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Due tomorrow.....SOOOOOO READY

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no wondering about my date, I know when I concieved, and I have always pretty much been normal around 28 day cycles.

With DC #1 I was sure as well and he was born the day after my due date. I am so much MORE anxious about this little one for some reason. I can't wait to nurse her, hold her, smell her....ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY! Just sharing my angst with all you other Feb mammas!! I hope she's here soon.

Middle Mamma
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I know what you mean! I'm due today and so far nothing! I'm not having any symptoms. Ds was 4 days early so I thought for sure this baby would be early too. Tomorrow is my mom's birthday It would be cool to have the baby be born then. My mom would be thrilled. Sending labor vibes to you and me
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I am soooo with you! I am due today also! I just keep trying to remind myself that babies come when they are dang good and ready!! Hope mine's ready very soon!! My first was 10 days over and I was induced. #2 was 5 days over, so I am hoping for this week!! I can't wait!! Good luck to you both!! Hope it happens soon! Can't wait to hear your stories!!
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I am so anxious too. I've been really short with my kids and everyday tasks seem impossible at this point. I'm not due until the 20th but I was hoping number 6 would be early. No luck yet. Now I'm thinking he won't be born until late next week which is frustrating me.
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Well I am VERY angry with myself at this point

With my first I was "expecting" to be late, first baby etc etc. This pregnancy was a little more complicated (but not horribly so) than the first and I had a 35 week bout with labor symptoms that after a bath and a few days in bed subsided. All of these things had be preparing and thinkng ok second baby a little early. SO now I am only 2 days after EDD and so depressed and anxious and very frustrated. Im so ANGRY at myself for not emotionally preparing for a late baby like I did with #1. Not to mention all the night time false labor that begins around 7:00 PM and never turns into anything consistant abd ends around 3AM is driving me to infuriation. I am miserable and I am impatient and I am antsy and I am VERY upset. AND its all my fault. Not to mention the freaking phone ringing every gosh darn hour asking if there is a baby yet IS NOT HELPING. Add on the fear of having to go to the hospital which I am terrified of and Im a wreck. (In AZ a midwife can only legally deliver between 36 and 42 weeks, if I go over 42 weeks I will have to go to the hospital for induction).

Thanks for listening.
Middle Mamma
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I'm still waiting!!!
I can't wait to meet my little one. Hopefully it will be soon. I had my MW check me on Thur. I'm 3 cm 75% efaced and at 0 station. I can't believe its still in there. I'm glad I didn't go into labor yesterday. I didn't want to share my birthday! I started taking a tincture of blue and black cohosh last night. Maybe that will help.
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Anyone else starting to get VERY impatient?!? I am sooooo ready!! I am having a hard time staying positive. I am 41 weeks tomorrow (Monday) and I am ready to have my baby!! I am really against any induction... natural or other, so I am really trying to let this happen on it's own. My mw is totally comfortable til 42 weeks... then she says she'll just want to watch me a little closer. So I am thankful for that, but if I go to 42 weeks... AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
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I'm totally with you. I'm becoming very impatient. I was early with my first so I thought I'd go early with this one. I walked and walked yesterday and still nothing. I'll be 41 weeks tomorrow also. All I can say is hang in there. I'll be hanging with you
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Hey Christy! Glad I have someone who is right there with me! Now the race is on huh?? I had an appt with my mw this am and all is well. The baby just must be mighty comfy in there!! Owell, I am really hoping for this week now. I didn't expect to make it to 41 weeks but I REALLY don't expect to make it to 42!!! My 1st was 10 days overdue and my 2nd was 5, so we'll see!! I hope all goes well for you and I am glad to have a waiting buddy now!! Keep in touch and let me know how you are doing? Are you planning a homebirth or hospital?
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I actually had contractions last night and thought for sure I'd be having this baby. Nooo!!! As soon as I went to sleep they stopped. I was so disappointed. I just want it to be over with. We have been walking and walking. We've been having sex and still nothing I don't know what to do. Then of course all of the phone calls. How was your day?
I'm going to have this baby in an independant birth center. I'm really excited about that. My ds was born in a hospital and I had a wonderful experience. We moved from Iowa to Washington last fall. Midwives are licensed and everything here so we chose to do it at the birth center. We live about 25 min from it. What are your plans?
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I've done that a couple nights also. I think OHHH this is going to be it!! But as soon as I go to bed they go away. It is frustrating.
I am having a homebirth. This will be my 2nd. I had a section with #1. I was 10 days overdue with him and they induced me. I am sooooo grateful not to have to deal with that this time. I haven't even heard the word. My mw will give methe cohoshes if I want but at this point I don't want to do anything.If I make it to 42 weeks I may have changed my mind tho!! And yes, the phone calls get really annoying. I make dh answer when he is here. I just have to keep telling myself that the baby will come when the baby is ready!! I am just starting to feel like that might never be!!

