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We're having a very non- sleep day. Luka is exhausted but isn't sleeping longer than like 10 minutes- NOT long enough for a tired mama to get a nap in :

In any case. SOOOO nice to see all the photos- we finally get to see that Az and Heather look like- with their beautiful children!!!

I took probably 30 pics yesterday of Luka trying to catch a smile.... luckily I was successful (once!)!

Glad you're feeling better Ann!!
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Oh Man - hang in there Nicole! Doesn't sound like life is treating you very farily right now. I'm hoping that whatever is wrong with your dd they can work it out FAST and give you guys some down time. It must be a LOT harder with a little one - my dd is 61/2 and it was WAY harder with her home all day poking at Ori everytime he's peaceful (I want to play with him!)...sigh. I'm so glad your IGNORING the ignorant. It's nothing personal against your Mom, of course, and mine does the same thing with decisions (like circumcision) and I use the same approach.

ok, it's many hrs later and I don't have free hands, so I'll send this off and say caio mamas!! xxx andy
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Hey mamas! All the new beautiful pics are great. I need to harass dh about it, he keeps walking around with the camera but never puts them online.

So I swaddled Lauren really really tight last night and she slept. I'm really hoping it's the swaddle and not her getting sick that made her sleep, but I had to wake her up to eat because I was going to explode and I had soaked my clothing and the bed. And although I didn't sleep any extra because of the engorged and painful self, I did get better rest because she wasn't so wiggly giggly next to me all night. She'd nurse to sleep and then after a bit I could move her away from touching me and she just slept and slept. Oooh wonderful!

And I broke down and took meds. I've been taking all the vit. c and echinacea my body can handle, and when I took off my sweatshirt last night before bed and it hit my ear and I realized I had the worst earaches ever, I decided that was enough. I did some reading on kellymom and picked the least of all evils, Motrin and Actifed. I must say, being able to breathe, if only for 4 hours, was so worth it.

I hear her fussing now, dh is sleeping right next to her yet sleeps right through it. He slept through the alarm and the dog this morning too, which is why I'm up, decided I needed some breakfast before I had to get back to babycare.

Hoping this is the upswing today on the cold, as I really want to drive to IKEA tomorrow with my parents.

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Lisa - Hope you are feeling better today. Good luck with the swaddling. DD liked to be swaddled until she was around 9 months old. It was the only way that anyone got any sleep.

Will is definatley starting the day off better. He woke around 4 to nurse and then went back to sleep. Yesterday was just awful. He was so upset all day. I had orginally thought that it was related to something I ate, but now I am not so sure. I will say it makes you feel horrible, though, when you try to nurse, even for comfort, and all they will do is scream at your breast. We have decided that God would not be mean enough to give us both heart problems and colic, so Will does not have colic. DD had colic and that just sucked. He was just having and off day yesterday, like the rest of us.

At the peds yesterday with DD, they determined that the cold she has, is settling down very deep in her lungs and is starting to look like pneumonia. So we are on augementin, and have strict orders to not let her love on her little brother. Should he get sick, it changes virtually everything in regards to his heart issues.

Well, off to get ready for work. Have a great day.
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Hope everyone's feeling better! I'm glad Will has had an easier morning, Nicole, and I'm sorry to hear about your DD. *Keeping fingers crossed* that Will stays healthy!

sigh... add a gunky eye to Brynn's list of woes. I'm spraying breastmilk in it a few times a day, as this helped a lot with DD #1 when she had her one eye infection. This morning Brynn's eye was looking pretty icky (not red inside, just gunky) so I'm hoping that the bmilk works its wonders soon!

I loved everyone's pictures! It's amazing how these little ones are starting to turn into little people already!

Ugh. I can commiserate with what those of you with older children are going through with them disrupting baby's sleep. Poor Brynn had a terrible, interrupted morning yesterday and sacked out at around 3 for a good 4 hour nap! It's not that Tess means to wake her (of course); most often she is just "visiting"! Oh well, babies are resilient. I can see why second babies are often more laid back!

I've been sent on a crayon hunt, so I'll check back later.
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Originally Posted by slygrrl
sigh... add a gunky eye to Brynn's list of woes. I'm spraying breastmilk in it a few times a day, as this helped a lot with DD #1 when she had her one eye infection. This morning Brynn's eye was looking pretty icky (not red inside, just gunky) so I'm hoping that the bmilk works its wonders soon!
We've got gunky eye here too or eyes. The breastmilk does not seem to be working too well though. When we go back to the ped monday I'm going to have him take a look. I almost hope its the dreaded pink eye because dh was born without tear ducts! and had to have them drilled in when he was a couple of months old.

