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granulated tissue?

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Hello, everyone,
I had a bad tear giving birth to my daughter (now three months old). I had stitches, some of the stitches reopened, and was told it would still heal all right, just slower. Well, now I have a patch of granulated tissue (right where those stitches opened). I'm told it will not go away on its own, and I'll need to have it swabbed with silver nitrate, which essentially burns it off.

Did anyone else have this happen? Can you shed some light on exactly what this is? How bad will this hurt? I'm feeling pretty unhappy about this.

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Hey there! I had this done and its nothing. Same sensation as a pap smear to me. After I had my hysterectomy, I had some granulated tissue (light bleeding for ~8 weeks) and the doc just swabbed it with a couple of the nitrate sticks and I was on my way. I had some some black discharge from the nitrate sticks, but nothing that I even felt. He said he might have to do it twice, but even that wasn't necessary. To try to be reassuring, it was very EASY! No pain involved. The worst part for me was having to be in stirrups again!!!:
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