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January towanahongamamas thread Feb 14-20

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hI ALL!!! I was trying to make the title a bit more creative at Andy's request

I'm working on a list with all of the links to our birth stories and photos that we can post as a sticky at the top of the thread so we don't have top recopy it each week!
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You rock mama!

My poor baby seems like he's coming down with a cold. Big brother has had one and he holds him plenty. He's just got these small nasal passages so one tiny little booger makes him uncomfortable. I'm working on getting them out, but not so easy.... ahhh.
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Oh, don't I know it! I had the hardest time w/Ori - I think keeping them moist (duh, you are in HAWAII!), sorry. Never mind. We're making a valentine's cake (which dh won't eat, so dd and I will pig out together), and making dh a huge slab of beef for dinner. I think I may just eat cake - except that it's a bad example. I'm working on our birth story too...now there's a real reason to GET A MOVE ON girlfriend! Ok, see ya later ladies. Andy
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can you send some cake on over here..... sounds so yummy!!! I NEED sugar! I'm not a big cake maker (I do breads and stuff), but I could make some lemon bars- the tree next door looks like it's overflowing with lemons. yummmmm.... lemme see if the kids can help.

I think I've entered into my "I'm nursing and starving" phase. Previously I think I had some pregnancy reserves, but now?? I've definitely got pregnancy extras, but I'm hungry ALL of the time. And yet who has time to stuff their faces with a newborn in arms??

yeah Andy- it's plenty moist here, even on dry days. When I hear people talking about using humidifiers, I laugh. I live in a humidifier. Ann, you too? Aren't you on the windward side as well? Of course, it is sunny today, but I'm sure it's still humid- I don't even notice it.
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Ok so it's really time to all move to the commune, just for a month or two, that way there are lots of us around to make sure we are all able to stuff our faces with sweets, treats, healthy stuff, and more while we nurse. I've been waking up in the middle of the night starving, and if I don't eat, I nearly pass out at 6 when I do my last nighttime diaper/potty routine. The first trimester I always went to bed with a banana, bottle of water, cookies or crackers, and whatever else sounded good next to the bed. That way I never had to get up hungry. Time to start packing my lunchbox for bedtime again.

This cold is majorly suck-o. I think baby is feeling the effects, as she's been nursing nonstop all day. And I mean nonstop. She'll drift off to sleep, I'll sneeze, and we're at it again. Nevermind how much fun it is to try and nurse when my body aches. Oh thank goodness for dh being home for "work" today. Enough complaining from me, I'm still hungry....

Big slab o'beef, we had that last night, tonight is going to be leftover bits o'beef in pasta.

And lol on our milky mamas and big babes, I was reading the size guide for clothing, and it says 0-3 runs out at 11-12 lbs. Looks like most of us will outgrow the 0-3 before much longer.

Ooh and I started Lauren's birth story. I guess the 31 hrs of labor leads me to feeling rather wordy, as it's already over a page and it hasn't even gotten good yet. Perhaps I'll get it done in the near future, at least before I forget it all. Amazing how much of the little stuff I remember as I reread what's written, and then I have to add to it. This is going to be one long book.

Lemons... ooh I wish I could reach over the fence and pluck lemons! I went on spring break once in college and we had a grapefruit tree in the yard where we stayed, that was heavenly, to walk outside in the morning barefoot and pick your breakfast right from the tree.. mmm!

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Ok, here's what I have so far. I may tweak it, but I think for our purposes, it's a fait accomplis. Thanks very much Ann for getting this thread going and I LOVE the name! Andy

Birth Story:

Orin Clarence Carlson-Lee was born at 4:28am on January 20th, 2005...but that’s the easy part. The hard part was the 6 years previous, and the 38 weeks of pregnancy. So let’s start with a short version of the first hard part.

Rebecca was a surprise for her daddy and me. We weren’t planning a family, and neither of us thought we would ever do so. So, well, it was an adjustment right from the start. I knew right away that I wanted the baby, and gave Dad the choice of participating. He wanted to, so we got married and I wrapped up the life I had in South Africa, moved to Canada, and we started to build. Jerry lost his Dad in March of that year, and in June we expected our child. We moved from his crowded condo into a rental house closer to his work April 1st. So in the span of 6 months, Jerry had lost a parent, gotten married, moved and would soon be a Dad! I don’t think he could have withstood another major life change without serious explosion of brain cells, poor man.

