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Should I call now?? Or wait?

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I have only felt baby move twice today. The last time was 6 hours ago and it was just a single thunk to my side and before that was the same. I didn't feel anything this morning.

This is unusual... normally this guy is very active.

Do I wait until tomorrow and see what I feel tonight? Or should I call?

I have no clue!

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I would call. Have you been very active tofay? maybe he's moving & you just aren't noticing as much b/c you're busy? Even so, I would call, just for the peace of mind. Better to call & have it be nothing than to not call & wish you had. I hope everything's ok.

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Our bean gets really active right after I eat. Does yours respond to anything consistantly? I can see why you're nervous but am not a midwife, so don't want to tell you what to do. If it were me, I'd call my midwife... if I had an OB, I don't know that I'd call for fear of over-reaction. Again, just ME.

The ultimate answer has to come from your heart: what does it tell you to do?
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I panicked in the middle of the night with my first... Didn't call anyone, but woke dh up... made him wait with me to feel the baby.

If I were you, I would call someone. I was about a week from due date. It seems to me to be stressing you. Six hours seems long. You aren't going to sleep anyway... Call.

I will be thinking of you.
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Nina, have you felt any movement? Just wondering how you and the baby are.
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I decided to wait because I do have an OB. I didn't want to go to the hospital!

I did feel a little something this morning.... but nothing like ususal.
Normally when my DS wakes up at 2 am and I have to rock him back to sleep that starts a flurry of activity and last night there was nothing.
SO I am going to go in to the office this morning after I drop DD off at preschool, just to reassure myself.

Thanks for all the replies!

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Just wanted to say that my bebe was not active at all for almost 2 days and then last night started up again. I was concerned enough to mention it to DH but tried not to worry about it.

When I was pg with dd she did not move one evening and I still did not feel anything the next morning so I called MW. I went in and her heartbeat was fine. MW offered to send me to the hospital for a US If I felt it was necissary. She said that everything seemed fine but if I felt there was something wrong then to do it. I was convinced after I heard her heartbeat that she was fine and she was.

I hope everything is fine with you and your bebe.
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I recall not feeling movement for sometime with my first. I went in. Of course, the minute we got to the hospital she started moving. I should of went home but did not want to waste the 30 min drive there. They put me on a monitor and put this loud buzzing machine on my belly. That really woke her up!

I do not recall this happening with my DS at all. Perhaps more laid back? With this one, I do pay attention but not really doing kick counts.

I am glad you are going in, to relieve your mind. That is so important. Let us know how it goes.
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Babies, like us, have periods of calmness. This may last for a few hours or even a couple of days. I'd try not to worry too much, but it's not a bad idea to go in. Whenever I realize that it's been a while since I've felt movement, I eat something, lay down, and shake the heck out of my tummy! That usually pisses him off enough to get moving, lol.
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What a coincidence! I just went through this yesturday too! Lily didn't move for almost 4 hours that I could notice and didn't start up when I laid down, which is usually her cue to go nuts. I worried all night and barely slept. Then this morning in the tub she was her bouncing self again.

Let us know what happened at your appointment.

Perhaps it's something in the atmosphere? Stars in a weird alignment?
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Everything is fine! She got the heartbeat immediately.
I had convinced myself that he had changed positions and that is why I couldn't feel him.
I am pretty much right That and the nurse told me that there seems to be more fluid right now so it might be cushioning his movements some.

It was just really strange to go from so much (not constant but just about!) movement to nothing at all! And for more than a day!

I feel better now that I heard his heartbeat
And of course he kicked at the doppler.

I did try lots of things last night to try to get him to move....he just was being so stubborn!

Thanks again!

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Glad all is well!! Peace of mind means so much!
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Glad to hear everything is ok

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yesterday my babe was really still also.. it had me worried a bit.. but I had felt a few small things.. so went to sleep ok..
today she was all over the place
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Glad to hear that things are good!
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I'm glad things are good too! I remember I used to worry so much with my dd.
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