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I saw my mw yesterday, and she said that I could take up to 150 of B6 (ymmv, I suppose, so check w. your own provider if unsure of the exact amount for you).

She also recommended NOT eating and drinking at the same time. She said to eat a few crackers when I wake up, then, an hour later, to drink. Couldn't stomach that today b/c I'm always really dry when I wake up, and then, of course, as soon as I drank, the nausea came and I needed to eat....

My acupunctursit gave me small band-aids w. teeny magnets in them. I put them on my wrists at the same spot where the acupressure point for nausea is. They are much more low-profile than wearing the Sea Bands (which, frankly, is like wearing a neon sign saying "I'm Pregnant" [to those 'in the know' at least]).

hang in there everyone!