We both thought the baby would be a boy, and had a ton of boy names, but only a couple of girl names. We went into labor using castor oil on June 21, 1998. Father’s Day. We were 13 days overdue. At 2am contractions started, and I knew they were the “real” deal. At 6am I woke Jerry to get some extra support. I was pretty done doing it by myself at that point. He phoned the midwife at about 7am. She came over at 8am and checked my cervix. I was at 81/2 cm! YEAH!!! She said we’d have the baby before lunch! Well, lunch came and went, the entire afternoon came and went. I was having really strong contractions about 1-2 minutes apart, but I wasn’t progressing. At 6pm, after 16 hrs. of active labor, we decided to forego the planned homebirth and go to the hospital. When we got there, I started saying (or yelling, I can’t remember) I want an epidural!!! They got an anesthesiologist over pretty quickly. Unfortunately, between being in the hospital and having the epidural, the contractions slowed right down. So they had to give me pitocin to pick them back up. We had our midwife with us still, although I don’t remember her doing much until the baby actually came out. There was also a rather nervous intern, who kept hollering that the baby was in distress. “How many times are you going to let the baby’s heartbeat fall before you get it out???” I remember that as clearly as if he were in the room with me now. Ugh. At 9:30pm the intern said he was going to go book us into an OR for an emergency C-section. The baby’s heartbeat was falling with every contraction (and there were lots again, although I couldn’t feel them). It was picking right back up afterwards, but no one mentioned that. I had my midwife check me again, she said I was 10cm., and I started to push. I pushed, and pushed, and PUSHED! I pushed like there was a reason to have my intestines reach out and touch the far wall. I was PUSHing for 2 ½ hours. Finally, a sunny side up baby emerged with her little forehead first and her fist up by her ear. It was 12:22am on June 22nd. She was 22” long and 7lbs 11oz. She was a very difficult presentation, one of the hardest to deliver naturally. Unfortunately I couldn’t feel any of the actual delivery other than crowning, but I did feel that and I thought it was WONDERFUL!!! However, after the birth, there were stitches (lots of those) and depression (lots of that too) and bleeding and too much alone time. We hit bottom. By six months I was a wreck. I started to get some help, and finally figured out that I was angry about how the birth had gone, that noone ever told me what an amazing thing it was for me to birth this baby the way we did, even if it meant giving up the beautiful home birth we had planned. And I was making so many adjustments so quickly, that the baby wasn’t a focus of joy for me, but rather an onus and a reminder of all I had given up for this new life. It was difficult and the days were dark, but we got help, and about two years later I was finally myself again! A new me, a different me, but me at the core, whom I recognized and loved and remembered. Finally!

When Rebecca was four, we moved 4,000 miles across the continent and into another country. When she was six, I knew I was ready and wanted another baby. I was pregnant quickly (a little too fast, actually), and the pregnancy was easy. Due date approached, people started calling, saying nasty little comments about how I looked ready to “pop”, etc. This time, I had found an online source of companionship and commiseration – other mamas all due about the same time we were. They were in addition to an extensive network of friends here in NY who were supportive, if busy. Rebecca was now in first grade, all day school, and I was really enjoying the time I had before the baby came. Life was so much more organized, more supported, a lot easier to add a new dimension to.

Two weeks before due date, we had contractions that lasted several hours, and narrowed to 2 ½ minutes apart. We called the midwife, who rightly didn’t think they would go on all night. By 5am they had petered out to nothing. Somewhat disappointing, but we still had a couple of weeks to go.

