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Brown spotting and breastfeeding

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Is this a sign that fertility is returning?? I have brown spotting at least once a week and wondered if is AF trying to return?? It is usually so descrete that it only shows when I wipe maybe once or twice within that day. I am exclusively breast feeding so I didn't expect this to happen. With my other 2 babies, I started on birth control immediately after my 6 week check up but we are trying the natural family planning approach. I am watching my CM but this spotting is throwing me off. I dont know when it is ok to have sex. Can anyone help???
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I did have some brown (old blood) spotting before a complete return to fertility while I was breastfeeding. But unfortunately it was so long ago I don't remember the exact details. I have three children and I breastfed exclusively for 4-6 months (when I introduced solid food). I weaned them at 18, 11 and 20+ months (still going on #3). I experienced a return to fertility at 6 months pp, 11 months pp and 12 months post partum. I used artificial birth control in the post partum period a bit with my first two children (one month of minipill with the first, one shot of Depo with the second--both at about the three month post partum mark), but none with the third. That also has an effect. Have you started the pill or another hormonal method?

I don't know if this helps you or not, but I think it shows that each pregnancy and recovery are different and how long you breastfeed doesn't necessarily correlate to when menstruation returns.

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How old are your kids? Any bleeding for the first 56 days following birth is not considered to be indicative of returning fertility. After that well it could mean something and it might not. Have you read Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing? If you're trying to use FAM and Bfing as a form of BC it's a good resource and will probably help you feel a bit more secure.
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My youngest is 3 months old. I haven't had anymore spotting since about 2 weeks ago. I am not on birth control at all. I am trying to not go that route as I have not had good experiences with it. I bought the book Taking control of your fertility but have not had much chance to sit down and read it. I need to do that!! Thank you ladies for replying! We are being precautious while being active, but I just didnt know what was going on with my body. I really appreciate ya!!
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I didn't use BC either and I was AF free/not ovulating for 21 months. It can happen! I'd definitely read the sections in TCOYF on LAM (I think it's just a short chapter near the end) and the book I mentioned. BFing and Natural Child Spacing will tell you how much Bfing you need to be doing to give you good odds of suppressing your fertility and TCOYF will teach you how to look for signs that your fertility might be coming back. I'd be more concerned with fertile quality cervical mucus than spotting but still spotting can mean something's up.

Good luck!
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Thank you! I will definately look for that book!!

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I'm in the same boat and also wondering what's up. DD is 7 months old, still almost exclusively bfed (tiny amounts of solid food). I've had on and off spotting for about a month. Several times it's been bright red blood, so I think my period is returning. But then nothing, then another day of brown spotting. I'm not really concerned because we are not TTC and are content using protection. Just curious.

Also, I suppose I should acknowledge a bit of irrational fear. Is something wrong? Why all the spotting but no period yet? I know, I know, cycles while bfing are wacky.

BTW, we used nfp a la TCOYF for a year or so before getting pregnant, first as a way to avoid then as a way to conceive. After many years of the pill, I LOVED it, and it worked perfectly. But I decided I've got enough to worry about with a new babe, and nfp while bfing seems really tricky. So we're sticking to condoms until everything is back to normal. Could be several years.

Anyway, just wanted you to know you are not alone! Hang in there, and when in doubt, use protection.
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