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I just checked the roll call list and there are 20 boys and 9 girls so far. I should be adding to the girl list within the next week or week and a half. I'm looking forward to meeting this little one inside me.
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Just checking in. I'm the first on the list. hehe. I've been having contractions all day but no established pattern yet. I'm achy and tired now and wish I could take a nap and a bath. But Dimitrius is taking his nap first. Hopefully the baby is born tonight. Maybe it's waiting for the little ones to go to bed.
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Ok, I'm a mess, we just spent 8 hours in emerg with Molly. My family doctor called this afternoon and was very concerned that more was not done to diagnose Molly's fever. Her RSV swab was negative but her white cell count was very high. She implied that with a fever in a baby under age 3 mos there should have been a catheterized urine sample, more blood work and mainly a blood culture and she also felt there really should have been a lumbar puncture done. She said, there is every chance that nothing is really wrong but she didn't want me sitting home thinking things were fine if they weren't. She asked that I go to emerg at the hospital she has privledges at as they have an acute pediatric care unit in emerg (which I didn't realize) and because she knew there would be a ped there whenever we arrived.
They really scared the shit out of me, I arrived, did a scan of the waiting room, saw like 100 people and alot of kids with masks on and figured I was in for a long wait and was really worried about exposing Molly to the waiting room. Well, they triaged her, registered her and escorted me back to an acute care bed with her-talk about suddenly feeling like the world is falling out from under you! The tried to get urine with the catheter but she's soooo tiny they had a heck of a time getting one in. Then they had to put in an IV--they stabbed her twice and with tears running down my face I insisted they get someone from the nicu to place the IV-which they did and the nurse who did it quietly told me I made a good decision. The IV was so tiny they had to stick her somewhere else to get a blood sample. Once she was rehydrated I noticed that her soft spot had indeed been sunken a bit but her attitude and demeaner changed immensely once she'd been on fluids for an hour-suddenly she was happy and awake and wanting to eat. She decided to take a poop when the ped was looking at her and his suspicion is that something is going on stomach wise, he said even with formula, poop from a 3 week old should not smell that foul and he thinks the smelly poop has some infection in it that is causing the nasty diaper rash, unfortunately the stool cultures will not be back for 24 hrs. But based on his hunch he has started her on Metronidazole. He didn't feel the lumbar puncture was needed and said if I felt comfortable foregoing it he was good with that. So, they allowed her to go home after 7 hours on IV with instructions to take her temp every 4 hours and if it goes above 37.8 we're to come back in.
I'm exhausted beyond belief, I know I will not sleep tonight, I'm bawling while I type this, I can't stand that she could be seriously ill and we're grabbing at straws. I can't stand thinking she's uncomfortable and I really can't stand the thought of ever having to hold her down again while she's stabbed repeatedly cause she's got my shitty veins!
All that said, she's sound asleep and quite content, even though she has bruised hands and arms and still has a pressure bandage on her foot where the IV was eventually started.
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OMG Shannon I'm so so so sorry Molly is sick and you had to spend a long night in the emergency room. I am praying for her that she gets well very soon. I'm sorry you had to go through that.
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Morning ladies. 5am here and again I'm wide awake. Why can't I just sleep until 7am like I used to?

I went to see Joy and Dominic yesterday. He's so tiny! I haven't seen a newborn that size in person since my niece was born. My baby's are so huge in comparison so I kind of expect all newborns to be the size of mine. He's adorable though and Joy is looking and feeling great! I wish I would recover as quickly as she did

I'm still contracting quite a bit and there is a lot of activity going on with my body. I may end up in the hospital tonight instead of tomorrow (wouldn't that be wonderful!). This could be it for me today though!
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Oh Shannon, giant hug to you and Molly! It is the hardest thing in the world seeing your child sick or hurt, probably hardest if they're only a tiny baby! I hope that the doctor's hunch is right and the infection gets cleared up right away. I'm glad you asked for a NICU nurse to do the IV, good for you for standing up for your little girl. I know it is hard, but just try to remember that babies are way more resiliant than we usually think they are. I saw some really tiny, really sick little kiddos in the NICU, and boy, they are fighters! Please keep us up to date. I will be thinking of you.
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Shannon: I'm so sorry that you and little Molly had to go that! Hope it all gets better really soon

Kava: keep us posted :

Traci: I hope today's the day for you too!!!

NAK with a squirmy toddler so I'll go for now. check back later
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Oh Shannon.... I'm so sorry for the hell you've been through. Take comfort in knowing that you are looking after her, and that you've sought good help. Lesley is right - babies are resilient, and she is a fighter, and so is her mama!

I have a quick question of a paranoid nature...Lesley, I'm hoping you might help out with your knowledge...The herpes that causes mouth cold sores is different from the one that causes genital herpes, right? I've never had either, but my mom just arrived, and kissed me on the lips, then afterwards said, oh, "I probably shouldn't kiss you, I have a cold sore..." groan...I immediately washed my lips and hands, then a bit later, rubbed them down with hydrogen pyroxide, then rubbing alcohol...tell me I have nothing to worry about...neither dh nor I have ever had cold sores. I would FREAK if this affects my vaginal birth plans...
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Heve, don't worry! There are two types of herpes, and you can get either type orally or genitally. But you need to have direct contact. So if you have herpes on your mouth (as I did for nearly 30 years before getting the other kind) you won't have any issue with a vaginal birth. However if you do have it on your mouth, you're going to want to be extra careful around your newborn (no kissing), and never scratch or pick at the sore, and wash your hands a million times a day. You also shouldn't worry though because it is quite likely that you have some immunity if you lived with your mom growing up, were kissed by her and shared drinks, and have never developed herpes. They still don't know why some people don't get it. My sister never did, but I got it from my mom at age 2 or 3.
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Scott Francis

nak. he's here. i'll post the birth story in a day or so. i'm exhausted. he was born at 9:49 am today after 12 hours of labor (4 days of prodromal labor) and 1 1/2 hours of pushing. he's 8lbs 14ozs, 21", and absolutely perfect. labor was very long and hard, but so worth it...and i didn't tear either. just some skid marks that make peeing a joy.
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Yeah Monica!! Congratulations!!! Welcome Baby Scott!! Enjoy!! Can't wait to read the official birth story!!