Two days before due date, at about 9pm (Jan 18th), we had more contractions. I didn’t take them too seriously, because of the earlier scare, and because Rebecca had been so late, I figured I’d be a late deliverer again. I couldn’t sleep that night, though, as they were coming closer together and somewhat more intensely. At about 1am I woke up Jerry and asked him to time the contractions. They were now 2 – 2 ½ minutes apart. We called the midwives again. They came over quickly this time. By 5am, once again the witching hour for me, they had slowed down to about every 15 minutes. The midwives said this can happen, just try to relax during the day and see what happens tonight (the 19th Jan.). At 4pm we called our doula, Wendi, who came over about an hour later and did reflexology on my hands and feet, utilizing the pressure points for birth on both. At about 8pm the midwife called and said she’d be coming to sleep over later that night. She arrived around 10:30pm. Contractions were regular and strong by then. We all went to bed except Wendi, who stayed up to time contractions. At midnight I was in real discomfort. I had Wendi wake the midwife, who woke up Jerry. They came in and we started to try new positions and such to move along the labor. I was at about 7cm. No water had broken through. At 2am we called the second midwife and she came right over. By then I was really working hard, and starting to get loud. I never thought I’d be loud, but there you have it – I was LOUD! The moaning felt so good. I took a quick shower, but it was hard to keep the water temp. just right, and I didn’t like it. So out we came. Actually, the bed on which I had ALMOST delivered Rebecca was exactly where I wanted to be. I was most comfortable there on my side. No back labor this time (whew!), I just wanted to get the baby moving down. This time I was feeling EVERYTHING – every little movement of the baby I could feel. It was an incredible and powerful feeling. I could feel the baby slide between my bones and push them apart further. I could feel the baby enter the birth canal. As we progressed, I had more and more desire to PUSH. As I was pushing, the midwife noticed that the baby was straining somewhat, and had me turn from my left to my right side. I started to push at 5 minutes after 4am, and the baby shot out of me 23 minutes later. The placenta delivered whole with little blood loss, and no stitches were needed. Orin (then Isaac) was born 8lbs even, 21” long. He was perfect, gave a little cry, and then snuggled up into his mama’s breasts. He started to nurse quickly and hasn’t stopped! We are blessed twice, first because we have two beautiful healthy children, and second because now we know what it is like to be a member of a community of women and families who have delivered their children in love, peace and warmth in the comfort of their own home.
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Andy, that was beautiful. I'm adding it to the list right away.

I'm totally cracking up right now. I made Makai a little sandwich for lunch, and I notice he's giving me the strangest look. So I go, "What's wrong, you don't like your sandwich?" and he points to it with a look of shock/disgust and says, "Gwoss, oop-poop." I had put a little mustard on it, and he thought it was a breastmilk poo :LOL

Lisa- love the photo! There are two women from South America in our LLL group and they had no idea what "weaning" was. When asked if there was a translation for it in spanish they said there was none. I thought that was pretty cool!
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Andy, great story!

DH was loving y'all's stories about your husbands' butt comments. I guess that part makes quite an impression on them - maybe because they have a butt too and can try to imagine what that feels like.

Congratulations to Heidi! What a lovely babe with such pretty hair!

Congratulations to all of us. We did it!

I'm up printing pics to make DH a Valentine's Day present. He brought me roses and a gift today. He is awesome. I will make him a little poster he can hang up at work.

My bottom still hurts. There's a place on my labia, kinda up toward the urethra and on the left, that feels like someone is pinching it all day. Anyone else experience this?

Evelyn does not like the carseat, but once the car is moving she's fine. I hope that holds.

The breastmilk poo does look exactly like yellow mustard after it's been in the fridge too long. Hilarious about Makai's sandwich.
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Andy- I love your story- I love esp how it starts at the beginning- because no birth is complete without the WHOLE story (even an abridged version).

Makai is one smart boy. I'm guessing it was french's style mustard?? LOL!

Jessica- I had a spot near my urethra with all 3 kids that hurt. more than pinching, I feel pulling that hurts. It'll go away.... eventually!

Thanks also for letting us know about Heidi's babe! I was looking for a post from her, but checked her blog.... welcome baby!
We're all complete now- with babies born in Dec all the way to valentine's day. WOO HOO!!!!

