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I just thought I'd update everyone. I'm 19 weeks along today. A little over a week ago, I finally started feeling better. I've gained back 1 of the 3 pounds I lost. I'm not vomiting anymore & my energy is coming back. I was beginning to think it would never end. I think I'm going to live. Lots of love to all those still in the throws of morning sickness. Hopefully, I'm moving on.
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So glad you are feeling better, organicmama. How about you, lil love, and anyone else that was feeling icky? Mine always went away by 20 weeks, glad to hear you're getting your strength back!
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Hi Lilove
I have been thinking a lot about you and was wondering how it was going? I hope you are feeling better...let us know if you have a minute!
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Totally sympathize

I could have written a lot of these posts... yeah, I lost 10 pounds, yeah I barfed all the time for months, nothing worked, got tired of advice, yadda yadda yadda.

I finally just started eating whatever tasted the best coming back up. I know that sounds terrible, but I just wanted to minimize the trauma. Breakfast cereal is not bad. Bananas, frozen mango chunks... Even though gatorade is nasty, I'm absolutely positive that slowly sipped gatorade kept me from being hospitalized a few times.

Just pay attention to your body, pay attention to anything that gives you any relief at all. Get plenty of rest--I think all the barfing is hard on one's body.

Think about the end result--morning sickness is supposed associated with good pregnancy results ("strong pregnancy"). I have a wonderfully healthy and active 7 mo old son now... I'd do it again for him (and I probably will for his future siblings !).

Good luck!

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need advice for nausea

Does anyone else feel like tossing their cookies 24/7 ??? I dont remember it being this bad with DS, I am at my wits end, how do I make it stop. I find that if I eat constantly its not as bad, but has anyone ever taken something that gave them instant relief. I am feeling so gross, like barely functional, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have tried those wristbands before, and they didnt work!!


Love REnee
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I had a fair bit of nausea during my first trimester. I used to drink a cup of raspberry leaf tea when it struck, or nibble on crystallized ginger.

hang in there,
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slice of ginger in a cup of boiling water, +/- a little honey
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Poor sweetie.I have some red rasberry leaf tea I'll bring you tommorrow if you want.Does this mean I've lost my massuse?
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Vitamin B works WONDERS!!!!!!!
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I cant beleive I forgot about that!! Vitamin B is the only thing that finally made me feel better! You can get a B complex at shoppers.
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Vit B

i think I will try the Vit B, and then move on to the other suggestions after!!

Thanks alot guys!!

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The taste and smell of lemon really helped me. I had a bar of lemon verbena soap that I'd just hold under my nose and inhale deeply and it seemed to ease it a bit. I ate lots of lemon drops and those Claire's Organic Lemon candies are wonderful! I threw up from week 7 to week 18. I'm 31 now. No matter what I did, I was going to puke every morning. I found that eating a Tums to cut the stomach acid and a half a fresh apple started me off every day. I'd get up , throw up the apple then get going. I never had the nausea, just the vomiting that would come on short notice. I hope you feel better soon!
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I'm sorry Renee!

All the before mentioned ideas are good ones! You could also try making sure to eat protein rich snacks, try Anise or Fennel seed tea, depending on the type of nausea homeopathics sometimes help, Ipecac 30x, or Nux vomica 6x. The B6 supplementation can work well too! Once you get a handle on it though, preventing low blood sugar by eating all the time can keep it from getting worse sometimes!
Good luck!
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Vitamin B works WONDERS!!!!!!!
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I'm so sorry, Renee. I am actually not feeling anything, but instead of enjoying it I am worrying.

Anyway, a recent study showed that acupuncture has an excellent effect on nausea. Three groups were involved in the study: One was given acupuncture on known anti-nausea points, one was given acupuncture close to, but not directly on the same points, and the third was given the usual dietary and nutritional info. The group given accurate acupuncture showed the largest improvement. So it is definitely worth it to look into an acupuncturist near you. My husband is a veterinary acupuncturist, so I fortunately have one in my home - and I will use him if I develop nausea! It was awful with DD.

Good luck!
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Alis, wow, your DH is a veterinary accupuncurist, that is so cool, I wish my DH was a veterinarian, as it would save us a whole pile of money every year. I actually did accupuncture with DS at a Dr. if Chinese medicine, so she definately knew her stuff, but it didnt seem to do a thing, so I quit!

Nimamom- I am trying like you say to eat often, its just so tedious, I feel like some kind of "food pit", sent Dh out last night for muffins and doughnuts, needed something cakey and white.. how horrible, but seemed to help!

Puppy fluffer- I really like the sounds of lemon candies, I will have to look for those!!

I'm a little afraid of trying the red raspberry leaf tea, as I have read that it can cause contraction of the uterus.. . call me paranoid but..

ANyway, thanks again everyone for the super ideas, there has got to be something out there to help, other than sleep,

Off to eat breakfast, lots of protein, bacon and eggs if I can stomach it!!

Love REnee
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I have vitamin B-6. Will that work for the queasiness as well? If so, how much should you take?
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what worked for me were ordinary scotch mints. they are the round white mints. they are not the icky chalky ones, but the smooth ones. theya rent terribly good for u, but sucking on them helped me function
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How much B6? My multis have something like 30 mcg in them (which it says is 1300% RDA). Anyone have a recommended amount? My nausea is certainly better when I take my vits than when I don't....
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I used "sea bands" which is accupressure (can be bought in any pharmacy) and that helped minimize, not eliminate my nausea. I also tried to eat a little bit every few hours and keep my protein level up. Ginger candies (likely available in an asian food store) were helpful too! Nausea disappeared when I was sucking on them but returned almost instantly when I was finished!

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