid about reading threads in this forum lest I start picking up everyone elses conditions

Anyway about the swelling (can you believe this is my 3rd preg and I have never had swelling). Is there anything you can do about it. What kind of damage can this cause - I feel like my feet are going to pop. I shtere something that causes this? i can hardly walk because my ankles won't bend very much. It is almost laughable the way they look.

And are numb lags normal? They kinda feel like they got a shot of novicane. Tingly when I touch them. It started in one leg and is now spreading to the other. weird stuff i tell ya.
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Have you talked to your care provider about the swelling? That sounds like pretty excessive swelling. How is your blood pressure? I think a bit of end of day swelling in the feet is normal, but yours sounds like alot.

Sorry you're not feeling so great.

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Well, I thought I'd be holding my baby right now. I went to the midwife yesterday and she said the baby was breech. She wanted to turn him and induce today (he keeps changing direction). Anyway, after the disappointment of the impending induction was over I started to get excited. I packed my stuff, got the kids where they needed to be, called everyone that I knew and mentally prepared myself for the delivery. I hardly slept last night. I called this morning at 7 am and she informed me that they were not going to induce today. They still wanted to move the baby, though. It was quite a blow (and the second time this has happened in a couple of days). I was very disappointed and just felt like I wanted to curl up in a corner. So I went into labor and delivery where I sat for over 2 hours waiting. Then they did an ultra sound and the baby is fine again. Good, yes, but still a long and emoutional day. I don't know how much more of this I can take. Anyway, just had to share. Thanks!
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ekblad - I am so sorry. I had false labor twice (as in "no need to check you this is definitely labor") before I finally had Lilyka two weeks late and all I could think about was if I was having a hospital birth I would be holding this baby by now. I was really beginning to dislike m midwife at that point . It is such a drag to think "this is it, the big day " and then be denide. Hey, glad your little baby has assumed the position though. Hopefully soon though

I haven't talked to MW about the swelling. She wasn't in her office today and I hate to bother her on her day off. My blood pressure was fine at my last visit (6 days ago) and the swelling had begun then. I even asked if my BP wash igh because I knew that could cause swelling and how to take care of all of it. i talked to a friend today who is a bradly instructor and she said to sit on the floor with my legs crossed, lay down or sit in a rocking chair (and rock). Avoid sitting in chairs. So I have been trying That. I am probably over reacting as if i am the only person in the world who has ever had swelling. I am a wussy when it comes to preg.

I dreamed the baby was a boy last night. It was so goofy. First I dreamed I was at the pediatritians office with one of my children and went across the hall to get a drink of water and out came the baby (must have been more than BH contrations all this time ). I said welcome to the world Alana only to relize she had a penis and quickly corrected myself. Then checked a few more times because I just couldn't believe I had just given birth to a boy child.(before i go any further I should mention that I have two girls and at this point can't honestly imagine actually having a boy. We are so living a girls world.) For the rest of the dream everytime i told someone it was a boy I would just laugh hysterically like it was the biggest joke ever. I had to put a sleeper on him that said "thank heaven for Little Boys" so that i would remenber that he was actually a boy. When someone finally asked what was so funny I burst out laughing and said "i don't have boys, I have girls. How funny to have a boy."

Hey I have just been noticing thatmy typing skills have gone from bad to worse. I will justr blame it on pregnancy brain and my sausage fingers . Please forgive my horrible typing.
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spyiispy-my DD1 was in the NICU for 4 days b/c I was induced 5 weeks early w/preclampsia and her lungs weren't quite mature. She was on a feeding tube for one day, oxygen for a couple of days and then had some bad jaundice so they had her in the sun for another day and then a final day just to make sure she was a-okay. She's more than fine now, in fact, she pretty much caught up size/milestone-wize at about 5-6 months old.

lilyka-I had/ve major swelling (hands and feet) with all 3 of my pgs.
DD1 was preclampsia, but I was retaining so much water that you could literally press your finger into my ankles/legs up to my knees and it would leave an indentation (gross!) I have heard that if you can press your finger into your swelling and it doesn't stay indented, it's "normal" swelling and nothing to worry about if your BP is a-ok.
DD2, I actually didn't swell until like the last week so that wasn't bad at all.
DD3 (this time), I am swollen in hands and feet, but it's not the indentation type, but I literally can't fit into my shoes some days/times. With this type of swelling, putting my feet up has worked like a dream. Just 15-20 minutes and I'm pretty much better.

