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I was induced at 35 weeks w/DD1 b/c of preclampsia. I was nowhere near ready to deliver, so I did have cervadil (3 doses I think?).

The worst thing about it was that they really had to put it WAY up there and that was a bit uncomfortable all three times.

I didn't have any side effects though (vomitting, etc.) - it basically started my contractions, started me dialating and I got my last dose at 11:45pm and my water broke on it's own at 5:30am.

I did have pitocin as well, but only starting at around 6:30-7ish and I delivered my DD1 at 10:35am.

So, only 13 hours b/t my first dose of cervadil and delivery and that was with me at nothing (no dialation or effacement), very early (35 weeks) and my first baby. Not bad. But that was just my experience. Hope it helps!

I am SOOOOOOOO anxious here. I've got a class tonight that I'd like to teach, but I'm so ready after that! I'm looking forward to my R&R hospital stay. I'd actually like to be in for a full two days or even three!

smaug, I totally know what you are talking about, wanting to be pampered. I feel the same way. And I know for darn sure my DH wouldn't do it if we had a homebirth. I didn't really like the hospital w/my DD1, but I'm went on a tour for DD2 of another local hospital and I loved it so much, I actually switched practices so that I could deliver there. It was a hospital, but it was so peaceful and every nurse was so nice and there usually is nobody delivering at the same time you are so you just get all the attention in the world. I love it! Even though it was a hospital, they put the baby right on my chest, covered us w/warm blankets and it was like a good 20 minutes before they even bothered us to look at her. And when they do, they do everything in the room w/you. I delivered at midnight and hadn't eaten since 10am, so they went out and got food for us since the cafeteria wasn't open. DD2 was up all night and a nurse came into check on us and I was in dire need of sleep but felt guilty giving up my new baby but the nurse was just so cool about taking her for an hour, didn't make me feel bad, didn't make a big deal at all. Then when she got her to go to sleep she brought her back and put her in bed with me (side rails) not even in the bassinet.
And all morning, I could hear people coming into the room, but as long as I looked asleep, they walked right back out and left us alone. It was just so awesome. I really hope I get the same treatment this time around. And did I mention - I am SOOO ready!

spyiispy-great news about your GBS! Wish I could say the same, oh well!

Hang in there ladies! I'm thinking of all of you and hoping I get to go first (LOL!)
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oooh, I plan to bake bread too - and a pot of roasted vegetable soup with white beans.........
The problem with me is, I keep on cooking HUGE batches of food almost every day because I am convinced I will be having the baby that night. THen when I don't, I have to put half the food in the freezer. This is good, but also exhausting. Tonight I am making meatball and sausage grinders and soup because AGAIN, I am convinced I will go tonight :

Smaug, I pretty much have a slow labor of about a week or two, where I don't know when the REAL pain is going to start. Then all of a sudden I am having doooozie contractions. So I probably won't be baking either. LOL. However, the freezer still is full from the last few weeks of slow labor!!

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Jenn & smaug....

I think I'll be able to bake my bread. With Indiana, I went into labor the night of the Super Bowl and walked the floor while everyone was asleep. Contractions were coming pretty regularly, but I didn't have ANYTHING to do besides watch tv and it became hard to concentrate eventually.

I love to bake....there's just something calming about it for me. Jenn, I hope your labor starts off slow, like mine did (also had contractions on and off for about a week). It really gave me time to ease into the whole thing.

Jenn, I've got a great recipe for honey whole-wheat bread if you want it. It's my mom's recipe (she was a baker for my grandma's country store hen we were growing up). It smells sooooo heavenly in the oven!

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Hey y'all........I've been agonizing over birth plans, birth essays, etc....all day. Since I'm delivering at a birth center with two midwives whom I am extremely comfortable with....I don't really feel the need to be extremely protective, as I did with my son, who was delivered in the hospital. To this end...I wrote my thoughts on this birth that I'll give them. I do plan on writing a separate plan, should a hospital transfer become necessary. Could use your honest opinions. The things I didn't cover are moot points, as the birth center falls in line with my philosophy on childbirth (i.e no drugs, minimal vag exams, etc).

