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April 2003 mamas?

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I was reading the March 2003 thread and getting quite jealous. DS was due in March, but not interested in being born until April. So I was wondering if there are any April 2003 mams who would like to have their own thread?

Hi, I'm Alison, and DS is Andrew, born April 6 2003. He's amazing, and likes to talk and dance and read and watch Thomas the Tank Engine, and he can name pretty much every engine. He loves dogs and birds (he can even say chickadee, pigeon, chicken, duck, and starling!). He talks all the time, it blows my mind how much he can say! He actually said "excuse me!" the other day when he had to squeeze past someone at the grocery store! He's totally the love of my life. We cosleep, are still nursing, and are starting to toilet train. I hadn't planned on starting so soon, but Andrew started asking if he could pee pee in the toilet! He goes to daycare, and I think that he is watching some of the slightly older toddlers toilet train. I WOHM full time as a children's librarian, and DH brought Andrew to a programme at work one Saturday, and Andrew now thinks that when mummy goes to work she plays with green play-doh. In fact, whenever anyone says they have to go to work, he says "work, playdoh". Ah, to be so young that you think work means green playdoh!

Any other April 2003 babies out there? What is your child mad about?

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aloha, I have a little girl, 4/20/03, also the love of my life :-)) I am a SAHM, but also WAHM part-time with my dh business. born at home, we co-sleep, also still nursing, love walking on our farm, feeding guavas to our horses, watching the chickens, petting the dogs and cats - basically love all animals...we love to sing, play blocks, push the "babies" in the buggy, bounce balls, not many words but very clear communicator, what else?
I have always wondered about April 2003 when I see those other months posted...
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My son T came on April 9, 2003. He's a delightful person, although we are definitely entering toddler territory! He's quite a talker, although the more words he gets, the faster he talks, and the less we understand. :LOL T loves swings, the cats, "driving" our car, running, and baked tofu. :
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Nice to connect w/all you April 2003 Mama & Toddlers!:bf

I'm Lisa and my dd Amber entered the world via waterbirth on April 24, 2003. I'm a SAHM, but have a very, very part time massage business out of the home.

Amber loves playing w/her babies and nurses them all the time:bf! She loves jewelry, shoes, Elmo and Dora and of course, she adores her big brother. She has a bit of a sweet tooth (which my ds has never had) and loves baking "tookies" with mama. She has quite the vocabulary and is in the process of potty learning. My ds learned at age 3, so this was a big surprise to us when she became interested at 16 mo. old.

She co-sleeps with us and nurses still on demand. But we have been in the process of nightweaning.


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It's lovely to meet everybody! I check everyone's sigs for birthdates all the time in other forums, and have never seen an April one until now!

Anyone here dealing with temper tantrums? I had always thought that the terrible twos was some sort of myth, but DS has developed quite the temper if he doesn't get his own way "no want it no want it!". Anyone else coping with that?

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We are definately dealing with tantrums. DD learned the word no a couple of months ago and it has been hell ever since, lol.

My dd is Madeira, born April 5. She loves tomatoes, olives, avacados (which she calls "tacos"), Dora,Teletubbies, books, numbers, letters, dancing, trying to eat dirt, and coloring on the walls and TV screen. EvEN though SHE KnowS LOts OF LETters AND NUMBERS, she thinks all colors are either blue oR red. She also likES the caps lock button. LOL.

I'm about 8 weeks pregnant and have been having terrible morning sickness so I've let her watch too much TV and we been kind of grumpy with each other. But hopefully it will get better if I start feeling better soon.
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Originally Posted by indie
EvEN though SHE KnowS LOts OF LETters AND NUMBERS, she thinks all colors are either blue oR red.
Andrew is just like this! Our conversations go something like this:

ME: what colour is the fire engine?
DS: It's green!
ME: no, silly, it's red!
DS: It's green!
ME: are you sure?
DS: It's green!
ME: Okay, it's green!
DS: No, it's blue! (followed by maniacal laughter!)

Don't you just love toddlers?

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I am so glad you started this thread. I was also feeling jealous when I saw the March 2003 thread.

My dd was born April 16, 2003. She is just getting so big. She surprised me by self-weaning at 19 months. She also started sleeping in her own bed...except when she is sick or teething. Her 2 yr molars sure are rough. She does okay during the day but has a hard time at night and seems a little sleep deprived. I am using Hylands teething tablets and occassionally tylenol. Any other advice?

Another recent change...she is less picky about food all of a sudden. She refused green veggies for months and all of a sudden now she loves green peas and broccoli. She also decided she loves hard boiled eggs.

So far we aren't dealing with tantrums. She is strong willed and lets us know what she thinks and wants but no full blown tantrums yet. I'm in no rush for those!
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Hi, everyone! Hope it's not too late to join the fun. My son Tony was born April 25, 2003 (midwife-assisted, at hospital). He weaned himself at 19 mos. He is loving and loud and hilarious and amazing. He's currently obsessed with language. He LOVES naming the letters of the alphabet and parroting complex sentences. (Which cracks me up, because he sounds just like one of the Chipmunks, and his pronunciation is...um...creative.) He often surprises me by saying, out of the blue (and quite accurately), things like, "Moon over Minneapolis!" He adores noodles, eggs, tomatoes, cheese, avocados, and any fruit you care to name. He's had some humdinger tantrums lately...they're earsplitting! We practice "quiet voice" constantly, but the kiddo is just naturally loud. His tantrums are exponentially louder--yikes! As for me, I'm a WOHM (editor at a publishing company).
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By the way, Alison, I see you live in Halifax. Lucky woman. My dear friend (also a 2003 mama) lives there and we've visited twice. What a lovely city! Such great seafood, scenery, and of course Celtic music. I'd move there if I weren't afraid of being murdered by my parents for taking their only grandchild 2000 miles away.
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Tine--who's your friend? I ask cause I know a few crunchy mamas in Halifax, and if there is another, you should let her know that we have a playgroup on Mondays. The thread is over in the Tribal Areas--Canada forum.

