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Rooibus tea: is it safe?

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I love rooibus tea and find it a great substitute for my previous coffee habit. But is it safe while pregnant? I couldn't find anything on the internet either way about drinking it while pregnant.
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I'll try moving this to health and healing to see if anyone there knows.

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I can't say for sure, but when I was in Africa, they mixed it with milk and gave it to their babies in a bottle. Said it was very good for you. I know that's not very convinceing, but the box does state some nutritional values and it is caffeine free. Where do you get yours? I have to order it from protea imports online. Rooibos, right? On the box of mine, it says "When you know what's good for you". So anyway, they really believe in it over there! lol
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Hey, I found this site and it talks about it some.

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I drank rooibis last winter while breastfeeding. I am unsure about pregnancy though.
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