Our Thoughts on Birth:

Kelly and I believe that birth is a fundamentally normal, healthy process, best described by French physician, Dr. Michel Odent, “One cannot help an involuntary process. The point is not to disturb it.” It is with this philosophy in mind that we have chosen Puget Sound Midwives & Birth Center, specifically, our midwives, Ali & Heike, to help guide our baby girl into the world.

To this event, we wish for our birthing environment be treated with the upmost respect; lowered voices, dim lighting, candlelight if there is time. I am a modest person, by nature, even in labor. This is one of the reasons I am planning for a waterbirth; so that my lower half can be submerged in the water and I can wear a bikini top. The warm, watery, enclosed space is not dissimilar to the womb, itself, and I’m hoping it will help me connect with my daughter and make her transition between the womb and the outside world as gentle as possible.

When I learned I was pregnant with my first child, I prepared myself by reading about, praying for, and believing in the kind of birth I wanted. I learned about the fear/pain cycle, and through prayer, allowed myself to be freed of anxiety about labor pain. Kelly and I have prepared similarly for this baby. Our faith in God is of paramount importance to us. King David, writing under God's inspiration, said of His Creator: "For it was you who formed my inward parts; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven…..your eyes beheld my unformed substance. In your book were written all the days that were formed for me, when none of them as yet existed" (Psalm 139:13-16, New Revised Standard Version).

We believe that a God who is big enough to so perfectly form little eyes and ears and tiny fingers and toes and every single part of a little person is certainly big enough to work out the details of their coming into the world.

A few thoughts on the third stage of labor, following delivery: It is our desire that I be able to breastfeed our daughter, exclusively. Should this not be possible immediately following birth, my desire is to pump breastmilk for her. Our baby’s umbilical cord blood will be full of valuable T-cells which have cancer-fighting properties. To permit normal placental transfusion and optimize her blood volume, we wish to delay clamping and cutting of the cord until all pulsation has ceased. Our most important request is that at no time do we want any foreign substances injected into or applied to our daughter without our consent (i.e. no hepB vaccination, no erythromyacin ointment and no Vitamin K injection).

It was through much prayer and meditation that we have come to this point and we thank God that He has provided us with such wonderful midwives and a safe, inviting environment in which our daughter can make her entrance into this world.


Kelly & Lisa
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Lisa ~
Boy do I wish I had the brain cells left to compose something so well-put, to the point, AND beautiful. I tried for several nights to put together my birth plan after getting dd to bed, and all I came up with was the first paragraph before I pooped out.
I am having a homebirth with a midwife whom I adore, and fortunately we agree COMPLETELY on all of the decisions I have made for the baby and for my labor and delivery. So we are completely on the same page. I feel fine about not having a birth plan for her because we have literally spent HOURS talking about all of the plans. Now, if I have a hospital transfer.............well, she is a tough cookie, she will be all over them to keep things the way I want them.
I still feel like a shmuck for not doing the birth plan. I know I should. I am just so mentally tiiiirrrrrreeeeeeeeeddddddddd.

Yes, please may I have the recipe for the bread? Even if I don't make that one during labor(may be too much for my laboring brain to make one that I haven't been making for a while), I am baking constantly and will want to try it soon -with babe in sling!

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I'm sooooo tired too. Plus, I'm trying to wrap things up with work and I have almost no time to think about my birth plans. So ...

I used the free Birth Plan wizard at:


Just check the boxes! A customized birth plan generates automatically based on your choices. It's so easy.

I then cut and paste the plan into MSWord and tweaked it down to a page or so. The whole process took about 20 minutes.

