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Feb 14 - Feb 20 Babies, babies, everywhere!!!

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kavamamakava Baby girl born Feb 17
Kater07 Lorelei Michelle Born 1/30/05
Isabeau due early February
3 Little Birds due Feb 1
Chiku due Feb 1 birthing center
Parker'smommy (Heather) due Feb 1
Lisashepp (Lisa) Evan born Feb 5(?)
Sadkitty- Nigel Wren born Feb 10
FreeThinker Laina Beth born Feb 1
Dandylion (Stephanie) Irina Zoey born Feb 1
Truvie due Feb 2
Lasofia Ilario Joshua born January 27
PeacefulVegan- Ben River born Feb 13
Lou due Feb 3
Orange due Feb 3 Birth Center with OB
Twin Mom (Deb) VBA2C homebirth Joe born 1/23
Free Thinker (Mandy) Laina Beth born Feb 1
Wtchyhlr (Joy) Dominic Alec Whitcomb Valdez born Feb 11
HelloKitty (Kitty) Maxwell Dennis born Feb 4
Letabug (Arleta) Kane Aubry born 1/25
LianneM- Allen Cramer IV born Feb 10
TexasSuz (Susan) - Leah Sheryl born 1/24
Happymamajenni (Jenni) Parker Donovan Black born Feb 5
Lousli - Hazel born 12/21
Parthenia due Feb 7 home waterbirth
DeirdreAlison (Deirdre) due 1st week Feb homebirth, maybe waterbirth
New Life Due Feb 8
kimbalicious- Lucinda Pearl born Feb 8
ElizaBird (Eliza)- Orian James and Jonah Green born Jan 27
Shannon0218 - Molly Joan born 1/24
ella-makes-3 (Jasmine) - due ~ Feb. 11 midwife/natural birth at birth center
Marcella due Feb 11 homebirth
HeleneP, due Feb 12
Tug (Terenia) - Mia Rose born 1/29
lisabc311- Gavin Joseph born Feb 9
Firefly due Feb 13
Um Hanna (Heather)- Yasmeen born 14 Feb
Christi due Feb 14 hospital birth with fab OB
Periwinkle- William Thatcher born Feb 9
Fairymomma (Pamela) due Feb 14
Jorie (Margorie) due Feb 14
AmBam (Amber) due Feb 14 homebirth
carrie24 (Carrie)- Edward IV born Feb 7
rose angel (Karen) due Feb 16
shyly (Monica)Scott Francis born Feb 17
mama2m&m (Denise) due Feb 16
HydeParkB due Feb 17
Karennnnn (Karen) due Feb 17
Coopsmama (Kristen)- William Sidney born Feb 2
Bella'smamma (Cecily) due Feb 17
luvmytwo (Karen) due Feb 17
HydeParkB (Bridget) due Feb 17
Gretchen Due Feb 18
Zandersmom- Zander born Feb 11
weesej (Jen) - Emmanuel Colin born 1/13
Ekblad7+ (Amy) due Feb 20 Homebirth
kinsey43 (Kinsey) due after Feb 20
heveasoul due Feb 21, h/b with m/w
veggiemommy (Holly), due Feb 21
mehndimama (Stell)- Robert Kenneth Evans Michelsen born Feb 12 unassisted homebirth
Emmama-Liam Joseph born Feb 12
Mainemon (Susan) due Feb 23 homebirth w/midwife
earthmama007 Hannah Ruth born Feb 16
Mama2Chloe (Tricia)-Sofia Rose born Feb 18
Threeforme2005 (Traci) due Feb 25
artgirl (Kelly) #2 Feb. 26
munki'sMom (Tammy), baby #2 due Feb 26
woolfairy (Elle) due Feb 27, baby #2 homebirth
Maprilynne (Aprilynne) due Feb 28, birth center
KateSt. Late Feb. Homebirth
4Given (Stacey) due end of Feb
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Yay! I get to start this thread!!! I'd like to get the roll call up to date. I'll be working on that this morning. I'll try to make it all pretty too. Take care everyone and Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Love, Tricia
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Morning. I've been having contractions pretty steadily for 24 hours now and nothing seems to have happened yet. They're anywhere from 5 - 20 minutes apart and just won't set up into a pattern. I called my midwife last night and let her know (I had several that were only 3-6 minutes apart) and to give her a heads up. I'm going to call her in a few minutes and let her know that nothing's happening yet. I was very disappointed to hear that I may not get the birthing pool. I guess the woman who is due tomorrow hasn't had her baby yet and she has the pool at her house. I'm kind of mad because my midwife said she was just going to keep it with her since we were both due around the same time instead of giving it to either of us. I'm also a little bothered because she was supposed to be coming to my house for prenatal checks and she hasn't called me in two weeks. I'm going to have to talk to her about it when I call her in a few. If it was such a problem for her to come to me, I would have gladly gone to her to save her the trip. I really don't like that fact that I'm going without prenatal care at this point in my pregnancy.

