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hi - hope it's okay for me to jump in at this point on what is this, the 14th page?!
my due date has been changed around 3 times now, and it's ranged anywhere from christmas day to new year's, to january 12th and back to the 2nd...
originally though was the december date, so on the other bb i'm a member of i've been hanging in as a december mama. this is my 3rd baby (our 4th, including my 10yo stepdd) - our others are a 5yo ds & 21mo dd. i'm just so uncomfortable and getting impatient with all the date juggling. i know no edd is ever totally reliable, but what do you rely on when it keeps changing?!
my ultrasounds are what threw the dates so now i'm just along for the ride. according to my dr we're looking at another 8-9lb baby - dd was 8# 15. and is he ever active... neither of my other children was this painful to carry at this stage - he just keeps pushing in all the wrong places, reducing me to tears a good deal of the time, and all i want to do is enjoy the time i have left before he's born - overall i've had a wonderful pregnancy, so this is making me miserable between the pain and the waiting i'm going grumpy stir crazy and i need some community about now...
are any of the other december mamas still undelivered? how are you doing?
hugs - banana
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Georgia Rose is here!

I finally had my baby 10 days late and 36 hours of back labor later on Dec 27th. She was 7 lbs 4 oz and we are doing well. We left the hospital 6 hours later. I will try to post the whole story later but the short version is 36 hours of back labor in and out of pool but I managed to not get an epidural. I did have a little staydol twice to get some sleep but I was fully aware for all 3 hours of pushing. No tears or stiches! She's nursing like a champ. Photos at http://www.jetnetlink.com/georgia_rose.htm

Amy Branger
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Congrats Amy!!! Way to go...wow, 36 hours of back labor. Yikes! Thanks for the pix....love that hat!!

Just wanted to see how our still pregnant mamas are doing. Maybe we need to add a third month to our thread, since its January now. Are there any more mamas besides banana that is still "patiently" waiting for their bambino??

Just a little update on us....Indy is finally coming around. He says "bay-bee" and "Emm-mee" and no more sobbing and crying whenever Esme cries. Esme sleeps about 4-5 hours at a time at night, which gives me a decent chunk of sleep. Today, Kelly got up with Indy and Esme and I got to sleep til 10:00 AM!! Ahhhh, heavenly! Take care all.....

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Wow, Amy, she's beautiful! You'll pardon me if I still think my baby is the cutest in the world, but from the pics of the other Nov/Dec/now Jan babies, I can see Marion's got some stiff competition! (I managed to get away without back labor, but I'm so-o-o jealous that you don't have any tears.)

Good luck to all the mamas still waiting. I've taken to wearing Mar in the New Native sling (she loves it, but being on my feet that long is killing me [damn tear!]). It makes me so emotional to see her curl up and start sucking away on her wrists, doing all the little tiny movements that I remember so well from our first 9 months together...

Meg and Marion
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Baby Aya has arrived! It was a long journey but worth the wait.

My labor was 37 and half hours long, at the 27th hourI was still only 3 cm and 70% effaced. I broke down and got the epi - I am a little sad about that but I still feel I tried my best.

She is gorgeous, a little moving peanut, I am in love. Thanks for all the kind words and support. Happy new year to everyone!

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Wow justine!! 37 and a half hours. I am seriously impressed. I would have gotten the epidural long before you did.

Congratulations Amy and Justine on the arrival of your new babies.

Organicbanana - if you are the last one we will stay here just for you Here is hoping you go soon though
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lilyka - thanks so much! i can use some encouragement...
dr's appt. yesterday and noooooooothing is happening. no dilation, no engagement, he's just floating around in there still - i'm measuring 39 1/2 cm and my belly is so stretched it's purple! ow... carrying all up front too, so i look like i swallowed a whole watermelon sideways
today is my last day of work (i'm a sahm & child care provider - so i guess that's not entirely true - it's just my last day of providing care for other people's children - my work is never done )
so that's a relief. just playing the waiting game and hoping this babe doesn't get too much bigger before i deliver or i'm going to need something to prop my belly with!
it's so nice to read other mamas' delivery announcements - so many sweet new babies...
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Oh banana I feeelll your pain. My belly was streched so tight i swore you could use it like a congo drum.

I dont know far overdue you are (if at all). I was post due and supplemented with evening primrose - you can never be quite sure - but 2 days after taking it - I went into labor - I dont know if it was my time or if the supplement did its job. Probably a combo of both I imagine.

Keep your chin and belly up - here's to a sweet and speedy delivery!
Best - Justine
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just checking in. How are you banana? I was hoping to see your birth announcement here today. SOon I am sure. Enjoy these last few days of pregnancy.

