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Peri, Zero nipple confusion is so good to hear! I hope it is the same for us!

My fantastic news today is that Hazel just did a 76ml feeding at the breast! Her best one ever! I'm beginning to have some hope!
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Sorry I haven't posted a birth story or any pics...but I will...Zander is doing great...he is a very good baby...sleeps for 3-4 hours at a time...
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shyly...Great birth story! Congratulations!
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You can edit the list. My daughter was born 2/17 at 5:33 am. She wasn't born in water though. I labored through the heavy stuff and did a little pushing then got out and had her on a pile of pillows in front of the fireplace instead. She isn't named yet.
Here are my three children getting acquainted. http://people.delphiforums.com/MIAUX...rth/babies.jpg
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Yeah on the babies!
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Just a quick post... congrats and hooray to all the new moms... I haven't fallen off the planet... just no time really to be online...

happy vibes to Traci who's at the hospital as i type....
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Hi all,

Welcome to all the beautiful new babies!

We are still "waiting", which is driving ds nuts at this point. He says it's like waiting for Christmas but not knowing the date... I've been finishing projects and just got some early spring cleaning done, too, which is nice.

I'm starting to feel the urge to hibernate a bit, so I've avoided answering the phone. Part of that might also be to avoid all of the "is the baby here yet?" hoopla.

I hope you are all well. It's hard to keep up with all of those new mamas out there! Congratulations again.

Thinking of those of you still waiting--sending best wishes and happy end of pregnancy vibes...

Shannon, hoping Molly's well again soon. Hang in there.

xo susan
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Nice to "see" you, Joy! Enjoy your baby Dominic!

Happy birth vibes to Traci!!!

I am joining the watched pot gang - well, those left of us! My mom is staying with us again...this morning, after we had already done our "morning greetings", she was looking at me, saying, "sooooo - everything normal, nothing happening?" I was half tempted to respond casually that oh, right, I had my baby in the night, s/he's in the other room... As dh reminds me - "Be nice to your mother!" So I bit my tongue (with the sarcasm). But I did tell her that a watched pot never boils, and that I'd let her know if anything changed. Speaking of being nice to my mother, she's doing dishes and I should get back to the soups we're preparing for the freezer...

Btw, I've left a tel. message with Shannon...I'm hoping everything is ok with her and Molly...
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Hello everyone! Still pregnant here. I am actually feeling pretty good (attitude wise) I just figure the baby will come when ready so I might as well be patient. I will admit that some days I am much more patient than others. I don't want to do anything to induce labor at all unless I go way way past my due date so I am just hangin' out. DS #1 went to spend the weekend with his dad becuz he has Monday off of school, so part of me is almost hoping to wait til he gets home. I don't want the baby to be 3 days old before he ever even see's it. Owell, I guess everything will happen when it is suppose to. Hope all is well with everyone. i will check in later!!
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Hello! Our boy is here (born Jan 22). 8lbs 12 ounces, 21 inches. He was born at home, our second VBAC in the water. We had a little drama- he wasn't breathing and his cord was collapsed so we called 911, but he was breathing before the call was complete. Unfortunately, the paramedics wouldn't leave and insisted we go to the hospital, we refused, they called the police, but the police didn't see an issue so we stayed home. During the pushing stage I felt like his cord was coming out before the baby so I just pushed like crazy to get his 14.5 inch head out quick, it turned out his cord was wrapped twice around his neck. Perhaps this is all related to the cord being collapsed.
We still have not given him a name, we are searching for one that suits him perfectly.
I love reading about all the new babies, I am so happy for everyone!
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I'm here and we're doing alright. Molly is feeling better and at her appt today had gained 3 oz since Tuesday, so we're hoping things with her are back on track. I'd really like it if she weighed 7lbs by Monday when she's 4 weeks.
I have little time as she's fussing and I'm just waiting for her bottle to warm but congrats to all on the babies and I'll catch up later
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Shannon, I am sooo glad that Molly is doing better! I hope she continues to do well!!
Congrats on the new babies I've missed!! HOpe you are all doing well and have happy healthy babies.

I am getting sooo impatient. Yesterday I was like "oh no big deal... baby will come when ready" Now I am ready to go crazy!! I just want my baby here already. I am getting cranky!!
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Autumn Eve is here. After 14 hours of nasty labor, she made her arrival Friday night at 8:30pm. She's beautiful and I'm so shocked I had a baby girl More to come later, I'm exhausted.

to all
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More babies!! Yippee! Congratulations, 3 little birds, Tricia and Traci. I'm hopeful you're all doing well and looking forward to hearing your stories.

Thinking of all of you new mamas with your sweet babes... I'm not "due" until next week, but we are ready. My sister calls everyday to "see how I'm feeling". My other sister answers her phone to me with "Baby?" Um, no. I'm trying to be patient but I am ready!!

We went for a long walk on the beach today. It was chilly but the sun was great. I was sick of being inside and feeling grumpy, so that was just what I needed. Ds was at a playdate, so it was also a really nice way to spend time with Dh.

I'm off to read a smutty book my mid-wife loaned me. I get such a kick out of the fact that once the ten minute check-in routine is done (weight, measure, pee, answer/ask questions...) then we sit around talking books and life. It's such great care and I feel so very comfortable having her a huge part of this birth. I love having that connection and feel really fortunate.

Thinking of you with wishes for wellness and peace. susan
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Hey Ladies...