Well I'm going to try and eat something. I'm not hungry, but I know I should eat something....I also need to drink so RRL tea. Maybe that will help kick things into gear. HOpe you all have a good day today. Cross your fingers for me or say a prayer. These sleepless nights are starting to really get to me and I'm really emotional now.

Oh, and happy Valentine's Day!
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I'm sending you strong labor vibes!!!
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Hey Mamas. Yet another week is starting. Hope that we don't get too anxious. I know it is hard, especially as we want to meet our little ones, and outside influences donot help at all.
My MIL called twice yesterday and came over to the house twice. We usually see her once a week or less and speak to her about that too. I did manage to avoid her calls and trips, I was out once and asleep the second time.
She is just so nervous about this baby. Why can't they tell me when it will come?
When do I think it will come? Do I think it will be at the weekend?
She was 2 1/2 wks overdue with both of hers, so you would think that she has a clue, but I guess not.
Anyway, didn't want to moan ( but I did ) guess I have no one else who understands my pain at the moment!!

Tricia, thanks for starting the thread.
How is the constipation going? Have you tried flaxseed sprinkled on cereal, or anything for that matter. Wheatgerm is also a good one too, but flax works well and is really great for you too.

Ok, I have to run. We are going to a Toddler Valentine Party. Should be a blast!!

XXX Jasmine
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Ella: I'm doing pretty good. I did end up taking Metamusil (spelling) a couple times yesterday. I've been sprinkling Wheat germ on my oatmeal in the mornings for the past couple days. I do feel a lot better, though not completly regular, but can't complain at this point in PG. At least I'm not stopped up.

For some reason, I can't get the bold off of the names from rose angel to Coopsmama. I'll keep working on it. Please let me know if I need to do anymore birth updates.

I'm just taking it easy today. Maybe do some light cleaning. I'll check back in throughout the day. Take care all!

Love, Tricia
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Monica -- birthing vibes to you! Perhaps if your babe comes today, you'll have an excuse to LOVE Valentine's Day!

Jasmine -- I hear ya on the phone calls! My MIL calls 3 times a week and just this weekend I received calls from both SIL's, my parents, and 2 other "well-meaning" people. I remember when my SIL was "due" and though I was thinking about her, I made a point NOT to call because I knew other people were and I didn't want to add to that pressure. I wish everyone else understood that. I'm trying to tell myself that they're calling because they love me and are excited -- but it is sort of getting on my nerves. I should have told everyone I was due in April!!

Tricia -- thanks for starting the thread!
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Sadkitty had her little baby boy! She posted on the birth story thread. Congrats!
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Good morning! Well afternoon almost! Just done with appt with my midwife. All is well. Baby sounds good. It's just comfy in there!! Hope this is the week but we'll see. Hope all is well with everyone else. I am tired. Going to try to catch a nap. I was up till almost 2am.

Monica ~ Sending you labor vibes!! I hope this is it!!

Congratulations Sadkitty!! Enjoy your babymoon!!
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Hi all just subscribing.

Monica-hope this is the real thing for you. Come on baby!!! That really stinks about the pool I am in the almost exact situation.

I am at 38wk 3 days and so many people are already asking me if I had the baby yet. At least it isn't multiple phone calls though, probably because they don't want to pay for the LD call.
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Just subscribing...Zander has the hiccups!!!
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Originally Posted by ZandersMom
Just subscribing...Zander has the hiccups!!!
It is so cute to see your little baby with the hiccups after feeling the hiccups during the PG.
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Monica - drag about the tub. Hope it makes its way to your place and things start for you soon. Happy Valentine's Day! Like Kate said, this will give you something to love about V-day!

Tricia - there must be a /B/ before rose angel and a //B/ (actually "[" and "]" surrounding those tags, but if I type them, you won't see them, but you will see bolded text) after (Kristen). Delete them - that should do it. Looks pretty - love seeing the pink and blue tally!!

No much going on here. I have had NO B-H, although yesterday evening I felt almost crampy, and uncomfortable. Went to bed early and everything feels normal today. Taking it easy - my mom and I did so much last week and the week before...it's a freezing rain, cold day, so it's a good one to laze around!