Oh and joy! I pee every time I throw up too (and when I sneeze!). Have since DD1 even when I'm not pg. Ugh! Kegels have done nothing! I just wear a liner at all times now, fun.

ekblad6-oooh! and I was so jealous when you said you were being induced. sorry, that stinks! hopefully Evan will at least stay put this time, huh?
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I dreamed I had the baby

Last night I dreamed that I had the baby! He was 10 lbs 6 ozs and 30 INCHES long, ROTFLOL. I was like, hey, where did I put all of him?

I'm having many more baby dreams, and other vivid dreams this pg than I did with my daughter. Weird huh?

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30 inches long! That's hilarious! I dreamt that my baby (that we know is a boy) was a girl when he was born. I've never dreamt that my baby's were not what the ultra sound said they were before. Anyway, when they checked for his position in an ultrasound last week you could clearly see that he was a boy. That was a relief!
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Hey ladies! Hope everyone is feeling well. I am so happy that I have actually slept really well for the last 3 nights! But when I get up to pee, I think "oh, please let me go into labor during the day! I am just soooo tired in the middle of the night!I would hate to be in labor right now!!"
So I had an appt. yesterday and inquired about my mw's induction procedure. She mentioned the natural things--nipple stim. (which I will do), cohashes and castor oil(I won't do) and so I asked about prostaglandins. She said because of my history (my son was born 42 weeks with severe meconium aspiration--had to be on ventilator and all) no one would fault me for wanting to be induced. So we discussed cervidil , which is what they use, and I was feeling comfortable with that as an option. To be honest, it seemed kinda nice to know there was an option ir I go overdue. Baby is around 8 lbs. now, and I was 2-3 dilated at 36 weeks 30% effaced as well. Haven't been checked since then. I was figuring I would do the cervidil at 41 weeks. So I have been researching it a bit, and now I am scared. Not so much for uterine hyperstimulation--because they can take it out--it is like a tampon. But it can cause nausea and vomitting. I am soooo freaky about vomitting. And I read a slim chance of the baby having problems with respiration. So now I just don't know. Obviously I want to go into labor naturally preferably before 41 weeks. But I am trying to explore other options as well. I know I sound strange, but I thought I would rather be induced with my mw at the hospital rather than do a home induction. After my son's birth, I actually feel more comfortable in the hospital than I do at home. I am probably the minority on these boards with that, but his birth needed the hospital in order for him to survive. So I really came to appreciate what modern medicine can offer in situations like that. So, does anyone here know about cervidil or have good results with nipple stim.?

Spiipsy-- I had gotten a kit for tye-dying at walmart. It says on there that the dyes are non-toxic so I got it. (I usually use rit dye and am not sure how safe it is) But then I read more about the kit (after buying it of course) and you have to use a soda-ash mixture that is toxic and is a powder you mix in water. So I am going to hold off until I can use it without my 2 yr.old around. Because it is ral dangerous if you breathe it in. So instead, we made some Hobbit iron-ons and made ds a couple cute shirts. And I put an iron on picture of him on my birthing tub tank top! I am also going to put "PUSH" upside down on the tank top so I see it when I am pushing out baby! Then intent being to humor me in the midst of the hard work I will be doing!

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It is my understanding of that kit that it is only toxic if you breath in the powder. You can't smell anything once it is mixed. You can have your dh mix the powder with water and throw in whatever your dying and then you can dye it whenever your ready. Also I am the least cautiojs person in the world and I have never had a problem with it.

Smaug -

i am right there with you on the induction. i refuse to go more than a few days over. I want to be coll and desire a completely nointervention birth but I did that last time and I wasn't thrilled about it. i love mY MW with all her technology. I have had two children who refused to breath for various reasons (one was early and just a little shocked by this being expected of her, the other was late and had tacky mucus that refused to dislodge from her throat -Does anyone know if this is related to being overdue?). So I do feel better about being in the hospital. Or at least with my midwife. She is a nice balance between natural healthy people do just fine and caution. I have issues with my homebirth because my midwife was so convienced that because i healthy nothing could possible go wrong and because of that my baby nearly died.

Ya know, this is osmehting I have never really delt with, perhaps I need to delve into this more. Maybe that is why I have been constantly sick during this pregnancy. My body is doing everything it can to keep me in touch with medical technology. Weird to think about.

Hey I relized anothger reason I can't type anymore (as if I could before) I can hardly reach the freaking key board!!!
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Hey lilyka.......sorry to hear that you're swelling so badly. I can imagine that would be awfully uncomfortable! I just wanted to suggest something.....


