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Alekzander James arrived yesterday morning at 8:50 a.m.
It was a wonderful homebirth, and very fast! Cannot type all the details right now, have nursing babe in arms - and toddler at feet. Just wanted to let you all know.
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I really am the last person due here aren't I .

Congratulations to all the new mamas!! I keep making comments to the bean about "Hey look! her baby came, see it is OK to come out. Other babies like it "

So how is everyone who is still hanging in there. I am just trying to keep myself very busy. I keep setting all these rediculous goals (like getting rid of all the dry skin on my feet - which are going to raw if this baby doesn't come soon) to keep my mind busy. Dh is doing 101 projects too. He is doing tons of finish work on the attic, setting up a new work station in the basement, painting 4 rooms of our house, replacing some windows, and hanging christmas decorations yet.

Everything for baby is ready to go. Even my bag is packed. I still need to cook some stuff. What freezes well? I made a bunch of twice baked potatoes but they are almost gone already. I need something besides lasagna. I am a terrible cook too. Any suggestions on cook books for the culinary-ly challeneged?
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lilyka if it makes you feel better my sil is due the 26th, though she will be induced the 19th for the holidays. no one can rival her impatience. enjoy your kids the perfect way they are now, it is a real struggle for me now to get my kids back into their groove, and a groove i can deal with.
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Just wanted to let you all know that we had our little boy on December 1st!! Julian Elijah was born at 10:20 a.m. after about 4 hours of active labor. He is 21 in. and 9lbs. 15.8 oz. So we are just going to say 10 lbs.!!!! Born underwater with shoulder dystocia (took mw 1.5 minutes to get those big things out-- only first degree tear!!) The best thing is having a "normal" birth after the complications of my first. We actually got to be with this guy!!! No nicu or separation at all. It was such a blessing. We are home and doing better than I ever imagined.

Welcome to the other new babes born this week!! and goodluck to everyone whose time will come shortly.
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Well, no such luck with the Group B Strep, it came back positive!!! Argh!!! I thought it was gone for good finally. Not only that but I also have the dreaded E.Coli infection again, What the He**???? I am so pissed off, I have been fighting this crap through pretty much this whole pregnancy.
I have decided to try the Clindomycin vaginal antibiotic cream again, which is what finally got rid of it last time, and lots of vitamin C, echinichea, and usnea. The problem with getting the IV antibiotics in labor (which is the normal treatment) is that 1. the midwives would have to find someone to write the script 2. You need the IV in for 4 hours (none of my labors have even been 4 hours) 3. I'm pretty much allergic to every antibiotic that I have tried and considering this goes strait into your bloodstream my midwife is afraid of me going into shock, etc. Yeah, that would be fun!
Anyways, we will try and keep my bag intact for as long as possible, not do any internal checks unless absolutely necessary, and no sex. Not that I am really in a sexual mood anyways but it can be a good labor starter.
Anyone have any great advice or words of wisdom for me? I know/feel that the baby is going to be just fine but I would feel so awful if the baby got sick because I didn't go the "recommended" route, you know?
I sometimes wish my midwives would just tell me what to do so that the responsability of the decision is not all on me but I also love the fact that it is my body and therefore my choice. I just don't want to make the wrong decision because then I feel like I can only blame myself...

J&G's mom
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I'm still here and still pregnant.

I don't post much mostly lurk. I am due the 15th but I am SOOO done being pregnant. It seems like a race to be the last one here now.

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congratulations to all the new mamas! i'm a mostly lurker too, and think i may be the last one due, 12/26 officially. i'm 3 cm. and 50% effaced as of yesterday, have lost a few pieces o' mucus plug (they SO need a new name for that thing!). i'm operating under the assumption that none of this has much implication for when i'll have the baby, it's weird though, i was 3 cm last time around when i reached the hospital and was already in total pain, so i'd much ratehr just go about my regular life just feeling large for a while longer and continue to dilate, nice wish, eh? caught a cold this weekend and am hoping the theory i've heard that people don't tend to go into labor while sick (endorphins or something kick in to make them better?) holds. i can't breathe at all through my nose at night and nasty cough. hard to imagine doing all the lovely bradley relaxation stuff and visulization i've been practicing when i can't breathe! someone (sorry, not as organized as you name rememberers!) out there asked about how to recognize the mucus plug, and i was recently reassured that the odd, tannish thing i found floating in my bath was in fact that (ds asked if he could touch it, i told him he probably didn't want to do that, that it was yucky, just like something mama blows from her nose....that was as good as i could do at the time , he seemed satisfied with that response). hope those of you remaining pregnant are doing well, and maybe some of us lurkers will become more active now that our time is drawing near!
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I'm still here.

Official due date 12/22. I have GD so they won't want me to go late, so I should have the baby by Christmas.