Oh, gotta go. Baby isn't happy with brother.
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Jessi, I have a spot like that too, on my labia but down further, it feels almost like my midwife caught a stitch in it and every time I move the wrong way it tugs. Does that make sense? Of course there isn't anything there, it's just a pinchy spot. And Lauren is 4 weeks tomorrow and I still have some swelling that gets rather uncomfy by the end of the day, all this sitting I guess. Suppose thats why we don't go for a checkup until 6 weeks?

UGH, one of my Jan preg friends (un-crunchy) had some major clotting at 2 weeks and went back to her OB who did an internal WITH a speculum. I can not imagine the pain!

It's nearly 8 here, which is bedtime as far as I'm concerned. Lauren is actually sleeping (amazing!) and has been for nearly 30 min. I managed to eat some fiber one cereal, make a cup of tea, put a load of dipes in the dryer, and keep the dog from barking at our renter when she went out. She's on my side of the bed and I'm on dh's side, and the dog just crawled between us. Nothing like 80# of dog to take the entire bed!

Uh oh, she's starting to wiggle and squeak. Guess that's my cue to go. Haven't had a chance to get back to her birth story either...

Andy, love yours, it's nice to get the whole picture

And BF poo, ugh, we're back to green and very very very liquidy. Not sure what that's about, but I've been keeping a diary of my foods and her poo to see if I can find a pattern. Haven't had any dairy in 2 days, and it was cheese the day before that, not milk, so I was really hoping we had solved the problem.

The bf/president pic - what I love even more than the pic, is how very normal it all seems, doesn't bother the guy at all, and the photographer (or whomever wrote the caption) also sees it the same way, no mention of bf in the caption, it's just your average citizen talking to your president on a nice sunny day. Oh if only it could be that way here! Instead, I have a creepy FIL who leers at me and friends who insist we should all be using bottles. Ugh ugh ugh again!

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Andy - is there any way you could post your story in its own thread? That way I can put the link into the sticky
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Yes Ann - will do. I am also going to go look into Heidi's blog (feels like reading a diary!). Can't wait to see her babe! I LOVE the poopey mustard story! What a great kid! My mom once made my brother a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He's really picky and only likes smooth peanut butter. Well he took one bite and spit it out. Wouldn't eat it (I think he was about 3 or 4 at the time). Cried when she MADE him take a bite. Turns out the jar had broken and it was GLASS not peanuts! Smart kid, huh?! Well, Ori's sleeping (much better night tonight, and Karen - I've got so much milk now I'm full again within 20-30 min. after he's fed a long feed both sides! YIKES!)

Ok, best get on to other stuff or I won't get to it at all! Oh, and first LLL meeting is today - kind of exciting! All new b'feeding mamas to meet! YEAH!!!
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Hey all!

Andy, wonderful birth story! I can so relate to "feeling" things more this time. I'm not sure if I was just able to be more aware this time or what, but it was definitely more powerful! I'm jealous about your LLL meeting today. I missed ours at the beginning of the month, so now it's another 2 weeks before the next one! Have fun

Ann, thanks for doing all the work to get the list up! I have password protected my site since posting the birth story, but if anyone here wants access just PM me or email me & I'll be happy to do so.

Valentine's Day is also DH's birthday, so we tend to celebrate that one a bit more. Tess and I made him a Chocolate Caramel Boston Cream Pie yesterday afternoon, and it turned out SOOOOOOO well!! YUM!! Well, DH & I thought so, anyway... Tess wasn't eating hers, so I asked her if she thought it was good. Her answer? "No mama, it doesn't taste really good. Sorry, Mama..." Oh, those of you who are enjoying their first babe right now, just wait for those words to start coming! It's priceless.