Shannon - glad Molly is better

Christine - i forgot to tell you, the last of your mommy shower gift (the weleda stuff) arrived while I was in labor - So belated Thank You

Traci - Thats too funny that you had a girl and I had a boy when we were both convinced it would be the other way around - goes to show we're not in control - at all

I'm loving cloth diapers - we did a few days of sposies to get thru the meconium and Dominic HATED them. he doesn't dig being naked, and hates being wet - but is much more comfortable in his cloth dipes. I ADORE fuzzibuns. And Kissaluvs...

gotta go, baby wants booby....
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We are at day 3 now and just in bliss. Our little Hannah is so sweet and patient with all the kisses from her brother and sister. Big Brother is really obsessed with holding her ALL the time. Eh, better than jealousy though for sure.

Hannah and I went to a baby shower today for a friend of mine. Everyone was really sweet and just loved all over her.

Did anyone else or are any of you plan on eating your placenta??? I did this time and it really wasn't gross or anything. It helped sooo much with the blood loss. I have to change pads maybe 3 X's in 24 hours. If anyone wants to do it just make sure to cut it in bite size peices and wash well before you eat it. The peices should be where you can just swallow them, there is no need to chew it. Pretty cool , I thought I would share my experience.

Congratulations to all the new babies and their families!!! :
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Congrats on the new babies! I am so happy all is well with everyone!
Joy ~ So good to hear from you. Sounds like things are going great for you!!

Warning... Major vent coming....

Well it is 3am and here I am...convinced that this little punkin is NEVER coming out. I laid in bed trying to convince myself that I felt something different or funny. (other than heartburn! ) But no... nothing, nothing at all. I wonder how much longer it will be... Seriously... I don't know if I can do this much longer. I am getting frustrated!! I really feel like I am going to be this way forever... Now I know that isn't true and I know my body will eventually kick in, but for cryin out loud... when????? My midwife is totally comfortable with me going to 42 weeks. She said she won't even start to be concerned until then and even then if things are as perfect as they are now, it's not a big deal to her... which I am very grateful for, because I could be having to talk induction at the hospital and no one has even breathed a word of that. So I guess I should be thankful, not frustrated, but it is soooo hard at this point!! I just feel like it is never going to end and I am getting soooo huge and uncomfortable. My crotch hurts like no other!! Anyway... I am sure you all needed my whining tonight...? Sorry but thanks for listening!
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Lilah Geneve arrived on 17th February at 6.48pm EST. weighing 8lb 4oz.
We are so happy that she is perfect and healthy, and is nursing non stop!
Will post my birthstory soon

Hugs to you all Jasmine XXX
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congrats Jasmine!!! Welcome Lilah!!

Well, today I have my "surprise" baby shower--yeah, baby is 4 weeks old!!! Oh well, it will be very nice to see Christine again before she blows and to see Molly's god mother who we haven't seen since the hospital, everytime we make plans something happens, mainly because her dad is back in the hospital and things don't look very good.
I've been up for a while, apparently I was a bed hog last night--actually it sounds like Molly was the bed hog, I fell asleep watching TV before Steve came to bed, so Molly was on the inside so I could see nad cuddle her while I watched the tv, so Steve came to bed, I'd fallen asleep and Molly was out like a light right in the middle of his pillow with my arm around her, so he had to sleep on the little bit of bed that was left-because of this when she started to fuss at 4 am, he woke up and took her out to feed and change her, so I was able to sleep right through to 7:30 am when she woke again--woo hoo!!! So I'm feeling pretty darn good this morning--got me a coffee, doing diaper laundry cause things are pretty stained the way steve is washing them and I'm seeing if my way makes things any better--ultimately though, I think it has more to do with the fact that we really aren't rinsing off her poopy dipes--we need a diaper shower. We have started however to use the bigger prefolds for 15 lbs+ for night time with a bigger cover and it keeps her comfy all night, she seldome poops in the middle of the night but she does pee and with the bigger prefold and a top stay dry liner, she's still comfy with dry skin by morning. Wool covers still kinda look like pants on her : but Korin from TTC has knitted her a beautiful wool soaker that is a wrap and I think it's going to fit her properly if not now, very very soon-yeah!
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G'morning, Shannon! Well, you'll be happy to know that your fairy godmother is out there, listening to your stained diaper lament! Actually, I had an idea...if you feel funny opening a gift that is meant to rinse off poopy diapers in front of a non-cd crowd, I can simply give it you as a shopping service (I'm Shannon's personal shopper, y'know...!), as in, be reimbursed, then give you a more showery (albeit still something on your alt wishlist) gift today.

SO MANY BABIES!!! I hope I don't miss anyone...

Welcome, Sofia Rose - congrats Tricia!!!

Congrats 3 little birds !!! (baby boy's name...?)

Welcome, Autumn Eve - congrats Traci!!!

Welcome, Lilah Geneve - congrats Jasmine!!!

Welcome, Hannah - congrats earthmama007!!!

Joy - so glad Dominic is nursing so well! Interesting to hear about the diapers - we have 3 freebie samples of disposibles - was thinking I might use them up for the first three changes...mind you, I'd like to keep a check on wet diapers from the get-go, so maybe not (unless I stick a tissue in there). I did buy a remnant piece of microfleece (my diaper lady's suggestion) and cut it up to use as liners for the meconium. We'll see...Glad the 3rd part of your gift arrived - good timing! I guess it was on back order.

earthmama007 - I've beeen considering it. Thanks for the tips, and sharing your experience. That's how I hought I might do it. No stirfry or capsules for me (see - that part grosses me out - the processing), but a quick swallow of a bit. Soooo - how much of it did you consume that way? A few pieces (please tell me it was only a few small pieces!)

Sorry to hear you're so frustrated, Amber. It won't be long now!

So how many of us are there left?!! I'm still ok with still being pregnant. Talk to me in a week...that may change...!
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