So far nothing is really happening "downstairs" I am hoping for some action when I go in for my visit tomorrow. though I know it really means nothing. I walked around partially effaced and dilated for a long time last time, and ended up being induced because I was two weeks late. I am huge and ready to rock and roll.

I really would like to go into labor on my own this time and avoid induction, though it wasn't a bad experience last time.

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I'm chiming in a bit late but Jackson Andrew was born on Wednesday, November 27 at 3:06 pm. It was a really bad, long labor. Jackson is fine but I had problems for several days after. I'm finally feeling better. We just came home yesterday.

Congrats to all the mamas and their babies!
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Welcome Alekzander & Julian!! There's a thread over in Life with a Babe if you wanna chat with the other Nov/Dec mamas who have recently delivered. Looking forward to hearing your birth stories when you're feeling up to it. Amy, so sorry to hear your labor with Jackson was so rough. Take all the time you need to heal & enjoy the fruits of your labor

Is anyone else's dog acting a little strangely lately?? Our dog (9 month old boxer) will NOT leave me alone. He follows me from room to room; putting his head in my lap when I sit down, sniffing my belly. Its like he "KNOWS" its close and its his job to guard me.

Had an app't with my midwives today. There were two women giving birth at the center while I was there. I sure wish that had been me!! It was so nice and peaceful....not the whir of activity, noise & bright lights that makes up a hospital. I can't wait to use that huge jacuzzi tub with all the candles!

lilyka.....girl, you make me laugh. Dry foot skin, of all things??? Burts Bees makes a coconut foot creme....get some & go to town!! I have a big pot of chicken n' dumplings, frozen & ready to go for labor....then during early labor...I'm planning on making banana bread (if things go quickly) or honey whole wheat bread (if I feel things are going to drag out a bit). The banana bread is really simple to make.....lemme know if you want the recipe. Chicken soup is also pretty simple to make. I just kinda wing it....grab a whole chicken (or a cut-up fryer) and put it in a stock pot with some water. Allow it to boil til the meat falls off. Take out the chicken and remove the meat. Put it on a plate and allow it to cool. Add carrots, celery, potatoes (whatever you like), I also add some a few chicken bouillon, salt, pepper & a couple bay leaves. I cook the carrots & stuff til they're tender, then add the noodles. When the noodles are soft, I throw the chicken back in and VOILA!! You can do it!!! I have faith in you At our wedding....someone gave me a 4-ingredient cookbook. All the recipes are really simple and only have, you guessed it, 4 ingredients. I haven't made anything in there yet......cuz I LOVE to cook and I don't mind complicated recipes. Gonna whip up some cranberry-walnut cookies tonight.

Has anyone else made a sling for their babies? This Thursday, I'm going to try the Maya wrap instructions (on their website). I just got a nice unbleached muslin and we plan to have her hand and footprints inked onto the sling when she's born.

Well, that's it.......I get up in the AM and check on here to see who's had their babies Can't wait til I can announce our little girl's arrival!! Hang in there, preggo mamas!
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Amy - congratulations!! I love the name!!

Smaug - >>"We actually got to be with this guy!!! No nicu or separation at all. "<< People who haven't been there just don't understand how awsome this is but iI can tel you, there was nothing more pleasing about my last birth than no having dd whisked of to the NICU. that is right up there near the top of the sucky things in list. I am so glad it went well for you.

Spiispy - thanks for the recepies!! How do you make your dumplings? i have a recipe for bisquick dumplings (I make my own mix) that are pretty good but I don't know how they wilol freeze. bannana bread is a great idea. i could live off that stuff and I do make a pretyy good loaf of bananna bread if i do say so myself.

I can't imagine it would be too difficult to make a sling in the maya wrap style. Just hem and thread. the only complicated part would be sewing the end to the rings. So long as you r machine can handle it it shouldn't be a problem. I make doll slings like a maya wrap and it isn't too complicated. he again they don't exactly have to be safe or comfortable

J&G's mom - sorry about the positive results. I find out tomarrow. Can't say i am looking forward to it. I have hardly had a week go by that I wasn't infected with one bacteria or another during this pregnancy so why should this wek be any different. : 4 hours on the IV antibiotics. i don't know if this labor will even last this long. i certainly didn't plan on being at the hospital for four hours before i pushed this baby out. I wonder how this will all work.

Casina - I had to laugh at your sister. i have "scheduled" this baby for the 14th of dec. I don't plan on being induced but I did write in my planner, in pen so , if she doesn't decide to come on her own then I will have to have a good talking to her about it. that is just a really convient day for me. And I wrote it in pen so she needs to know I am pretty serious .