I hope Will manages to advoid getting his sisters cold. Its nice seeing the new picures. I so love little baby simles, I can't image how many pictures it took to get the nice one of luka smiling.

We're having a rough morning here, not due to little elizabeth. Last night Louie for whatever reason peed on poor dh and his pillow at like 2 am!! not fun. Then this am I was sitting upstairs in out bedroom, we have been sleeping downtiars, rocking the baby and Emma jumps up onto the bed and pees! I am so not happy with the dogs right now.
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Just thought I'd say hi!

Things are going pretty well here. Some rough spots with babyblues that seem to have cleared up for the most part. And now I think we have thrush but I'm not exactly sure how to treat it. I'm taking acidophilus and washing my boobs with vinegar and water but I'm kind of afraid to do anything with Isabelle's mouth. MW should be coming by today so hopefully she will have some ideas. My nipples are really sore and I'm worried my milk is drying up 'cause her latch is less strong. She's still having lots of yellow poops and wet diapers, so seems like everything is still ok, but it would be nice to have a little reassurance from the MW. Also Isabelle has a stuffy nose that seems to really irritate her in the middle of the night.

The pics of all your baby's are great! Such beautiful babies!!!

I'm curious, for those of you who cosleep with your toddler's, what are your sleeping arrangements right now?

We all start off in the same room but I often end up in the guest room to avoid waking up dd and dh. I'm hoping as sleep gets better at night we can all stay in the same room...or when things aren't so new maybe dd could move into her own room...
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Cosleeping - DS sleeps part of the night in his own bed, but in our room. We have moved ds's toddler bed out of our room and replaced it with a full mattress/boxsprings. So we have our king and a full. DS falls asleep on the full. Then when we go to bed, dd & I usually have the king, and DH & ds have the full. We are still experimenting with this, though. Since dd was born, ds abandons his dad in the middle of the night and crawls in bed with me. I have dd on one side and ds on the other. Last night we tried having dh & I in bed with dd. DS was in the full. when he woke up around 5am, I moved into bed with him to get him back to sleep and snuggle. Then I returned to dh & dd....

Sorry for the confusing stream of conscious post...Not sure if clarified anything

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Hi all - man o man - life with a babe is DEF busy! I don't ever seem to have 20 min. to sit down and read and write back... crazy!!! I love the pics! Luka is SO smiling! Ori so rarely smiles...not a smiley boy. He makes this grate O face (thus O-rin) and a little O sigh that really sounds like "Oh"...melts my heart. Anyway, I'm hoping that Will stays healthy, that Luka gives mama some sleep, that Isabelle kicks the thrush vite vite! and Luka, Violet and, for that matter, Ori! I'm down to using just acidophilus internally and vinegar on my nipples (in the spray bottle - must say it's a refreshing little "woah" when it gets sprayed on). no more rash or white spots in THIS house (for the moment anyway!). Weighed Ori at the supermarket today - with his diape. and clothes he's 9.5. Assuming 1/2lb for the clothes and diape., that's only a gain of 4oz... although he feels heavier, I guess I got me another slow gainer. I will NOT take him to a doctor - last time they convinced me that formula was the ONLY way to go - she drank the stupid formula and STILL didn't gain much! Ouch.

Ok, best get moving here. Take care all - how about we finish the week out here and move over to Life with a Babe on Sunday night/Monday morning. It's kind of weird for the HI people, because they are 6 hrs. behind, so they'll be Sun daytime and we'll all be sun nite, but hey - we gotta do it - unless K or A want to volunteer to be the new thread starter?

LOL for Thursday people! XXXooo andy
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So MW just left and I thought I'd pass along some info since there seems to be a lot of thrush. It's actually in the Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Years...

for Mom: 1Tbsp vinegar in 1 cup of water, wipe breasts after every nursing
(this can be used on baby's bottom, too)

for baby:1tsp of baking soda with 1 cup of water, cotton swap out baby's gums and tongue after every feeding.

I hope this helps...or that it's not too redudndant I didn't quite make it through all of last week's posts.

PM-Thanks for the insight...sounds more or less like what I was hoping to do. Does your baby wake up your toddler often?