I think I might have to add us to the ever-popular group "enjoying" thrush. I didn't even consider it, since I have no symptoms myself, but I became a bit curious because Brynn's nursing has changed lately and I looked up kellymom.com. Well, she's got the white coating on her tongue (hmmmm... so did Tess as an infant... guess she may have had thrush too??) , but also bright red, patchy rash on both cheeks and a stubborn (though mild) red patchy rash on her bum. What made me clue in though is that she's fussy on the breast lately and pulls off all the time, and nurses with "clicky" sounds. Does this sound "thrush-y"? I emailed our MW, but am really not thinking that this requires a doctor visit.
So for treatment: I went to Jack Newman's site (LOVE this man... he actually practices in Toronto, and we were privileged to see him personally when Tess was a newborn), and he recommends a treatment of Gentian violet, Grapefruit seed extract and an ointment of some sort. Other sites just talk about using the GV, or the GSE... what to do, what to do?? I'm definitely keen on using natural remedies, if possible.
Oh, also, I started taking my acidophillus again this morning. Duh...

One question ~ how spreadable is this, if it is thrush? I already decided that perhaps Tessa ought not to help apply the diaper ointment, and I'm washing my hands after diaper changes, but do I need to be doing something between nursing sessions? I am clueless here.

Otherwise, life is good! The weather has been lovely here, and we are thinking of putting in some seeds out back soon. THis is our first year with a backyard, and I'm so excited about getting food from the Earth (our own piece of it, anyway!) Since this is also our first year in the South, it's a treat to be able to even consider putting in a garden in February!

Oh, a while back you guys were talking about MW gifts. Well, in the spirit of my own chocolate/coffee addiction, we ordered from Mariebelle in NYC (my FAVORITE spot for hot chocolate, hands down!) We got our primary MW a tin of the chocolate-infused coffee, and also a box of chocolates. Our second MW got a tin of rose petal/chocolate infused oolong tea, and a box of chocolates. Boy, did that box smell GOOD when it came! We're getting some pictures printed up too.

Brynn is pretty ok about the car, and usually just drifts off to sleep. If she gets upset, it normally means she's hungry and I'll pull over to nurse her for a bit and then she tends to just go back to sleep. Once the "sleepy" period is over, I wonder how she'll do! We live in a town where everything is basically within 15 minutes drive tops, so it's not too bad at least. We do like to take road trips though, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
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Hey Kathy, I hear clicking can either be a bad/lazy latch or thrush. Lauren's tongue is always white, so I don't know what to think on that one. I read somewhere (kellymom maybe?) that milky tongue should go away an hour or so after a feed, while yeasty tongue stays white all the time. Of course I don't think she's ever gone more than an hour without eating, so I couldn't tell you what her tongue looks like when an hour passes.

As for treatment, I've been taking acidophilus in the morning and evening, just in case it is yeast, and if it's not, I'm sure we're ok with taking that. She pops off a lot too, and every time I've had a problem with yeast I don't get the "normal" symptoms, I just feel yeasty, no discharge like they say you get, so who knows, maybe we do have it, just a really mild case.

Gosh I feel like I'm saying the same thing over and over and over and over again. My brain is seriously fried egg right now. Just taking motrin here and there, nothing else, and it's starting to get to me. Oh what I wouldn't give for a little bubble pack of tylenol cold and sinus right now.

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Kathy- it sounds a lot like thrush to me- esp since Brynn has almost all of the symptoms- the tongue, pulling off breast, clicking, rash..... so sorry....
to be honest, I'm just as confused about all of the treatments. We did GV for a few days (4) and I know it's better, but not gone. Supposedly you have to be very careful about passing it around. yeast is not easily killed, so watch out. If you have Tess help you with diapers- I would definitely have her wash hands afterwards. And is she still nursing? If so, you can all be passing it back and forth.
Natural things you can do are to wash your nipples in a vinegar solution after each feeding (or at least several times a day- put 1tb vinegar to one c water)- GSE, acidophilus. I don't know that I'd call the GV "natural"- our ped said it was chemical. It's just available OTC.
There is a ton of stuff on Kellymom on this....too much!

Oh Lisa, and re:feeling yeasty- I assume you mean vaginally? I was feeling that too and my mw said that sometimes lochia feels that way and then it passes. that was the case with me. it just made me itchy and irritated and then went away.

ahhhhh the joys of breastfeeding

andy- i told you you'd have tons of milk today! Your body just KNOWS what to do!
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Hi all

Kathy, your dd is hilarious!

