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Hi Nicole - my well baby book (very all-natural) says that diarrhea that is not black or red should be left to run it's course, without trying to stop it up. Just keep her close to the bathroom (for the clean-up sessions)! I think dietary stuff like dried fruits (raisins, dried apricots/apples/prunes) would all be gentle and if she doesn't gobble would be a good option. I would not use any more meds. Probably her little body is getting somewhat overwhelmed with the different meds plus fighting off the bugs. Poor girl! Give her a squeeze from us over here. Glad her breathing is better. Sorry that Will has it now too...maybe it won't be as bad (like chicken pox - less with each kid).

Hi Pam and Abs! Welcome along - we're none of us getting much time on the board, but we're all of us chiming in now and then - good to see your e-voice! I hope things are good with you. A month has come and gone for a bunch of us. We're looking for smiles (dh and dd swear they saw a double gum splitter this morning, but I missed it :-(. Ori is so snuffly still at night (even with humidifier and euc. oil) that dh and I are thinking of taking him in for an O2 test (basically looks at whether he is getting sufficient oxygen at night). If he flunks, it's likely he has apnea. Dh has it and so does at least one cousin (dh's sister's son). Bummer! It's NOT heart surgery, but it's not good, either. Better to know and do something about it, but he wouldn't be sleeping on his own for a long long time anyway (jeeze, dd was about 5 before she slept on her own regularly, and still spends a few nights with either one of us (was with 'us', now she has to pick). By the by, if anyone remembers, we were pretty sure that we were going to lose dh's mom in Dec., before the baby came, but she's still around and actually doing a LOT better! She is now in a facility that is geared for where she is at, instead of stuck in the hospital, and she is really responding well to the extra attention that she gets there. also she knows quite a few of the other people, and is way more social. they take the folks out to lunch once a week at a real restaurant, and they also have booked seats at matinees and stuff too. sil is so happy with how far she has bounced back. doesn't look like she's heading to heaven any time soon! YEAH!!! Dh is more relaxed about it, which is so nice. If his poor tooth would respond a little faster to the abx (and they're really strong ones!), he'd be a really happy camper!

Ok, going to go clean up - we're having some friends for dinner tomorrow and already I can see the chaos of trying to clean all the downstairs rooms... WAY too much. Best to get one or two done now. LOL!!! Andy
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Andy- forget the cleaning! good friends won't care! people keep coming over here and it's embarassing- but not enough to do anything about it. Funny, they all want tgo follow me into the bedroom to watch me change diapers- the bedroom is not neat at all!! whatever.
on your mil!!! I don't remember her being ill, but I'm glad to hear she's doing better anyways!!

Nicole- I bet she's having diarrhea because of the abx.... it shall pass. Just make sure she's staying hydrated if it's a lot. would be a good idea to introduce some friendly gut flora to re-populate her body.

My little one is mildly sick. Caught a cold from brother and it's enough to just make him a little fussy. When he's tired though he's virtually inconsolable until he falls asleep. poor thing. we've been hanging out in bed a lot today- he's good if I'm looking at him and talking to him and then everything else sucks. this will pass.
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Malama and Mamabeca - thanks for the suggestions. We stopped the decongestant yesterday, and the antibiotics are a 10 day course, with us at day 3, so those still have to go. The peds told us not to worry either, but it is some nasty stuff, so it's hard not to worry. We gave her tea tonight since she is generally a water and 100% juice kinda girl. We wanted to hold off on the juice until this gets better.

Mamabeca - Good luck with the sleeping issue. I hope it's not apnea either. Here's to hoping Ori's just a bit congested and it will go away.

Better get some sleep. Gonna be up soon to nurse. With the congestion and stuffy nose, Will is not nursing as well. Gives me time to build up a stock pile, since after this cold is over, I know he will be a little nursing champ again.
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So.....anybody going to start the new thread?
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OK. I thought about it, but wasn't ready to leave the due date club.... don't know why.... I guess I was feeling like this was a "private" little microcosm and life with a babe is so PUBLIC! OK.... I know that's lame.... I'll start a new one and post a link here.
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Before we leave the pregnancy forum, I need to (quickly) get it off my chest that I have been feeling a bit disappointed with my birth experience. I guess it's just that I was trying to improve on my birth with dd1, a hospital induction, but in the end, my memories of my first birth are deep, spiritual, and tranquil. The cd that played during the birth still brings tears to me eyes. Memories of my second birth are more negative, the pain seemed harder to deal with, I have no music I really associate with the birth to bring back strong emotions, as I listened to hypnobirthing stuff (that btw didn't work for me) and another cd that was too low to hear well. There was some music playing, but it isn't strongly linked to my birth, as there is with my first. I was unable to relax, I wailed during my second birth, sometimes screaming. With my first, I was able to use deep breathing to remain calm and deep within myself.
One good thing abouth the 2nd is I learned a lot about trusting my intuition, in the end, as I *knew* time was coming when I felt an urge to push, I was able to clearly know I was in transition, and could feel the head coming, and even did my own internal to verify.
Last night I dreamed I was still pregnant/pregnant again, and had two more babies (a set of triplets, with Geneva already born), and in the dream I was explaining to dh, my sis and my mw, how I wanted things to be different at this next birth. I told dh and sis I needed better music, and I told my mw I wanted to catch the baby myself (that was the plan, but didn't happen for various reasons).

Thanks for listening, I feel better just getting it all off my chest. I feel weird that I am disappointed in my homebirth, compared to the medicalized birth, but I think it has to do with finding joy, etc where you'd least expect it. I expected the induction to be miserable, but we made the best of it in spite of the iv in my arm. With the homebirth, I expected myself to do even better, but in the end I realized that I didn't give myself enough credit for the first one, that the strength was in me, not in my place of birth, though I do not for a second regret the homebirth.

Ok, now I can move on the life with babe!
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pam, i'm responding to your post over on the new thread (ann did too)
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