I was thinking the other day, A while back I posted about a dream I had. in my dream I gave birth to a son in a Dr. office and everyone was so amazed that i had actually had a boy and everytime someone saw him they laughed out loud because they were so amazed I had a boy. iI assumed the part of this dream most likely to come true was the part about having a boy. Kind wierd the way the part that came true was me having a baby in the Dr.s office Guess I was wrong about what all the laughing was about. hehe
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Banana!! Are you still out there, waiting? Hoping to hear good news soon.

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i'm VERY late sharing this, but finally have internet at home, so can add my little announcement to this thread. zoe jasmine was born sunday, december 8, my edd was december 25. she's wonderful, big brother is doing amazingly well, adores her. here's an abbreviated little birth story (ya know how it is, babies who nurse every half our, that's her gig in the evening, so there is no time for long versions of ANYTHING....it's crazy how life with a newborn is...i just went to get up and realized i hadn't managed to button my pants from when i went to the bathroom an hour ago....i had forgotten about the complete lack of ability to focus on one's self that you get postpartum So here's my story: I was so not expecting to go early, had a normal saturday, no symptoms other than that i was a bit pissy in attitude all day, and didn't have any patience for 3 year old ds, but that was par for the course once my 9th month hit. went to breakfast with a friend, managed to take a nap with ds, and was expecting to go to bed early, when all of the sudden i was squatted down helping ds go to the bathroom, and thought i was leaking pee, but the pee didn't stop, and i thought good god, my water's broken. it broke super late with ds, so i'd never experienced it before, and wasn't convinced it had happened for several hours. called my doula and she said some women just kinda leak, so try to get sleep, call her if contractions started. they started slowly but surely, couldn't sleep, but rested in bed until like 5:00, called my mom and she started driving up (lives 4 hours away). at this point, my most surprising postpartum anxiety started to manifest itself...as i lay in bed next to ds, all i could do was bury my face in his hair and cry (thank god he's a sound sleeper!) because i was so sad that he wouldn't be my baby anymore in the same way. i was so sad for a week after zoe was born remembering what a wonderul baby ds was and missing all of that, yet feeling insane to be thinking this since he's an equally wonderful 3 year old, and now i have this wonderful perfect baby girl, but i digress, back to the birth... my mom arrives around 7:00, as does my sister's family, who are to take care of ds. we head to the hospital by the time contractions are super strong, doula meets us there. i'm tortured filling out paperwork and checking in, such bullshit making laboring women "check in" and sign documents, total crap, but relatively quick. they check me, i'm 5 cm, and feeling bummed about that because i was 3 for weeks and somehow thought i would have progressed more. in the time between arriving at the hospital and getting to my room, i've totally lost faith in my intention to go drug free, and start asking about epidurals. thank goddess for my doula, as soon as she arrived, i calmed down, stopped my panic attack, and got back into the flow of things. labored standing leaning against dh, and then spent probably about an hour in the big birthing tub thing, they checked me, i was 8, i started getting out of the tub, and was 10 and pushing right away. i had had an epidural with ds, so had never felt the "urge to push", man did that surprise me. they tried to get me to breathe through a couple of contractions and not push, SO not an option. she was out in 3 contractions, amazing. compared to my 17 hour labor with 3 hours pushing, epidural (that resulted in a spinal headache), vacuum, etc., zoe was about 4 hours active labor, pushed her out so quickly, and barely tore compared to 3rd degree episiotomy with ds 3 years ago. such a different experience, i felt fine and was walking around later that day. zoe was handed to me as soon as she was out, and stayed right there for over an hour, nursed as soon as she was put to breast, about 3 minutes after she was born (although i thought this was so cool and left her on the same one for an hour and ended up with a mutilated nipple that resulted in a breast infection and total sickness...). gotta go, baby calls. i can't say enough wonderful things about doulas, in the middle of the labor i told mine i loved her, she chuckled and said a client had never said that before, but i so did! she is the sole reason i was able to have the outcome i had...i mean, i guess i'll give myself a little credit for going med free, but she was so wonderful, so calming, she gave me the confidence i needed to pull it all off. ok, so i said this would be abbreviated, and it's a novel, but now i DO really need to go! best wishes to all of you, see you on thenewborn page!
maren and zoe
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Congratulations!! What a beautiful birth story. What is it with these little Christmas babies coming early. (thank goodness ). I was due on the 25th also and had Ava on the 4th. I am so glad you had the birth you desired.
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Organicbanana had her baby!!

Is there anyone still holding out? Hey, here is wierd thought. In about 4-8 weeks, next years Nov/Dec mamas will find out they are pregnant
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