Hey and just let me beg all of you, not to leave me here all alone. It really woudn't do well for my stamina at this point if I just kept coming over here talking to myself. To all the lurkers who are due the same time as me (I am due the 25th) I just wanted to say thanks for coming out of hiding. i feel better. I sorry but I just can't venture over to "life with a babe" until I am actually with babe. Just too depressing.

take care everyone.
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Congratulations new mamas, and welcome to Alekzander, Julian, and Jackson!!
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jeni, are the cabbage leaves cooking?ag

congratulations debi!
welcome samuel issac!

congratulations smaug!
welcome julian elijah!

congratulations feather!
welcome alekzander james!

my sil got her induction moved to the 12th today, i tried so hard not to show her how concerned this made me feel, i have my baby already, i have no right to say anything negative to her at this point. lilyka, my first one was born on the date i chose at the baby shower which was two weeks early on the perseids meteor shower. so you never know how these things work out.

well, i guess i should finally go check out life with babe.....
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Wow, where have I been?

Well, when I decided I'd been spending too much time on the internet and I should try to cut back, I had no idea I would take it so far!

A super-duper CONGRATULATIONS to all who have "popped." (I have to get my husband to stop using that terminalogy, but I'm afraid he'll come up with something worse.) All the births sound like wonderful experiences. I hope I am so lucky when my baby arrives.

Speaking of which, my due date is next week. Yeah, we'll see. I could stand to be pregnant awhile longer-- I have so much to get done beforehand!

This is my first and we live in a small one-bedroom apartment. I know we don't have half the supplies we need, but at this rate we'll have so much baby stuff, we won't have any room left for the actual baby! Tell me, you experienced moms, how do you manage? What do you need, what don't you? Where do you put it all?
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Well I am still here (mostly lurking I'm afraid)as well. I'm getting to the counting of day thing myself. I counted the "exact" days this morning -- 266 from the day of conception -- and I know my exact day was March 20. That puts me due on the 10th. So now I am beginning to feel the countdown thing. Previously I've just said Christmas time frame and been happy. That's because the last 3 kids have all been 2 weeks late. I am working this time (dh is at home until the summer) and it would be better for me to deliver at Christmas but geez I am getting anxious to hold this little guy in my arms. I can't believe it's been 7 years since my last baby and I am just plain excited. I want leaky boobs and buckets of nappies again -- hah see if I'm still as thrilled in a few weeks

I am spending lots of time on my birth ball doing wide pelvic rotations. My midwife says this might turn this little guy around as he's OP. My second son was also sunny side up and 10.5 pounds -- I ended up with a section about 26 hours of excruciating labor. So I'm worried that this one is also facing the wrong way. Anyone have any ideas of how to turn a baby around???

And on the dog behaving strangely thing - -yes my border collie/lab mix dog has been very clingy to me the last week or two as has the cat and youngest son!! They all follow me around more it seems like.

Congrats to all the moms already holding their little ones. And hang in there thoughts to the rest of us
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Megan Josephine is here!

I feel like I have neglected you guys, but I have had a rough week, but are any of you with new babies not having it at least a little rough right now?


Megan was born on the 29th of November and weighed 6lbs 14oz. She was 20 1/4 inches long and have blondish/brown wavy hair and those dark blue eyes a lot of newborns have.

Birth Story:

