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tea safe?

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I was drinking red raspberry leaf and green teas to help concieve...now I am wondering if they are safe in early pregnancy..the green tea is decaf.

I do drink some flavoured tea, my favourite is celestial seasonings english toffee which has helped me replace my morning coffee...it's yummy...decaf and has no real herbs in it...

just wondering about the herbal teas.
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yes, they are safe. like coffee or sodas, keep them at a minimum. I do not have a comprehensive list of herbs that are bad to take during pregnancy, but for your own peace of mind you might look up some of the herbs dangerous to pregnant women. I would not imagine that any herb in a storebought tea line would be hazardous, it would seem odd to find a sticker or a note on my celestial seasonings or tazo tea that it was not safe for nursing or pregnant women, but thats just my assumption.
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Unsafe during pregnancy

* Aloe Vera
* Angelica
* Autumn Crocus
* Barberry
* Black Cohosh
* Celery Seed
* Cinnamon
* Devil's Claw
* Goldseal
* Hyssop
* Juniper
* Male Fern
* Mandrake
* Parsley Seed
* Pennyroyal
* Pokeweed
* Rosemary
* Rue
* Sage
* Southernwood
* Tansy
* Thuja
* Wormwood
* Yarrow
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I just looked up RRL and both Susan Weed and Aviva Jill Romm say it is good during pregnancy, especially as a uterine tonic. It contains a lot of vitamins and iron, too. Here are some interesting benefits that Susan Weed lists: preventing miscarriage and hemorrhage, easing morning sickness, reducing pain during labor and after birth, providing a safe and speedy parturition, helping to bring down an undelivered placenta, and assisting in milk production. One of the concerns I have heard is that it can stimulate contractions but she highlights in bold that it "does not strengthen contractions but does allow the contracting uterus to work more effectively and so may make the birth easier and faster." I also agree with EmoMom about moderation. I usually have a cup a day of RRL and/or Red Clover.
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