Shannon! I am so sorry!! Big hugs to you and to Molly!!

Glad to hear Joy and baby are doing well!! Thanks for the update!!

Well I am 40 weeks 3 days and feel as if I will be pregnant the rest of my life!! I know I won't... It just seems everyday is an eternity. I've been doing tons of bookkeeping and IRS crap!! Yuck!! At least I have something to keep me busy. I just finished ALL my ironing and have one load of laundry to wash and put away. My house is in pretty good shape over all so I am ready to go!! I just have a hard time being patient!! I had a hard day yesterday. Full of tears and a crappy attitude!! : Today is better tho!! I gotta go! DS is needing some mama attention!!
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CONGRATULATIONS, Monica!!! Welcome, Scott Francis! My, you worked your mama hard this week! Enjoy your baby boy!!!

Thanks, Lesley. Soooo...unless I get a sore on my mouth, I can still go kissy crazy on my baby, right...?! But I'll make sure my mom doesn't...

Hang in there, Amber! Glad you're on top of things, business and household-wise! All the better to enjoy your babe once s/he comes!

I'm at 39 w, 3 days. Since we're declining the eye prophylaxis, I got myself checked for gonorrhea and chlamydia yesterday - an internal swab - fun stuff... Dh is paranoid about most things medical, and so even though I have tested negative for those things already, he wanted to make sure (no, not a mistrust of me, but of the medical system). The stories of blind babies due to infections (apparently the onset is crazy fast) had him not 100% ok with declining the eye goop. All is fine. Baby's head is down, but not all the way down, spine anterior. Had her check me internally for the first time, since she was in the neighbourhood and all...cervix still closed, only about 30% effaced. Just a snapshot, though, right? So who knows when baby will decide to speed things up...
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Congratulations, Monica!!!! Can't wait to hear your birth story! sweet little Scott Francis! We are so glad you are here!!!!

Kava: Looking forward to hearing an update on you too! I hope you are holding your little one now and are just too busy to post. Take care!!!

I've been having steady BH all day since around 6:30am. So today or tomorrow may be it for me. We'll see. I'll keep you all posted!!!!

Going to try to take a nap. Take care!

Love, Tricia
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Congratulations Monica and welcome Scott Francis!! Reminds me of the name of the guy that wrote the Star Spangled Banner, but that was Francis Scott, right? Anyway, enjoy your babymoon and try to get some rest. Sounds like you've had a rough few days of it!

I went to my first LLL meeting today. It was awesome! I can't wait to go again, and there was so much support there and many nursing toddlers. I really needed to hear it after how rough it has been lately with Hazel. The women were soooo nice.
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Monica CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm so happy you finally had that baby. Welcome little Scott! Get some much needed rest I'm looking forward to the birth story
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We have a new baby girl to love! Hannah Ruth was born yesterday (the 16th) at 1:40 PM Hawaii time. She weighs 7.14 and is 20.75 inches. We had her at home on the bedroom floor MW assisting. My older kiddos were there when she came out and were angels while awaiting her arrival. There are pics in my siggy-Enjoy! I will write more later but need to get back in bed.

Congratulations Monica!!! little Scott.

Kava: Hope to hear from you son and all the other mamas in waiting.

Shannon and Molly: big huge hug to you guys. I will continue to keep you all in my thoughts.
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I think something is up with the Yahoo geocities but here is our albums - http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/wcintron/my_photos

I will try to get some better pics up soon
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Shannon- I'm so sorry you all had to go through that! Saying lots and lots of prayers that things look up soon!

Those waiting....lots of happy contractions vibes!!!!!

Lousli- Yes, LLL is wonderful! I've met great people there. I'm so glad you found a supportive environment.

We're doing well here. Gavin is asleep in the Moby Wrap. The hardest thing so far has been the transition for my 2 1/2 year old. He's showing a bit of jealousy. Of course that's to be expected. How are the rest of the new older siblings doing here?
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Oh my it's raining babies!! Welcome Scott Francis and Hannah Ruth!!

We are back in the hospital - Baby has breastfeeding jaundice.
<---- my happy but orange baby
His bili was 19.7 and his ped wanted him admitted to get bili lights. Fortunately we're rooming in (it's kind of nice actually... all I do is rest and take care of baby) and his bili lights are the newer kind that don't involve an incubator or eye patches. This morning his bili was down to 18.7 and after a full day of bili lights and more tanking up* I am hoping it will be at most in the 16's tomorrow morning when they next check him and hopefully : we can go home tomorrow... again.

*I am pumping after most feedings, taking Fenugreek, drinking water like a fish, and eating more oatmeal than I have in the entire past year. Each feeding he gets nursed, then every other feeding he nurses and then gets topped off with whatever I've pumped. After much consideration, we're just doing bottles, not an SNS (I did that once and it SUCKED) or Haberman or cup feeding etc. And whaddaya know, he has zero nipple confusion. Go figure. I was all stressed over it and for nothing. My LC says being 10 1/2 lbs, his caloric needs are huge, and it will just take a little time for my supply to catch up. I hope that's true, I don't want to deal with this fu**ing pump anymore!
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