Good luck!
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I induced myself with blue and black cohosh at 42 weeks. My MW would have let me go another 2-4 weeks before so much as checking me out and I was in no metal state for that. My first was 6 weeks early and once we got to a safe place for giving birth (35 weeks) we really thought it would be any day. so by 42 weeks I was a little sick of the whole hting. Plus I was in all out false labor twice which ended abrubptly after 6 hours of contraction that were 2 minutes apart and a minute long. I just couldn't go on with that. I was also starting to get concerned about my baby and i can't be all laid back about it. If I could have seen an ultrasound or even heard the heartbeat I would have probably been comforted but no none of that was ever even suggested. My MW this time is so good and always offers comfort measures and takes my children into account. It is so nice to have someone concerned about my mental well being. (agaion more issues from my last brth I need to deal with)

I love my prenatal appointments to. it is right up there with a trip to the spa. Everyone who uses my midwife talks about how much they miss her nurse after everything is done. She is so sweet. I love the way I get pampoered there. I am truely excited that I get to start going every week now. Heck, even the receptionist is truely delightful. I will have to find reasons to go back eery now and then. The more I think about it the happier I am to be in the hospital. It will be nice having people wait on me and my midwife will sheild me from any nurses that aren't OK. I really am set. It will be a nice hideout from family .

Spyiispy - Thanks for suggesting a massage. I am sure I could probably even score a free one from one of the massage schools. I can't believe i never thought of it.

I wrote up my birth plan. I put everything in it but mostly for everyone elses benifit. I am sure my MW will have no arguments and feel kinda bad giving it to her. Like she will think deep down I don't believe she is realy as great as she claims to be. But it is the nurses I am worried about. The main theme in my birth plan is that the nurses don't allow any visitors in. At one point i actually put "please, you don't want them here any more than i do, trust me". They have no obligation to keep people away. Can you believe that is one of my biggest beefs about a hosptal birth? The fact that my family can just call up and find out if I am there. And that I can't just lock the door and pretend I am not there. What ever happened to privecy? I know I could just tell them to leave but I was such a wuss the first time and I am sure I will be the next time. And since it is Christmas and EVERYONE on the planet that is related to us even remotely will be here and we will be expected at family events (I really do love these people and otherwise wouldn't miss the events, just don't want them around while I am naked and screaming) we will be obvious if we are not there. Damn, no way to escape thier knowing (Please just let me go a week early)!!
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well, i had the baby, here are the pics


my biggest requests were that i get to discover the sex, no one bathes the baby (vitamin k from vernix) and save that placenta for me!

love and strength to you all for now
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What an incredibly gorgeous family you are!!
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CONGRATULATIONS CASINA!!! What a beautiful baby girl, and beautiful family. I hope everything went well for you. It is still hard for me to believe that our little cohort is giving birth already!
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baby Ruby Mei!!!


I am soooo happy for you, and a tad envious! Ruby is so beautiful! Seeing her photos makes me want to hold my Megan so bad! Well anyways, congratulations, and take care!
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Casina ~ It looks like you had such a calm and peaceful homebirth. I am so happy for you. Your little girl is angelic.
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Congratulations to you and your family! I'm glad all went well!
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Woohoo!! congratulations!!!
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casina, congratulations!!!!!! I thought somethig was going on since you hadn't posted with us preggos lately!!!!! welcome Ruby Mei!!!!! kisses to you, beautiful girl!!!!!
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Welcome baby Ruby Mei!!! Casina, you look so calm and serene....especially in the "hour before" picture. I'm impressed!! When you are recovered and get a free moment, I'm sure we'd all like to hear the details

The boys look so happy with their new sister. I had forgotten you didn't know what sex you were having! Congratulations on this new little girl! How does having a girl feel? I consider myself such a boy mama......wondering how I'm going to relate to a little girl. I'm sure it just happens when the baby comes!

Take care....

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Thanks guys, for the compliments on my birth essay. I've got a little tweaking to do, as I'm not quite satisfied with it just yet. I can soo relate to being tired too....that's why its taken me so looong to actually get anything decent down on "paper." Its more of a mental tiredness than anything else. Oh sure, I have some discomfort when getting up off the floor after sitting Indian-style....but that's about it.

The next couple months are going to be rather hectic for us. I've resigned myself to just going with the flow and not trying to control anything (which is a big deal for a control-oriented person like me).

Here's that recipe for Jenn and anyone else who wants it. It really does make lovely bread.