My contractions started at 12am on Wednesday the 27th. (That's when I got on here and said "early labor" because they were regular at 5 minutes apart for 3 hours, and the midwife said to come in....it sounded like early labor)
I went to the birth center, and was 1 1/2 cm and 90%. But while there, the contractions slowed down to every 10 minutes. Midwife said they must have just been Braxton Hicks all along. So, we went home, and they started back up again, but the times apart were all different. Dan decided to go to work...told him he could, but I really didn't want him to. I had contractions all day, some regular for hours at a time, but this time I thought "Jeeze, I'm not calling them again until my water breaks!"
Dan got home, and seeing me in pain on the bed (and all of these were strong enough to moan about) felt really bad he'd gone. So, I had contractions all night (2nd night with no sleep), and called Midwives again at 5am (Thanksgiving) to say "PLEASE check me...I am going insane, and have been in labor now for 29 hours!"
Back at the center for the 2nd time I was 3 1/2 and 100%. Midwife said I could stay there, but since the contractions still weren't regular, it could be a while. We left by 11:30 am, with instructions to go to Thankgiving dinner, eat some turkey, drink a glass of wine, and try to get a nap so that if I was going to have the baby by the end of the day, I'd be better rested. So, at my parents house, the contractions were back to five minutes apart, and I ate my meal between them. I hollered and moaned, and when they were over (some lasting 90 sec), I'd open my eyes, and everyone was watching me.
I went home when contractions slowed to 20 minutes apart to try to nap, but they started to get closer.
My breaking point was around 7pm when I had a contraction with arms around hubby, and started sobbing afterwards. He started sobbing, and we just stood there crying for like 5 minutes. We decided to call midwives again, and this time say,
"If there's no progress, then we want to go to the hospital so I can be induced."
No progress, and this time, my blood pressure was really high, so they agreed the hospital was the best choice.
By 9:30pm I was in a bed and they were poking me for an IV (it took them 11 tries so I am pretty bruised up). They started the pitocin, and Dr. Neverauskas (the sweetest doctor in the whole world) tried to break my water, but it didn't break until he used the fetal moniter on her head. The contractions got worse and closer (Pitocin was working). By 5:30am the next morning I was 7 cm, and I was so tired of making noise (low moans, panting, and a lot of "Oh Gods!"), that I decided in my head that I need to shut up and conserve my energy for pushing. Everyone in the room thought I'd fallen asleep because I just breathed normally and didn't even flinch for the next two hours. When I say everyone in the room, I mean, my husband, parents, brother, his girlfriend, and then all the medical people. I wanted everyone to stay even though I originally just wanted my hubby and mom.
At 7:30 I was at 10cm, so the nurse called the doctor who'd gone home, and let me start pushing. My one leg was in a stirrup, other was held by hubby, and my mom was by my head and I used her as a brace (which she could only stand for 20 minutes, and had my dad step in because she has back problems, and I was pulling on her with both arms. I pushed three times with each contraction. By the time the doctor was in the room, 40 minutes later, I could see the entire top of her head in the mirror, and the nurse said "Oh gosh, just little grunts!" I had to hold her in until the doctor was ready. He sat down and said "Okay, you can push!" I really didn't have to push much at all because she just popped out. I heard her cry and they put her on my tummy. I couldn't see her very well, but my husband was crying....my whole family was in tears, and it was wonderful! I had a 2nd degree tear, and no epidural. The doctor gave me a great compliment when he said "I can't believe you've never had a baby before...you seem to know exactly what you're doing, and your pushing was really affective.
I knew I'd love her instantly, and already had the whole pregnancy, but I am so in love with her, and love having her depend on me for everything. It feels so good!
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Jenni, I can't wait to hear what newborn nickname you give Megan Josephine. I was christened Meggity-Peggity when my dad announced to my mom that "Meggity-Peggity has ten perfect little toes!" in the delivery room. A name like her's lends itself to the cutest combinations.

And, Meggy-Jo, I can't wait to see what your momma's going to change her user name to. "BabygirlbornNov29?" Whatever she decides, don't influence her to change it to "Nosleepjustdirtydiapers," okay?

Kate, after a long struggle to get my baby to stay vertex, now he or she is too wiggly to stay anterior, so I'm also looking for a way to change that. I'll try the birth ball thing. I'm sick of crawling around on my hands and needs. It works for awhile, but isn't worth the dog slobber I have to wash off my face afterwards. As far as my dog being extra clingy, she's been that way since I married her (well, technically I married her owner, but she doesn't see it that way).

Meg (formerly Meggity-Peggity)
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Oh Congratulations Everyone!!!!

It's so exciting to see all these babies coming. The best to all you new mommas!

I had my Appt this morning, 37 1/2 weeks. Nothing happening downstairs yet. I have GD and the docs don't want me to go late so I have scheduled an induction for the 19th. Hopefully I will go on my own before that, but my daughter was 2 weeks late, so who knows.

I'm having lots of practice contractions, so I am hoping that they start to do something soon.

I need labor vibes.

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i am new to this thread i'm due december 24th (no, not a christmas babe, i'm jewsih, lol!) and SO EXCITED!!

for freezing, i am doing lots of veggie/tofu lasagna, cut into individual pieces. i am also preparing some frozen sauces and frozen veggies separately so i can just defrost, mix and add some tofu or nuts (yes, i'm a vegetarian!!). also, some soups freeze well-- although not potato!! i find squash soups defrost nicely too. all i have craved during my whole pregnancy is indian food though, so i may have to enlist some friends to get me some of that

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I just erased my whole post :

I wanted to swing in and let everyone know that Ava Alexandria was born yesterday evening around 5:20 (dec.4). I started having contractons around 1:00 and didn't make it to the hospital. I had a prenatal schedul;ed for 5:30 but went in at 5:00 so she could see where I was. i was dialated to a 7cm and Ava was still really high. My water brke while she was checking me but my contractions were mild still. Since I was group B pos. I was going to go streight in to start the antibiotics. Didn't make it so we are stuck here for a while . She went to grab a wheel chair and I had a horrible contraction. dh went to get thenurse and when he poked his head back in the door I was pushing. She came out about 5 minutes later. No tearing or anything on me but she got prety beat up from the wild and crazy ride through my body. She wouldn't breath either and of course there was nothing to suction her with. My midwife was awsome. She acted as if people came in and had babies in the office every day.

gotta run Bean woke up.

Love you guys,
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