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This may seem like a dumb question, but you all seem so creative. What do you use for storage? I mean like arts and crafts type stuff. I also homeschool and would like some sort of storage for those things. It just makes it seem so messy when things don't have a proper place. Thanks for any ideas
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We have a shelf in our homeschool room for most stuff. Beads and other small misc items are in a storage thing with drawers (from Home Depot -- it was meant to organize screws and nails). Playdough and playdough tools are in a rubermaid container in the kitchen.

My sis has a smaller house and more kids. She bought an organizer that has several drawers and is on rollars. She keeps it in her dinning room.
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You should just call me over and I can get creative. Besides you are helping me build my castle for storage.
Seriously though go buy CLEAR PLASTIC SHOEBOXES, and BOOT BOXES.
I have pics i can send you of an idea.
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I either use clear bins- shoebox size- or baskets. i have to have it easily visable and accessable or it won't work.
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I use plastic or metal drawer things. And boxes and I have a cabinet that holds a lot of it.

www.ikea.com has an AWESOME, small metal drawer unit under office supplies.
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