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wish I had some nap suggestinos - my dd still nurses to sleep for her nap, which she takes every day with no problems and for bedtime - am interested to see what people say since I think about this a lot - when the time comes, what will I do?
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Originally Posted by mightymoo
I was thinking of checking out the feingold diet.
It is sooooooo good. DD1 was doing all sorts of odd things. Then we got some of the information from the feingold website. We cut out the foods suggested and she changed overnight. (Grapes of any kind are on the NO NO list, as are apples, and a lot of other most common toddler food.) I can't recommend it enough.

DD2 was born April 7, 2003 (though she was due March 27) I have been thinking of jumping into this chat. So many of the posts seem to talk about things she is doing. She is amazing and challenging. She is only 16 months younger than DD1 and HAS to keep up with her. Drives me nuts sometimes trying to keep her safe when she has to do what DD1 does but isn't able to physically yet.

Funny thing DD2 did this morning. We were eating cold cereal for breakfast and she loves this. I looked over at her to see that she is spooning her cereal from her bowl into her glass of milk. Amused I said, "Silly, why are you doing that?" She looked up at me briefly, went back to her spooning and said, "Cuz!"

I knew I had a smartypants here but this is a bit early isn't it??

I am hoping to read more of the past posts when I can.

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Welcome, WildChildWeaver!

I have a smartypants, too. DS is the sort of kid who'll fart, then smile mischievously (or giggle hysterically). Then when I remind him to excuse himself by asking "What do you say?" he'll shout "DADDY!" Such a goofy kid.

Just checking in to see how all you mamas and your DCs are doing. Any exciting developments/funny stories to share?

DS is making good potty learning progress. He'll now pee or poop almost every time we put him on the toilet. He's not at the point where he'll tell us BEFORE he needs to go, though. If he remembers to say anything at all, it's usually while he's peeing or pooping in his diaper.

And in other news.... It would appear that I am (shockingly, miraculously, happily) pregnant! : By my calculations, I'm 6 weeks along (due 3-28-06). I'd be very grateful for any good juju/prayers/sticky vibes you might be willing to send my way.
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Tine, lots of sticky vibes coming your way!

That's awesome! I'm jealous!

No real potty progress with Andrew! Like yours, he will pee and poop on the toilet, but can't seem to let us know when it's coming with enough time. He's spending a lot of time naked right now, cause that increases our chances!

I've just noticed that none of the little smilies move or dance on my PC here at work! I wonder if that's something I need to change settings somewhere to fix? Hmm, off to solve the mystery of the unmoving smilies! Well, I just figured out that they work in explorer but not with mozilla. Wierd. Anyway, Tine, I hope that your smilies work, and you can see the fairy dust I'm sending along!

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Yes, Alison, I can see all the fairy dust you're tossing my way. Thank you!

Naked time has proven to be disastrous with Tony. He has no qualms at all about pooping and peeing on the floor. Sigh. Here's wishing us both good luck with the potty thing.
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Tine- Congratulations! Sending lots of :s and vibes your way! I'd be interested to hear what it is like being pregnant with a 2 yr old too.

I am hoping to be pregnant one of these days, too. But I found out last month that I am hypothyroid so it might take awhile to get everything regulated and ready for pg. I am grateful to at least know why it hasn't happened and now I have hope that it will happen eventually.

I haven't been working on the potty but after reading your posts I just might give it a try and see if dd is ready.

Just last week dd decided to start testing us more. It's a bummer because she was such an easy kid before that and I was spoiled. Well now I am having to deal with her not doing what I ask....fun fun ! I know this is normal and she is still such a sweet little thing.

Well I think that's enough from me for now
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Hello all!!!
Just saw this thread and thought I would jump right in! I have an amazing boy born April 19, 2003. I have been extremley blessed wit a very thoughtfull, emotional, loving, and caring little boy. Though it is tough right now with the new found independance.. i hear " I don't want to" more than I would like.
I am also nine months pregnant due on 8/30 with another boy!
And that is my life...to be spent with three men ..wow. I am only having two kids as I don't feel I have the patience for more. I am 24 and ready to be done havin' babies, lookin forward to the next phase of my life with my little bro's.
I gotta say, I LOVE TODDLERHOOD! I think it's just awesome. We have started to do yoga together recently...love it. And my little boy has weaned himself and is now wanting to use the potty more and more...hurray.
Anyways....lovely to see so many other april '03 momas!!
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Kona Momma....
I went through this with my boy, and what worked for us was instead of having "nap time" we have "quiet time" where every nite (or nap) time he does not have to "go to sleep". Quiet time means that he has to be in bed, but may read or play with one of his stuffed animals (usually both) So he sits in bed, proped up with pillows, with his little stack of favorite bedtime books and passes out all by himself when he is ready. Dad and I are not in the room either, as we tend to distract him. And he is learning to go to sleep all by himself, although we all sleep in the same bed...I just love the snuggles!!
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Iriemama96-My dd loves yoga too. She is better at it than me. When I turn off the dvd she asks to play again. I have some kids yoga dvd's on hold at the library so those will be fun to try!
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Hi ladies-
I just wanted you to know that it is possible for a 2 year old to learn to use the potty! My dd is completely potty trained (or learned, whichever you prefer)! She has been in full-time underwear, including nights, for about a month now. Dd was a VERY early learner, though. We introduced the potty around 15 months and she immediately took to it. She hasn't pooped on the potty since 15 months. She was really good about going potty on the toilet, too, but if she was wearing a diaper, she would often not tell me and go in her diaper.... or tell me too late. She never really liked the potty chair and has always prefered going on the regular toilet, without the attached kid's potty seat. We just held onto her and now she just holds on herself. She spent A LOT of time naked, mostly by her choice. We couldn't keep clothes on her! So, that really helped. We switched to pull-ups/training pants around her 2nd b-day. Finally, about a month ago, I realized that she RARELY went in her pull-up and woke up dry in the a.m. So, we made the jump to full-time underwear. She had a couple accidents in the first week, but has done great since then. I think making the jump to underwear on outings was the biggest part. I was nervous about doing it, but I figured, how will she ever learn unless we just do it? If she has an accident, oh well... we'll change her clothes! We always make sure she goes potty before we leave the house and before naps and bedtime. If she's pretty preoccupied while we're out, I offer her reminders about going.
Anyway, just wanted to share our success story! It's really great when they are out of diapers!!