Honey Whole Wheat Bread

Dissolve 2 Tbsp yeast in 2 cups warm water....let sit 5 minutes

Add: 1/2 cup oil, 1/2 cup honey, 1 1/2 tsp. salt, 4 cups of warm water

Add: 3 cups whole wheat flour, 3 cups white flour

Whisk mixture together, add 10-12 cups more flour (I do half whole wheat, half white) til workable.

Knead on floured surface til dough is smooth.

Butter large bowl.....place dough in bowl and flip so that buttered side is up. Cover with towel and place in warm spot. Let rise 1 hour.

Divide into 6-8 loaves...place in greased loaf pans. Cover loaves with towels (I use dish towels)

Let rise another hour

Bake in 375 oven for 30-35 minutes.

I brush the tops of the finished loaves with butter for a yummy finish.

Happy baking all!

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thanks, MACMOM for your induction info. It sounds like, for an induction, it went fairly smoothly and quick.
lilyka, I am sorry to hear your hospital will let everyone in. Yikes. Mine might, also. All I know is you have to stop at the front desk and get a badge to go anywhere in the hospital. And noone is allowed to the nursery without the parents of the baby. It is all private and locked up. Really no one uses the nursery, lots of rooming in, but the NICU is attached and I think that is the main concern. Germs and all. My son was in the NICU and this other couple's baby was in there with a fever. All these family members of theirs came in and this one person was sick. The nurse asked him to leave. I was worried for a while after that b/c my ds's lungs were severely compromised and he was in an open bed. We didn't have anyone go see him in there. And I would have my dh visit with his parents in the waiting area. His mother is just sooooo loud and she irritates me. Not to mention I had to heal and rest. My dad happened to be in the area for a job and he came over every day(I had 4 days) and I got so annoyed. He even opened up my 6 pack of hersheys candy bars while we were in the nicu!! I couldn't believe it!! We come back to the room and he is munching away. I mean, if the package had already been opened I might have felt differently.

Does anyone do video of your birthings? Our doula paused the camera instead of recording ours. So I am getting really anal this time, making sure dh can work the tripod, and use the remote, etc.

spyiipsy, that bread sounds delicious! I just love honey. Do you know any good spicy, pumpkin recipes?

I envy the cultures that get 40 days of seclusion after a baby's birth. Just the women of the tribe coming over to cook and massage mommy every day with oil and feeding her . A lady my dh works with is Greek Orthodox and her son stayed in for 30 or 40 days. But she didn't. I wanted to be like, go home and rest!!!!! She was all over the place. Not me, honey. I will be in my jammies until Easter!!!!
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Noone can get in the nursery unless they have hospital ID on that matches a baby in the room, but they can walk into your room any ole time (last time MIL walked in in the middle of a pelvic and didn't feel obligated to leave - thus my severe paranoia. ) Also they can't tell you if someone is in the hospital but the can call and say "What room is Sandra in " and they will tell. So more or less open door. There are also no visitor hours or restriction on he OB floor (women faught for this without really thinking it through.)

For those of you who have had children present at hospital births how did you manage it? I won't be going until right before delivery and dd may or may not want to be in the room (said she did last time but changed her mind at the last minute) I also don't want them hanging around for too long after. I yave memories of trying to take care of Dd and the baby while dh slept in the other room - he was tired : (the person i had planned on coming over to help wouldn't answer her phone). Thinking back on those first few hours makes me kind of glad i will be at the hospital. He is so not getting off that easily this time.
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I just wanted to say hi. I haven't posted since before this "new" thread for Nov/Dec mommas was started. I am due Dec 13th. Only three weeks and one day to go!! I am having a homebirth, my first, also my first birth without pain meds/epidural. I have a son who turned five yesturday, and a three and a half year old daughter. We don't know what sex this babe is, and don't even have one name picked out yet!! I worry that I won't have the house ready in time, I am a horrible housekeeper, and I wonder sometimes what I was even thinking in planning a homebirth. I am so physically ready for this new babe, if only I could afford to have someone come in and do a heavy duty cleaning!!

Well, I'm oh so tired. Lots of loving great birthing vibes to all!!!
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