Surf Mama--I can't wait til Andrew gets less picky! He used to eat everything we put in front of him, now he doesn't seem to eat anything except grapes and cheese. In fact, dinner tends to end when Andrew suddenly whacks his plate and everything on it on to the floor!

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Alison: My friend is Kathleen Martin-James. I just sent her an e-mail telling her about your playgroup and the MDC thread. Thanks!
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Originally Posted by Tine
Alison: My friend is Kathleen Martin-James. I just sent her an e-mail telling her about your playgroup and the MDC thread. Thanks!
Excellent! We need more mamas, some of our regulars went back to work (well, so did I, but I can still manage to go every second Monday).

I'm interested in how many of the April 03 toddlers have already self weaned. DS is showing no signs of self-weaning, and I had hoped that would be the way we'd go. I'm not sure anymore. I hadn't ever pictured myself nursing a two year old, never mind a three year old. I'd really wanted to be able to say that DS self-weaned, but if that means nursing him until he's 4, that probably isn't going to be the way it goes!

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Originally Posted by Alison
I'm interested in how many of the April 03 toddlers have already self weaned.
Well, we didn't really self-wean, it was more like Mommy nudged her to nurse less and she stopped. I just found myself getting very frustrated with the constant nursing during the day and it was hurting our relationship, so I started offering her milk, snacks instead and boom she stopped nursing during the day. About that time we night weaned too and that didn't take long, leaving just nursing to sleep, but she just stopped doing that - one day I realized, huh we haven't nursed in almost a week, I guess we are done! That was at 17 months. While she didn't come up with the idea, she was more than ready otherwise I would have met with some resistance.

I always saw myself as doing child-led weaning too, but I also didn't anticipate how annoyed and angry I would start to becoming constnatly nursing a toddler. For me, it worked out perfectly since I'm pregnant with #2 and I know personally I would not be able to handle nursing #2 all the time if I hadn't had a break to have my body to myself for a while.
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My ds self weaned at 20 mo. and my dd is almost 22 mo. and shows no signs of slowing down. She is also cutting her molars and has been sick this winter too. She has been such an avid nurser, so different than my son.:bf


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My dd nursed A LOT as an infant and toddler. She self weaned all of a sudden at 19 months and is now 22 mo. It happened over two days. (I'm thinking that I might have been pregnant...my period was late but the pg test was negative. It seemed like there was something about my milk she didn't like all of a sudden)

So around that time she bit a few times while nursing and I would put her down and say she had to nurse nice....then I would offer again and she would nurse nice. The next day when I offered to nurse she said no and pretended to bite her finger. I told her that she could nurse nice and she said no and all done. I waited awhile and then offered again, I didn't want to get engorged. She continued to refuse until finally I tried to latch her on anyways and of course she bit. I tracked down my breast pump and decided to wait until she wanted to nurse again. She never did. I offered a few times over the following week and she always said no.

Before weaning she had been nursing 3-5 times a day and 2-4 times a night. Once she weaned she started sleeping thru the night for the 1st time ever! So nice! She stops sleeping thru the night when she is sick or teething though.

I really thought that I would be nursing her until at least 3 but she had another idea. I miss nursing but it is also nice to be done and to have it end so peacefully for her. I hope you can find a nice ending to your nursing relationship too.
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Tine--I went to a meeting tonight for a book award committee I'm on, and guess who is on the committee with me? Yup, Kathleen. You know, this is a small, small world! They talk about six degrees of separation, but I'm not sure it's that many!

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still nursing here, 8-10x in a 24hr period - I don't mind, she doesn't show any signs of slowing down...so we'll see. I guess at 3 I will question the longevity of it past that, but so far so good. I also imagine a child-led situation, but if not, a peacful one for us both since we have both gotten so much out of the experience.
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I have an April '03 baby too . Henry was born at home on April 10th 2003. We are still BFing but I'm thinking I need to wean since I'm going on a trip without him the week before his birthday. My goal was to go 18-24 months so I've made it . He was almost weaned right before Christmas--he would only nurse twice a day--in the morning when he woke up and right after his nap. But then he got the stomach flu and I think it made him feel so good to nurse that it's still all he wants to do--and this was like 2 months ago. He asks to nurse ALL DAY long. I have no idea how I'm supposed to wean him at this point.

He has been sleeping in his toddler bed for a few months now. He wakes between 4-6am and wanders into my room for some nursing and cuddling. He did at one time sleep through the night, but that's a distant memory now .

Henry is mad about Elmo, Barbie movies, and Winnie the Pooh. He loves legos, weapons (how?!!), books, playing in his kitchen, and tagging along with his sisters. He's decided lately that he's not a little boy, but a cat. I get to make dinner with him meowing at my feet and rubbing on my legs .

He says a few hundred words and will string 2-3 words together, but still no prepositions. No potty training here yet. We bought him a little potty but he never wants to sit it on it. I'm not pushing him at this point. We've had a few tantrums here and there, but on the whole he's a very easy-going kid.
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