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morning sickness

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What helps relieve this? I am nauseous all day long.
Any remedies?

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ginger candies help...suck on them slowly. You should be able to get them at any Asian food store. They don't have a long lasting effect but as long as you are sucking on them, the nausea subsides.

I used Seabands to help control the nausea. I found when I left them off for 24 hours my symptoms got worse. They have been tested on pregnant women and are proven to decrease morning sickness. There is no chemical involved...it is only accupressure. I couldn't have survived my first trimester without them.

Forcing myself to eat frequently and in small doses helped too. Even when I didn't feel hungry, I sipped in ginger tea or pregnancy tea, and drank soup or ate apples. I can't speak what will work for you but keeping food in your stomach helps!!!

good luck...I empathize

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I also used the seabands (also called SCAT bands) w/ great success. Other things I used or know of:

ginger- tea or crystallized
peppermint tea
eating an adequate amount of protein
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I had morning sickness for four months. NOTHING helped. NOTHING stayed down. I was on the verge of being dragged to the hospital twice but resisted after I was able to keep down a few ounces of diluted gatorade an hour at those worst of moments. Every other day I would vomit 4-5 times per day, and that was only after eating/drinking (ie. I was keeping very little down) and being horribly nauseous ALL THE TIME. I lost more than ten pounds in my first two months of pregnancy.

I did not want to take Zofran (currently the most-perscribed med for morning-sickness) cause it's only been on the market for 8 years and I don't consider that safe enough.

So here was my solution: I called a wonderful organization called motherisk in Toronto (where I'm from) www.motherisk.org and they told me about Diclectin. It's 12.5mg of unisom (doxylamine) and 25mg Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine). You can buy unisom over the counter and split pills, also B6 is readily available. I took it at least three times a day once I found that it worked so well. It did not relieve my nausea, but it made me less unstable, which is to say that I vomited less and was able to eat a little bit.

Some info about Diclectin: Diclectin is perscribed to 20% of pregnant women in Canada and is widely used around the world as a safe drug to treat morning sickness. It was removed from the market in the US in the early 80s because of litigation from mothers who claimed that it caused birth defects in their children. Since then, it has been shown that the incidence of birth defects in children whose mothers took Diclectin is identical to the incidence of children whose mothers did not. It has been on the market since the early 1960s.

After about 20 weeks, my morning sickness slowly subsided and I have since had a healthy and normal pregnancy, gaining back the weight I lost plus another 25lbs!!! (I'm still only 30 wks!) I just hope this babe will weigh less than ten pounds!

To those of you who are suffering - I wish you strength and moments of relief. Diclectin really worked for me - it was the only thing that did. Best of luck to you and congratulations!
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On a different note...the amount of stress in my life greatly contributed to the severity of my morning sickness. Take it easy, put your feet up, make sure you are well hydrated if nothing else, and take some vitamins w/o iron. A chiropractic visit may also be in order, unfortunately I didn't find out about that kind of relief until my 3rd pregnancy. Protein helps, too, but carbs might be better, it all depends on your body. Crystalized ginger worked wonders for me--my co-op had that.
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I think part of the reasons eating often helps curb morning sickness is because it helps keep our blood sugar levels stable. That said, I advise to avoid the simple carbs and sugars- for reasons of creating unstable blood sugar levels and upsetting the endocrine system, and instead eat plenty of complex carbs (whole grains, legumes, root vegetables), as well as frequent small servings of non-greasy, low-fat protein (baked tofu, yogurt, soy milk, baked or broiled fish or chicken, etc.)