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geesh Nicole- I'm so sorry to hear about dd!!! I know how hard it is to keep the kids separate- but in your case it seems like it's very necessary. I hope dd recovers quickly and that your supreme breastmilk keeps baby Will healthy!!!

Az- that is so wrong that your dogs are what is disrupting your sleep! Not fair! Kids are one thing, but pets??? geesh

Andy- Ori's weight gain is just FINE!!! Don't listen to any lame-o peds pushing formula. They each grow so differently, and as long as he's happy and growing, he's all good. Sorry we've all been talking up the big weight gains..... reminds me of being in a baby group and having moms brag about the amazing abilities of their babes- gets old. I had one neighbor when Noam was little, whos son was 3 months older than Noam. Well her kid was bigger, got teeth earilier, crawled, etc... earlier. She was ALWAYS making comments about my kid and it DROVE ME MAD!!! I hated it and started to really resent her! Her son was and still is, just a gigantic kid and mine is small. But in my eyes, he's PERFECT!

we should move over to Life with a babe.... since none of us are "due" anymore!!

Jess--one thing I did try with Luka was the baking soda- I didn't dilute it like that in water, but just made a paste. Luka screamed NON STOP for 5 minutes after that. Don't know if it was related, but I vowed to him not to use that again!!! Have used the vinegar though!
If anyone uses baking soda, let me know if/how it works!

I think we're going to brave the car today. I need some things from the craft store and well, today's a good a day as any.... though we'll see if we actually make it out of the house. we're also in need of food- though the fridge is full, of course!
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new Ori Pic - yeah, he's grtowing. I don't want to rain on the big babies parade...I think butter babies are WONDERFUL, we just don't grow them. I really wish we did, 'cause maybe it would peel some of the fat off me, but whatever. Speaking of which, I am wearing my normal "fat" clothes - a size or two bigger than normal, but they aren't maternity, and THAT's important! Thai stir fry tonight, so while the ds sleeps, I shall cut chop and wash veggies. Only because laundry is done! No cleaning, but hey - can't do it all! LOL! Andy

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andy- were those pics taken at the same time? He looks like 2 different people! The first one Ori looks like a kid- not a baby, but a kid! And the second he's all chubbed out! In both pics he's a cutie though!!!!

I just had mt first throw up (well Luka did). he was all sleepy and nursing nursing nursing (which he doesn't normally do- he's a fast sucker!) and he puked in his sleep all over us both. yuck. I should have pulled him off sooner. Oh well.
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Oh yeah, yuk! I have started to become immune to the smell of sour milk. Ori pukes about every other day, poor guy. Over does it a bit, I suppose. He's voracious, and just forgets how small his own stomach is, I guess. The two pics are from two weeks (the chubby one) and today (the kid one). Amazing, huh? Oh he's just HOWLING right now - he's really tired and I'm trying to give him lots of nursing without him going to sleep on the breast every time...not easy for us. I thinkI'll go hold him for a while, even if not nursing. Poor dd is looking at me like "what, I come home to THIS???" 'cause she just got off the bus. Oh well! Good luck with a shower, K. - they do feel nice after a good puke session! Did you make it into town??? andy
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Morning All!

Its Makai's 2nd birthday today!! : I can't believe he's already two; it goes by fast.

Anyways, Violet has been a puker the past couple days as well. I think its probably from the abx. Thrush seems to be gone, YES!, But I'm going to keep stringent on it for awhile.

Thanks for sharing all the pics everyone. All the baby's are so cute!!! I can't believe Luka is smiling already -- Violet just smiled for real, a day or two ago. We were kind of dancing around, listening to Lucinda Williams and she just...smiled. Glad to know she has great musical taste!

Here's some recent ones of Violet. I think they are from about 4 weeks. Camera battery is dead otherwise I'd upload more recent ones. Gotta run for now. We're heading off to the zoo, and to do some other birthday stuff. I'll post more later!

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Nicole, oh, I hope Will doesn't get anything from dd. Bless you and your children - it sounds really tough there.

Add Evelyn to the porker group! We went to the ped today and she weighed in at 9 lb 12 oz with a diaper and socks. That's a gain of 1 lb 7 oz since her last weigh-in at the hospital, 9 days ago. When she woke up this morning, she looked bigger.