Massage is wonderful for circulation and getting fluids moving again, not to mention making you feel wonderfully, blissfully relaxed. I'm sure Jenn can attest to this! Here in Seattle...its pretty easy to get a massage cuz there are several massage schools that offer big-time discounts...plus lots of times, you can get free massages when you're pregnant (Seattlite mamas....Brian Utting & Ashmead both do this...next one is in Feb).

Here are a couple massage places in Sioux City:

(605) 362-7828


(605) 331-2957


(605) 330-0175


4809 W 41ST ST, SIOUX FALLS, SD 57106
(605) 361-4143


(605) 731-1927


(605) 334-4722


1414 W 33RD ST, SIOUX FALLS, SD 57105
(605) 336-7107


(605) 334-2555


(605) 362-9528


(605) 331-7888

even better..........check out these massage schools and see if they need pregnant women to "practice" on. That's where you get the free massages!

National American University
2801 S. Kiwanis Ave., Suite #100
Sioux Falls SD 57105

Sioux Falls School of Massage Therapy
317 South Cleveland Ave.
Sioux Falls SD 57103

South Dakota School of Massage Therapy
902 W. 22nd. St.
Sioux Falls SD 57105

Good luck and let us know when "things" start happenin!

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Good news y'all.......I'm Group strep B NEGATIVE. I'm so glad I don't need to deal with that can o' worms. Not to say that I couldn't be + at delivery......I guess its all a crap shoot. I had my 37 week app't yesterday....so now we're at T minutes 19 days and counting......

Baby is head down and in optimal position for delivery. She is sticking her little feet out the right side of my belly, pushing and pushing. The other day, it literally felt like she was knocking on my cervix!!! I am so psyched about this delivery. The birth center is awesome........we plan to do a waterbirth surrounded by candles. I made a big pot of chicken n' dumplings to take along and put in the crockpot for those at the labor. Does anyone have a "project" to do to keep you busy during early labor? I'm planning on making bread...NOT in a breadmaker...lol. There is something therapeutic about kneading bread. DH wants to take some wine along (for after the birth). He says he'll be drinking it BEFORE she's born too...lol.

Well.....my 22 month old needs to check his email..lol. I'm only half-kidding

Take care mamas-to-be!!

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spyiispy, I was jolted back to my first birth when I read your question about what to do during early labor. I had planned to make the casseroles our Bradley teacher talked about. Thought I would relax on our hammock. Maybe write in my journal.... But my contractions were immediately every 2-3 minutes and requiring all my attention!! So I can only wish for that easy early labor. Did you have that with your first? I think it would have been cool to know the baby was really on it's way, but not be thrown into hard labor so fast. Have time to "enjoy" it. I hope you can make your bread, but I am assuming I will be moaning and rocking from the first contraction!!!!!

lilyka, have you had an induction before? What will your mw use ir you need it this time? I was telling dh how much I enjoyed my non-stress test last week!: I was so pampered! I was the only "patient" in labor/delivery so every nurse tried to steal me from the original nurse (one mw was there too) They brought me drinks, snacks, turned on the tube, brought me the phone, etc. I almost fell asleep I was so relaxed. So a big part of me is actually looking forward to being there again! It is an AWESOME hospital. We ended up there b/c of complications (was giving birth at a birth center with ds) but it ended up being a great experience despite why we had to be there. I couldn't believe I was going to go home 6 hours after the birth at the center. I can't imagine that now. I have been wondering about it a lot recently. I think it has something to do with my mom having to start working when I was 8 (she had been sahm until their divorce) and all of a sudden I had to take care of myself when I was sick or sad. I didn't have her to nurture and pamper me. And the hospital gives me all that when I give birth. (not that birth is being sick, but physically I was not able to do for myself as much---4th degree tear and all) And I really ate it up. This is just sooooo sick, I shouldn't admit it, but at first I thought the cervidil induction might be "nice" because it would give me more time to be coddled. I really think I have a problem! I want to be the baby for a while or something. It is kinda nice to be taken care of. And maybe our bodies (as you said) seek it out in some way so we can get that little vacation. It is weird to think about. When I was pregnant the first time, I thought maybe, subconsciously, I was "holding" onto the baby and going overdue because I just LOVED my weekly pre-natal visits. I got real sad after the birth not seeing my mw's anymore. I wanted to go hang out and stuff with them still. Maybe I just need to get our more?!
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