Dh and I finally revisited the name topic...we hit an impass months ago, and hadn't discussed it since. Funny thing is, I have been thinking boy throughout most of my pregnancy, but I have had a hard time coming up with boy names I like. Girl names? oh - about 7 on the list...! Anyway, no, not ready to share...
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Congratualtions new mamas!
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Thanks Christine! I fixed it! I almost gave up. It was getting the bold from the babies Edward to William.

It's supposed to rain here as well. I don't really have anything planned to do today, so I'm kinda bored for the first time in ages. There are a few things in the house that I can clean, but not much. Cleaning and my projects have been my life lately and now I don't know what to do. Maybe Dh and I will watch a movie or something. It is nice to have him off work today. He tests tomorrow for his promotion so he is taking it easy today.

I'll check in later. Love, Tricia
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subscribing! congratulations to all of you new mothers! Kitty with Nigel, Lianne with Allen, Joy with Dominic, Kimba with Lucinda, Lisa with Gavin, and Stell with your little boy! yay!

happy valentine's day everybody else!

my sister leaves today, so i am a little sad. she has been fun to have around and a lot of help.

all is well with little mia. we're getting a bit more sleep as her sleeping cycle becomes more of a pattern.

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I haven't a clue how many moms have given birth in the last 3 days, but I wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!!!!

The cable company totally fubar'd my cable connection Saturday afternoon when they went to bury the cable drop in my back yard. They were supposed to come right back and fix it but because they are morons they didn't come back until this morning *GROWL* So I was offline from then until now with no internet, no TV and no phone (we have Vonage). I wasn't pleased at all with them because look at all the action I missed!

I went to the spa this morning and had an hour long facial and a brow wax done. Thursday I go back for a haircut/highlight/and style. Mind as well use up my gift cert. and pamper myself before the baby comes. I may actually feel up for pictures on Friday in the hospital :LOL

Well I need to run. Everyone have an awesome day
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Just checking in!

Congratulations to our new Mommies.....and Easy Labor Vibes to those in waiting!!!

Gavin is nursing here. He is already past his birth weight...gaining weight like crazy!
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Hello all, I had written a long post but then my internet connection crapped out and I lost it!
The weather here SUCKS today, freezing rain, all day, everywhere around us it turned to rain by 11:00 am, but here--no freaking way, we ended up having all the daycare dogs spend the night when the second sand truck went into the ditch in front of our house--yeah, I'm just dying to go out on the roads with no 4x4 in this crap--gee dh, remind me again why we don't need 4 wheel drive living in the boonies???
Molly is fussy as all get out today, my neck is killing me because the only way she stopps crying is if she's nestled into my neck putting it at a very strange angle--but at least she's resting! We're still playing with formula here, we've gone back to the concentrated liquid as I realized that the projectile vomitting that happens roughly 3 times a day began when we switched to powdered formula--same kind and all, it's not supposed to make a difference, but we're going to try the liquid again anyway. I know everyone breast feeds, but does anyone know if liquid vs powder causes any difference??
Well, off to make dinner and I think a chocolate cake--had some at heve's shower and now I want more
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Hi everyone. I talked to my midwife and explained that I'm disappointed with the care that I've received. Hopefully things will change. DH and I are going up to Raleigh tomorrow for an appointment so that she won't be inconvenienced by coming all the way out here. I went and bought a pool today. It's only 22" deep and it's pretty big (90" diameter) but we aren't breaking it out in case I don't go until later and I can get the other pool. My midwife also said that it sounds like I'm in prodromal labor. Considering the fact that my mother was in prodromal labor for 10 days with me I'm really not surprised. It still doesn't make things any better, but she did tell me to take two tylenol PMs and try to get some sleep. I did that and got a little sleep this afternoon. It wasn't as interupted as the past two nights and I feel a little more rested now.

So I probably won't have the baby for some time yet. I've been officially ordered not to have the baby tomorrow because my parents are getting their female dog fixed and she's coming up here with them. No prob dad, I'll just sit here and labor a little longer so you can bring your stupid dog...

As for the phone calls, everyone is calling now. I feel like a watched pot that isn't ever going to boil. Maybe that's why I'm having the prodromal labor. My parents call at least once a day and other various friends and family members have been calling all day, every day for the past week or so. It's getting annoying. I'm going to have DH tell everyone to stop calling, we'll call them. We've tried to be nice about it, but that isn't working so we're going to have to just unplug the phones...lol. :LOL

Hope everyone had a nice day. I'm off to make some dinner and try to eat. I have absolutely NO appetite...although I will admit I tucked into the chocolate with no problems. Have a nice evening and I'll update again tomorrow.

Love the colors Tricia...it's crazy how much pink and blue there is on there now.
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