My turn for diaper duty.
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wow Andy- what a difference in those 2 pics! Ori's a little boy already! He's out of the NB phase before he's a month old (at least according to that pic).
And no, I never made it to town (so far anyways). Luka was taking all of these mini naps and has been really fussy in between (he seems to need 1 long sleep during the day). So now he's on the bed and I'm hoping this is the long nap and after I won't be in the mood to go.... there's always tomorrow.

Happy Birthday to Makai, Ann! :
Did Kobe have a birthday too recently? I seem to remember that vaguely. Seems like a popular time of year to be born in your family!
I hope you had fun at the zoo. I love that zoo- esp the giraffes. Ours is tiny and not so excellent....
Violet is such a BABY! She doesn't look like a NB either- all filled out and with that head of HAIR! I bet you are squishing and kissing her all the time!
And re: the smiles- purely by chance I caught it. Luka isn't really smiling on purpose- it just comes out. SO I think I said I had to take a ton of pics to try and catch one. Most of the pics were of grimaces adn stuff.
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G'morning mamas! Ugh, no sleep here, I learned my lesson about cold meds.
I did all the happy research and decided that sudafed was the lowest risk, and add some motrin, it fixed me right up. Took one on Weds. night, and another Thurs. morning, and it turns out I'm one of the mamas who is hypersensitive to psuedoephedrine, my boobs went from porn star to little shriveled granny from Thursday morning until bedtime. Let me tell you, it takes 3 hours to feed a baby from granny boobs! Ouch! Even the middle of the night feed was just like I had fed her, squishy soft me! Luckily it only seems to hang on for about 24 hrs, as I now have some milk again, although I'm not full yet.

And happy one month to Lauren today. I really need to get some new pictures of her. Heck, I really need to send out baby announcements, my extended family thinks we're hiding something.

I'm so bummed that I'm still sick, we had this big family trip (with my parents) to IKEA today to get Lauren a closet. Oh well. Maybe Sunday or Monday I'll go.

Happy Birthday to all the kiddos out there too, and un-thrush, un-sick, avoid being sick vibes to everyone who needs them!
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Hey - big to-do finding an EMERGENCY dentist for poor dh today - and a busy morning for me and Ori, with a coffee (no coffee for me) date, then the chiro for us both and THEN we pick up our food order. whew! At least we don't have to be at the dentist until 1:30. It's just a spend money kind of day, it seems! Dd is going a little nutsy because it's the day before vacation (you'd think we were off to disneyland or something?!), but hey - I remember those days - endless movies, popcorn for breakfast, pizza for lunch and pancakes for dinner. oh yeah...

I hope you guys had a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Makai! Being 2 is such a short thing...short person, short year, short temper! I hope his adjustment is coming along, for all your sakes! I'm glad to hear that your thrush is under control, too. I know it's hard being on ABX : , but hang in there, keep up the great work with the probiotics, and hopefully you'll have licked it! I'll hold thumbs for you!

Tough luck on town Karen - oh well. Today shall shine as beautifully as tomorrow, and for each the perfect day shall rule. huh? Ori is doing the short napping thing, too - 20min. is happening a lot, especially in the afternoon. He's just wanting to feedfeedfeed and when I finally get to 'enough' and put him down he's just a howling! Y-day I walked him and then he slept for 4 hrs.! Yikes. But he did sleep through the night with one feed at 3am. Not bad! I don't even remember it, Dh says it happened, woke him up. Anyway, if I don't remember it, it doesn't count. Right?

Jessi - awesome job with E.! She's a real butterbaby!!! Well done, mama! Has she seen her room yet? I think the funniest thing is how much trouble we go to making their rooms and such and then they're like a year old before they even SEE them (ok, maybe 6 mos). Since Ori and I sleep in his room (to let dh sleep so he can bring home some fakin' bakin) he gets to see it, but not the crib and of course he can't yet see the love I put into the painting etc. He did spend about 10 min. on his gymini today, while I went to pee and get dressed (brush teeth? What's with that???) and he seemed to enjoy it enough for that period of time. dd came in and started to poke at him before he was really fussy, so I don't know how long he would have lasted on the floor. It was his first floor experience...kinda a milestone of it's own. At least I didn't wet my pants!

Ok, best to get stuff done now. Have a great day mamas! andy
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I only have a second to post, so I haven't caught up on the thread yet. I just wanted to share Brynn's smile! It's not the greatest quality pic (lighting sucks), but still, we got it!


She's 1 month old today... sniffle, where does the time go??
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