She still takes 1 nap during the day.... usually around 2 hours. But, the past week, she's been napping for 3 sometimes 4 hours!! I've started to wake her up after 2 1/2 hours because she's been having a hard time going to bed at a reasonable hour. She's usually excellent about going down for naps and bedtime. She weaned at 20 months when I was 6 months pregnant with my son. I really wanted to get her to sleep on her own (without us laying with her) before my son was born. I found that it was really a weaning process! I would lay with her and then I started to sit at the end of her bed and then eventually would go in my room "to fold laundry" or something. If she cried and REALLY wanted me to lay with her, I would, and then I would just try again the next night. We're finally to the point where we just read books, tuck her in, turn on her lullaby CD, give kisses/hugs, and then she goes to sleep on her own. If she's having a hard time relaxing and going to sleep, we talk a little about the things she did that day in a very soft, calming tone and what we're going to do the next day. I will also sing her a lullaby. I also find that a lot of foreshadowing helps her know that naptime/bedtime is coming.

I would also be interested in learning more about the Feingold diet. What's the website? I've heard great things about it and have been meaning to track down my old Mothering to find the article.

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[/QUOTE] She hasn't pooped on the potty since 15 months. [/QUOTE]

Oops.. I meant she hasn't pooped in her DIAPER since 15 months and has been going on the toilet since then!

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Congrats Tine!!! Sending sticky vibes your way...

My dd can tell us when she needs to use the potty and has no accidents if she is naked. She's usually good in underwear, but for some reason, it's not the same as being naked to her and she will often have accidents. I'm considering just making the jump to underwear, since I know she is fully capable of going on the potty whenever she needs to. But, we would have to keep diapers around for naps and nighttime and I'm afraid she will insist on a diaper at other times. So, she's probably not quite ready.

Congrats Kim on no more diapers!!! That's awesome. Your dd sounds a lot more verbal than mine. She can't really talk to us a whole lot yet. She can communicate her basic needs and knows the names of important family members. That's about it right now.
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Thanks, everybody, for the sticky vibes and prayers. They are much appreciated! And welcome, Iriemama!

I'm seeing a little bit of a pattern with the potty learning stories...seems like the girls are progressing faster than the boys. That matches up with most of the research I've read, too. I guess boys just tend to take longer.

That's certainly been the case with us. We introduced the potty to DS a looooooong time ago (18 mos.), but it didn't really click with him until a few weeks ago. I expect it'll be a similarly long time until he's fully "trained."
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Tine, looking at your due date, I think maybe you're going to have another April baby!

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Well, nobody has posted in a while. Thought I'd drop by and ask how all the April 03 babes are doing? My DS is hilarious right now! His vocabulary seems to have taken a big jump in the last few weeks, and now that he has a choice for words, all of a sudden, he seems to be having trouble getting them out! He flaps his little arms like chicken wings and dances around, and starts and stops different words until he finds the one he wants to use! It's so funny, and cute too.

And, he's FINALLY sleeping through the night. By sleeping through, he's actually reliably going to bed at 8 pm and not waking until sometime after 5 am. Compared to what we had been doing, that's through the night by my standards!

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Hello there! Tony is cracking me up these days, too. (Well, I guess he's always been cracking me up for a neverending progression of reasons.) Today, he's asked me "How is your nice day?" about 5 times. I have no idea where that came from, but his solicitude is charming.

Tony starts Montessori preschool on Tuesday. We're excited and nervous!
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I haven't checked in here in quite awhile. My dd has had quite an emotional and physical growth spurt this past months. She used to be scared of the bike trailer and the big slide at school, but now LOVES it. After months of potty learning, she is now in big girl undies all the time, even at naps. She also adores her big girl bed. We co-slept, but now she insists on sleeping in her bed. But the past few days, she has been waking like a newborn at night. She wants to stay in her bed, but is wearing me out. I wonder if its due to her growth spurt???

She loves to sing and dance and so we are going to try a Kindermusik class next week. I just love having a toddler again!!!


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Originally Posted by lisamarie
I just love having a toddler again!!!

Well, it's not "again" for me, but I do love having a toddler. It's so fun! Lisamarie, it sure DOES sound like your DD has been growing in many ways. It must be a joy to watch! (Except in the middle of the night, of course.)
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Thanks for the feedback! Its been quite awhile since my oldest was a toddler, so I didn't remember him going through this stage. Thanks for the input though, makes me feel like I can get through some more rough nights.


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