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Fleas- I have never been so miserable!

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We went to MIL's house yesterday and apparently brought back fleas- again!!!

I have literally over 100 bites on each leg, several on my arms, a few on some, well, unmentionable areas, and everywhere.

I can't sleep, and all I do is sit here and itch like CRAZY- flea bites itch constantly, not just off and on like mosquito bites, apparently.

I've washed the bedding (where they hung out I think- I woke up with them this am) in some citronella oil, and dp steamed the bed, sofas, and dog bed and then vaccummed everything else well.

But, HOW DO I STOP THE ITCHING!? And how do I keep the little buggers that are left from not biting me more?

Sorry to be so whiny. I will try to meditate on the fact that I am lucky that this is all I am suffering through.
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You poor woman! I used to get bites HORRIBLY when I was a kid and we had so many pets, and so many fleas! They used to gnaw up my ankles terribly! I've found a few things that help. First, if you've scratched so bad already that you've scratched off any little bit of skin, or if the tiny bite is "open" (confusing to explain, I'm trying!) a dap of rubbing alcohol right where you were bit helps. It burns just a tad for a second, but its worth it. Takes the itch away for me. Hydrocoritzone cream on bites can help sometimes. Calamine lotion is a goodie too! Slather it on, and it helps. If you're still getting bitten even after all of the cleaning, try some skin so soft, or perhaps you can put the citronella oil on (I've never used it, so I don't know if that is something you can put directly on your skin or not). Good luck dealing with the itchies! Try not to scratch too much, when I was a kid I would get scars from just scratching myself raw!
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I spent an evening on a friend's sunporch last week and my ankles got bitten up by fleas (apparently the sunporch is her dog's favorite hangout). The itch was driving me insane so I finally slathered some Benadryl cream on the bites and got almost immediate relief and was able to get some sleep! Hate fleas!
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If there is a flea, it will find ME!

My mom use to have to put eucalyptus branches under my crib to keep me from getting bit as a baby. If your house is infested, salt your carpets leave for 3 days, vacuum & dispose of vacuum bag immediately. You may have to do this more than once to stop the breeding cycle. The salt kills the eggs. Hope that helps!
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Thank you all so much for your help!!

Lisa_Lynn: not to worry- I have fully scratched off any remaining skin from the bites. That was the only thing that helped last time- to open them up (sorry, I know it's gross) and then soak in a really hot baking soda bath (for those that know I am under water restrictions- not to fear, I am flushing with the bathwater, which, I figure, has the added benefit of cleaning the septic tank as it goes!). I've put hydrocortizone on them, but I'll definitely give the alcohol thing a try! Thanks!

3boysmom- very tempting, believe me! I took an antihistimine before bed last night and I think that helped.... I might look into the Benadryl cream though...

Myrhhmaid- that's a fantastic idea- I'll definitely try it tonight! Do you know how much salt you should use? I cirtronella-ed everything last night and I also steam cleaned, AND I've been carrying around a spray bottle of citronella and just spraying it at random intervals. : I even sprayed myself with bugspray before bed last night.

Thanks, all!
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Baking soda and salt is supposed to be the ultimate combination for the carpet. Maybe even add citronella to the mix.

I have a spray bottle of a boiled lime or lemon with eucylpsus that I spray on stuff with fleeas. It works pretty well.

Also, b vitamins and garlic should help them like you so much- it takes 2 weeks, but maybe you can try it 2 weeks before you go to MIL again.

good luck
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you can make an overnight flea trap. take a shallow dish (aluminum pie pans work well or ideally a white dish). place it on the floor under a nightlight or small lamp on the floor. add soapy water to the dish (not too much soap, just enough to break the surface tension of the water). the fleas are attracted to the light and white (never wear white socks if you have a flea infestation) and will jump in the soapy water and drown. leave the lamp on all night and check in the morning to see how many fleas you caught. it really won't kill all the fleas in your place or anything if you've got a lot, but you can kinda keep tabs on them this way.

do you have pets? you might consider getting them the Program pill that sterilizes the little buggers. that way you can avoid pesticide applied directly to your pet (and then to your carpet and your kids, etc, etc.)

best o' luck,
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