I also agree w/ what sunmountain said about stress- I also found it important to rest and keep stress low. I turned to acupuncture and shiatsu to help w/ some of this, as well as frequent baths, deep breathing, reading, and good nights sleep.
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I empathize with you! It does get better. For me, getting enough sleep was a HUGE factor! I got a minimum of 10 hours during my worst times (minus time for getting up to pee). I also brought food to bed with me and saltines did not cut it. I had cut up fruit, dried fruit, gatorade, water, and wheat crackers with almond butter. Plus, I found that if I had a protein smoothie or yogurt right before bed, that I slept better. During the day, I kept snacks with me all of the time. I found that comfort foods were best for me...like pizza, Amy's organic mac n'cheese, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I often did not have the perfect pregnancy diet that I thought I should have (broiled fish, veggies, no sweets, etc) because the mere thought of those foods made me gag! I felt very guilty until enough professionals reassured me that you should just eat what you can. Oh, crytallized ginger, peppermint candies and tea, chiropractic care and accupuncture have all been wonderful to me. Oh, and keep some snacks in your car in case travel sickness ever creeps up on you.
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I have suffered from morning sickness every pregnancy and know how hard it can be. I have to admit that there wasn't much that really helped very well, but time. During my last pregnancy I wrote an article about 10 ways to deal with morning sickness, if you are interested you can read it at http://www.geocities.com/~plomp/arti...gsickness.html

What I found the hardest was still having to cook dinner and feed the kids while I was feeling tired and sick and no food sounded appealing. It helped to know that this was only temporary though, and that it would subside somewhere between 16 and 20 weeks. A lot of people see their nausea subside in the second trimester, so hang in there!
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karenpl, it really helped me to read your reply. I haven't been on the boards much lately (though I'm a long time member). I'm 15 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby. I had morning sickness before but not this bad & not for this long. I was pretty much over it by 13 weeks with them. I'm so tired of being so sick... I've been trying so hard to be patient but I'm getting discouraged. You said it gets better between 16-20 weeks...I'll try to hang on a little longer! Thanks!
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If you're into homeopathy, which is very safe during pg, this article might interest you. Scroll about 1/2 way down and you'll see some m/s symptoms and might find a remedy that applies best to you. Hope you feel better soon!
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I found salty potato chips to be one of my best treatments for morning sickness Id just suck on a chip for a bit and it often helped. Ginger tea helped alot, altoids (for the pepermint, candycanes workd as well but were full of sugar)
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I vomited day and night for 3 months with this baby (and still occasionally for the rest of the pg, now 37 1/2 weeks). I tried everything including ginger, acupuncture, vitamins, saltines before getting up, etc. The only thing I wish I had tried that was suggested was hypnotherapy, but I didn't hear about it until 12 weeks and optimistically thought it was nearly over.

Anyway, in the end I think the best advice was to eat whatever you can that will stay down or make you feel better. I went about 2 weeks on hot chips and jelly (I know, poor baby, but the baby will take vitamins, etc. from your reserves and leave you to suffer the consequences later) I also found that the only thing that could stop me from vomiting, though not from feeling ill, was to chew peppermint gum constantly. I hate gum.

This too will pass.....

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Just for those of you out there who are suffering through morning sickness as badly as I had it -- many people gave me lots of advice from their experience and little helped.

I know I'm not a big whiner because the people at motherisk told me that less than 5% of people lose more than 5% of their body weight (which I did) and have "morning sickness" as badly as I did. After many weeks of not seeing anyone other than my best friend (who cleaned my house), my mother-in-law (who also cleaned my house and made me jello) and my husband (who tried to feed me spoonfuls of ginger ale until I figured out that it was causing me to throw up and threatened me with strawberry ensure if I couldn't keep anything down), I just smiled sweetly at those who gave me advice. After a while of being sweet, I just flat out told people that they couldn't possibly understand what I was going through if they were sure that more sleep, ginger candy, saltine crackers, peppermints, eating before getting up in the morning (most mornings I couldn't get up) or anything else would cure me. I had tried it all.

In the end, time cured all... but it was a month an a half of hell and then another month and a half of recovery. I'm just glad that I was able to keep down watered down gatorade and began peeing more than twice a day so I didn't have to check myself into the hospital.