It does sound like B might have thrush. Those are the same symptoms Violet has. If you are still nursing dd you'll have to treat all of you. Oh, and I just found out that Gentian Violet is actually a coal derivative -yikes! I think Violet=pretty flowers and such, but I guess not.

I don't know if I told you all that I had had a bad cough lately, been waking up wheezing in the morning for the past couple weeks. I think it started off as a cold, but since I have asthma it just takes forever for me to get over anything having to do with my lungs. So yesterday I decided to drag myself (and all three kids - fun) into the urgent care after wheezing all day. Got the inhaler, which I really needed. But the doctor said I have bronchitis and gave me antibiotics. Aaah! I just know we're going to be starting at square one with the thrush. So, now I've just upped the probiotics, vinegar and nystatin. makai has a really bad rash so we're having to use Lotrimin AF on his little bum.
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Bummer Ann! And you've been dragging yourself around with bronchitis! wow. I'm so sorry you're goin down the abx track.... but better to be healthy.
I've given up on the thrush. I don't wanna deal any more. I hate GV (and thanks for the tip on what it "really" is). I don't have time to paint my breasts adn do all the crap. YK, I had it with ds#1 when he was just a couple of weeks old- used vinegar a little and it was gone quickly. WHY is that not the case this time????? ugh.

good luck to all the rest of you.
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No, I guess I wasn't clear What I meant was that in the past when I did have a yeast infection, I just felt yeasty, I never had the cottage cheese discharge or any "typical" symptoms. So now I think we have the same mild yeasty going on thrush-wise, I have random deep breast pains, her tongue is white, she was clicking but isn't now, pops off all the time and cries, then goes back to nursing, etc.

We walked to the grocery store they are closing on Friday, it's only 2 blocks away and they've opened a megastore of the same chain near here, so they are closing our store. Good and bad, as it was a gross little dirty store, but oh so close, and 10000x times easier to tie her up in the wrap and walk the 2 blocks than put her in the carseat, carseat in car, deal with crying, etc. So we got fruit sorbet, grapes, and strawberries and walked home. It's 54 and sorta sunny, so I had to get out and enjoy it, they say 2-4" of snow tonight. Ugh!

The cashier told me I was going to suffocate Lauren in the wrap, lol, and then the autistic gal who bags the groceries and gets the carts told me that Lauren looked very comfortable. Now if only my cold would go away!

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I can't believe how many of us have thrush, WTF???? This is crazy. I understand it here- with our weather, but what about the rest of you? THis is NOT right. And then I read about how the yeast is becoming resistant to all of these treatments.... ugh. THis is truly icky.

Well, I guess we were partners in giving birth and now we're partners in battling yeasties.... something else to bond on.....
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Hey Lisa - I'd go with the autistic gal every time! Oh my Ori is really screaming with dd right now. She is so good with him, changes position, walks, dances etc., but sometimes he just wants MAMA and there's no replacing that nipple with anything. Besides she's got to get ready for dance. I had a moment, so I thought I'd jump in. Karen - why not just go back down the vinegar road? If it isn't too onerous (think spray bottle in diaper bag) you can just do that instead of the purple heebee jeebee stuff (yeah, dh says it's serious meds, and we crunchy girls hear the name of a flower and go all soft inside), still be doing something...I think in the end you will outgrow it, as we will, but meanwhile it'll keep the worst of it down and keep your breasts from hurting and his mouth from being too sore. Ann - I am SO sorry to hear about your sickness. Bronchitis is such a pain, but best to nip it before it gets even worse. Dh and I both have lung sensitivities, dh worse than me. We both are careful not to let stuff go too long as it so frequently turns into pneumonia. Alternatives to abx? Try the naturapath/homeopath, but they cost moolah, so maybe the abx will not throw you all back into yeastievision too far and you can bounce back quickly. Meanwhile, try to take it a little easy, get some extra help etc. You are still in the healing phase, honey! Heal gently...

Thanks for nice comments on birth story. Funny how someone just pops over to read the story but I've never heard their name before..oh, and Delfina stopped in to read the story, too! Have I heard from her in a while: seems like a while, anyway. Ok, the crying is killing me. Adios! Andy
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