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I know this has been posted before but i couldn't find it. I was wondering what preggy symptoms people have noticed if they are still breastfeeding? We are not TTC, but my AF is 6 days late and I know we had sex while I was fertile- though we use the trusty pull-out method . anyway... i took a test on the 4th day after I was expecting and it was negative. I have none of the symptoms I had last time (cramping, breast tenderness) but those were also regular pms symptoms for me and I dont' get any of that now. I am often surprised when I do get my period because it seems to come out of nowhere (unless I realize that i've been a bit bloated, or eating more chocolate). I've been tired, but not way out of the ordinarly, tho I think on day 2 after I was expecting AF I was totally emotional all day, which is totally unlike me.

So, I dont' know. I figure I'll wait another 3 days or so and take another one if AF hasn't shown up, but wanted to know if i should be expecting more symptoms.