What stayed down during those most awful times? small amounts of jello, sorbet, ginger snaps. That's about it. If you're as sick as I was, try whatever you can and don't give up! Oh, and don't watch too many daytime cooking shows.
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I had read one time that in countries where women didn't eat/drink dairy products, that morning sickness was unheard of. I avoided dairy in the first trimester, and I have to say that my morning sickness was minimal. In fact, mornings were my best time! I tended to get queasy later in the afternoon or after eating a standard-sized meal versus smaller amounts througout the day. I also drank a "tea" of hot water with fresh lemon in it.
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Oh geez, the poor stories that are worse than mine! I'm so sorry. I feel miserable enough. This pregnancy is harder than the first one. I am grateful to feel pretty good when I get up and can eat breakfast. I am so sick and grosed out by food for the rest of the day. I'm sooo grateful that my husband can (and likes to) cook. He's doing all our meals for the time being. I can't stand to go in the kitchen most the time. The smells of cooking!!!! He has to cook with the vent on. And somebody mentioned cooking shows during the day? Oh lordy no. I just about puke dealing with the ads. I feel about as bad as I can get without actually throwing up. I don't know what I would do if I had to cook for Finn all day.... prepare it all in the morning when I felt my best?

Last pregnancy, ginger capsules worked perfectly for me. I'd take two at the first glimmer of nausea, with food. But this time they are just making my stomach too hot feeling. I'm nibbling ginger candies, and that really helps. Esp when I don't imagine I can eat anything. And I swear by eating small amounts often. Everytime I whimp out and don't eat, I get way way way more nausea and headache. A friend had horrible nausea and had to nibble protein every twenty minutes the entire first trimester! Proteins do seem to be key for me. Peppermint tea is nice. For anyone using homeopathics, remember that mint counter acts them.

I appreciate the suggestion about taking snacks to bed. I need to do that. I'm getting hungry in the night, but dread getting up because I can't get back to sleep!

I'm sure looking forward to second trimester, and feeling more energetic. I have a few other health problems that are getting better now too. Im sick of feeling sick and sick of complaining....
Thanks all
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I can relate 100%! I suffered from HG (Hypermesis Gravidarium - I don't think I spelled that right! It's been a while) horriably with my twins. This is when your stomach involuntary throws up. I was admitted twice for rehydration and had to take Zofran to reduce the vomiting from 20 times a day to about 3-5 times a day. Sounds made me sick, movement made me sick, certain songs even made me sick! I lost 30 pounds before I started heading on the road to feeling better! At 5 months pregnant with twins I had only gained a few pounds. ( I thank God every day that they grew at a great weight, were full term and very healthy)

My advice - eat what your body tells you! I spent months eating buffalo chicken fingers, pringles & chips and salsa! (Strange I know!) I made sure I took all natural prenatal vitamins from our herbal pharmacist, and drank lots of water. (When it stayed down!) Being pregnant with twins, I needed extra protein! (100 grams per day to be exact!) By the end of 9 months, I hoped I'd never see another egg & cheese breakfast sandwich! Your body goes through so much when pregnant, you just need to listen to what is saying and go with it!!

Best of Luck!!

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some pregnant women I know swear by some product called "preggo pops" I believe you can get them online, but they say they are essentially a sour sucker, so I guess sucking on sour candies may do the trick for some!!

Good luck

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I read that when you get semi-dehydrated that the nausea level increases.
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I may just be imagining things but i think Red Raspberry leaf tea helps! I am only in the beginning throes of morning sickness but so far each time i sip raspberry leaf tea I feel tons better! Call me crazy. I'll let you know. Any one else tried it?
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I was also told that raspberry leaf tea helps with morning sickness. (Of course I couldn't keep down water, so the tea didn't go over too well.) I was also told that if you drink the raspberry leaf tea in the last trimester, it strengthens the muscles in the uterus to help aid with delivery. One thing that did help me was acupuncture! I would highly recommend it, and if your healthcare covers it, all the better! My health care did not cover it, but at that point, I did not care!! I'd rather make payments than throw up all day long. Another thing that is known to help morning sickness is protein. It keeps your blood sugar level at a good level. So, when in doubt, grab some peanuts!! (Or eggs, or cheese!!)
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