I hope all goes well for you. Keep me posted!!
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Well, I am sitting here, actually about five days before my due date (yea!) and passing the time (it's 4:15 in the morning) hoping that these contractions will keep going. It's been two hours now . . . but that could mean nothing. But hopefully. My DD was a week late and I was telling my MIL two days ago, "I would like to have just one baby early. I mean like the day before my due date early, not a week or two even. Just one." Please let this be real labor, please please please!!!!!
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Can I join the club? My due date was Sunday (we went through infertility, so I KNOW when this child was conceived) and here it is Wednesday and nada, zip, zero, zilch.

My doula and Bradley teacher tell me that multiparous women with umcomplicated births tend to go an average of 3 days past their due date. That would be today!

All I've been doing is RRL tea. If I go into this weekend, I'm getting some cohosh tinctures! I may get desperate and seduce my DH, but ugh, that is the LAST thing on my mind right now!

My DS was right on his due date, but that was also due to the fact that I had ROM, and labor never started, so I had pit. I don't think that, left to his own devices, he would have been born that early.

There's a full moon on Thursday, so maybe I'll go outside in the evening and point my belly to the sky!
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Welcome to the club, Sarah!! The more the merrier! It makes me feel much more "normal" knowing there are more out there just like me!! I'm not using any cohosh's right now, but I have told dh we need to "ya know" But I sooooo don't want to!! Is that terrible or what??? It really is the last thing on my mind, but if it may make something happen it may be worth a try!!

Aprilynne ~ Hopefully your baby comes soon! If you go over your due date you will really begin to be impatient!! Good luck!!

Christi ~ Are ya still with me here??? Can't wait to hear from you!! You have me wondering!?! I hope you check in soon!!

This is crazy! I can't believe I am still preggo!! Hoping for this week but we'll see! I still feel good. Just huge and barley able to move!!

Take care everyone!
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Ok, don't shoot me, but I'm only partially joining this club! I am at 40 w, 2 d, so while I am "overdue", I'm not terribly impatient. I am still mobile and pain-free. I also know exactly when I conceived, so the date is right, but baby isn't ready, yet. comfy cozy where s/he is!

Today, dh and I went for a long, brisk walk on this cold, sunny day, and now that my mom has gone back home, we also are planning to GIO. Yeah, can't say I'm overly motivated about that one - told him we'd need to find a better way (position) than the last time... But hey, for the cause! And in a way, I do miss it...

Hugs to those who are truly frustrated to get their babies out!!!
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Heve ~ I was wondering if you would be joining us?!? I am very glad you are still happy and comfortable!! I hope you continue to stay that way!! I went over 10 days with #1 and I don't remember being this impatient. I don't know what's wrong with me this time.

I am just starting to have these little suttle thoughts creep in..."what if there is something wrong, what if the baby is in the wrong postition? what if... what if..." Ya know? I am usually a very positive person so it bothers me. I think it is just human nature tho when things don't go just as you plan or as they are "suppose" to you automatically think there is a problem. It's silly, I know. I really don't want to do anything that would start me if my body and baby are not ready tho. My midwife suggested some essential oil on my lower belly to encourage the baby to drop a little. The head is still floating wayyyyy up high, so I may or may not try that. My mil is bringing the oil so then I will see how I feel about that. I don't think it could hurt anything really?? But I'm not sure. Anyway, hang in there everyone! I can't wait to see who's next!!
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Hi everyone
My baby girl Viola arrived this morning at 4:21. She was 9 days past due. She was 8lb 11oz and 21.25 inches long. It was a very quick and intense birth. Nothing like my labor with ds. I only pushed for 20 min. With Gareth I pushed for 2.5 hours. Ds is playing with some friends and Dh and baby are sleeping now. I'm feeling pretty wiped out. I'll post a birth story later.

I'm sending labor vibes to all. It will happen It will happen It will happen
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I started to lose my mucus plug this evening, so hopefully things are gearing up!
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CONGRATULATIONS, Christi! Welcome, Viola Rose! What a pretty name! 20 minutes?! wow! Enjoy your new baby girl!

wow, and mahogany - hope things move along for you!

Amber! I hear you. A few weeks back, there was concern over my baby's position - it really threw me for an emotional loop - it created much anxiety and worry, when I had felt so positive all along. It's nasty, how one fear can propegate...Hope you get yourself back in a positive headspace. What is the oil?
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Yeahhh Christi!!! Congratualations!! I figured something must be up! I am glad all went well. Enjoy your bundle!!!

Heve ~ It is an oil from a company called Young Living. It is called Valor. I am not too familiar with essential oils so I don't know if I will do it. I have had a few strong contractions tonight but that is really nothing new either. I don't know. I just want things to happen on there own. I am just a little concerned about the babies head being so high. I suppose it is fine. I just need to wait longer!

mahogny ~ Yeah I hope this is it for you!! Good luck!!

Gotta go! Dh is telling me to help with the kids!!
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