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isn't amazing what the neighbors will carry off if you leave it by the curb?

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We are moving next weekend and are in the middle of a declutter to end all decluttering -- boldly going where no declutter has gone before...

Anyway, we've set all sorts of things out front and people take them away and seem so happy! What got us started was a broken rocking chair. I believe in putting trash in the trash and giving useful things to charity, and I felt this chair was trash. So I set it out for the trash. Instead, a nice man knocked on my door and asked if he could have it and fix it up. He seemed so happy when I said yes!

So we were thinking, what else would people carry off for us? So far -- 2 ugly, cheap night stands and matching ugly headboard, a healthrider,

OK that's it. It seems like a short list now, but it was big bulky stuff.
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We have special garbage days for stuff like that, and people drive around in trucks just to do that!!
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I'm admittedly a trash picker that's where my ironing board, dishrack and some folding chairs we have came from. Oh and my nextdoor neighbor put a crappy futon chair out and we grabbed it --- dh and dd slept on that for about three months.

I tend to do like you do -- put super junky stuff on the curb and if someone wants it they can have it.

you know what they say:
one man's trash is another's treasure.
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I put ALL sorts of stuff out for people to take. I discovered that I live in a prime area for people to pick up junk when we put a toilet out for trash pick-up a week after we bought our house. Within 30 minutes someone had carted the nasty old thing off. Then they took the shag carpet- well, every bit of carpeting from our house except the red shag. And the people we bought the house from were smokers with hairy cats.

Anyway, I take advantage of this. I put stuff out there in a box with a free sign on it. The last batch was really odd- a bunch of plastic lids that I could no longer find the bottoms to (among other assorted items). Someone took them all within an hour! And t's not like the just took the whole box and left- the were nice enough to leave the box in case we needed it, but took every last plastic lid. Who knows- maybe they are working on some crazy art project.
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Little known fact: kerc and I were separated at birth.

I've gotten:

*pots, pans, measuring cups and spoons (indeed, much of my first kitchen. We still have some of it.)
*physics and chemistry textbooks (I'm a physicist if it matters)
*DD's rocking chair -- perfect condition once I repainted it
*garden pots
*mystery plants from those little seed starter thingys (turned out to be pretty flowers)
*several softballs
*a pile of mixed-up legos

So thank you for decluttering.

(Though the best piles are those "free" piles left after a garage sale.
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I am a trash picker myself--during "Brush and Bulky" pickup I got a nice stack of firewood from a neighbor who'd cut down a tree, and had the logs all sawed into nice pieces! Guess he didn't have a fireplace . . . I've gotten lots of other things too from the curb, mostly furniture items although a little clothing. College towns are great for this during the end of spring when the students are leaving--it is INSANE what rich lazy kids will ditch out on the curb at the end of school year!! (Nice furniture, clothes, TV's, kitchen stuff, etc.! You could furnish an entire home!) You'd think they would donate stuff, but no, they just chuck it out on the curb.

Thus said, I DO have some limits about what I'll take out of someone's trash or buy at a yard sale! Ever see that Volkswagen ad where two young guys are driving around in their VW with some music playing and see a cool upholstered chair sitting out on the curb? Next thing you know they are driving around with that chair in the backseat. Then they are looking at each other frowning with their noses all wrinkled up and a "What's that smell?" look, and then you see the chair on another curb as they drive off . . . . I've had similar experiences!!!

We ripped up our carpet recently because our dog was old and incontinent--and we decided that since we were at it we'd re-do the floor in one of our bedrooms where the carpet wasn't so bad. We put that carpet out on the lawn, where it was sitting in the dirt getting rained on for at least several weeks while waiting for us to find a truck to take it to the dump. Finally DH got the idea to cut it up into little pieces a couple of square feet, so we could start to gradually dispose of it with the weekly trash. He had it sitting out on the curb and some guy came and asked if he could take it. DH was like, "uh, if you want to, PLEASE DO!!" We couldn't imagine what someone would want old, rained on, yukky carpet pieces for!!
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So what would happen if I asked dh to sit at the curb for a while????
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:LOL never under estimate the trash=treasure conversion!!we got rid of rusty 55 gallon drum, worn out recliner, oooolllldd foam rubber, gross mattresses, broken lawnmowers, old tires, hideously old worn wood chair, carpet from hell, moldy stuffed animals, all kinds of crap left here when we moved in. in all about 5 truck loads of crap! and i'm into all the used stuff-just not THIS stuff! i even had a guy stop and say you should see what i did with that old wood burning stove you had out front for free!!
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Around here, items with a FREE sign on them will sit forever - if you want to get rid of it, put a FOR SALE sign on it with a price, and someone will steal it within an hour!

Cute story: Someone gave my STBX a cap for his truck and it ended up not fitting. Since it was given to him, he decided to just give it away. It sat by the road for over a week with a FREE sign on it. Jokingly, I told him I was going to put a $25 sign on it, hoping someone would just steal it so it would be gone. 15 minutes after I made my silly little magic-marker sign someone knocked on my door and handed me $25 in cash.
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My aunt and my grandfather (before he passed) used to get the "broken" stuff and fix it for yard sales. So, maybe someone is profitting from all your "junk"
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In our neighborhood, all of this is collected with all the regular trash, so every Sunday in the warmer months, you'll see people making their way down the treelawn picking through everyone's trash. We also live near the university and most of the houses on my street are rental duplexes, so during the summer, everyone's moving in and out and the homeowners clean out the basements with all the past tenants' stuff and there's a lot out there to be had. If you're into trashpicking, come to my neighborhood!
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Oh, I am so guilty of this! I got my Archie and Edith chairs there in college.
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annakiss - are you near Case? I was up there for my friends law school graduation a few years ago (okay, now that I think about it, it was almost seven years ago!) and your neighborhood sounds like where she lived. It was so nice!
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Originally Posted by mmace
annakiss - are you near Case? I was up there for my friends law school graduation a few years ago (okay, now that I think about it, it was almost seven years ago!) and your neighborhood sounds like where she lived. It was so nice!
We like it. Today it was 65 out and DS and I walked up to the video store, gathering sticks on the way, 'cause, you know, sticks are fun. It's a really nice little neighborhood. My husband goes to Case.
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My friend lived in Lakewood - cute little street named Cohassett Avenue.
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Once we figured out how fast stuff was going, we became more radical about what we sat out. Today we gave away a fish tank, a book shelf, a desk, some framed posters that haven't been hung up in 10 ten years, card table and chairs, and plastic storage thingy on coasters (one of the coasters is broken). Everything either had something wrong with it or hasn't been used in a very long time.

Why have we been carrying this stuff around with us?

Our new house is going to seem so much nicer with out all this junk.
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I've gotten great stuff from other peoples trash piles. It takes all kinds to make the world go around.
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I got my living room carpet sitting beside the dumpster behind the local carpet place. : It had an orange juice stain, but nothing some oxy clean and a steam cleaner didn't get out...have had it 5 years now, and it fit my living room perfect. We referred to it as the gift from God (we had just replaced the floors in here, and the carpet tiles no longer stuck...literally THAT DAY we'd done all this and then found it AND a perfect match? Come on! How coincidental is that!?) :LOL

We got the kids bunkbeds from the lady across the street, the desk I'm sitting at was sitting in front of the church down the road (the minister came out and helped DH load it into the back of his truck :LOL )

I've gotten furniture throughout the years (again, steam cleaned they're fine!) too.

I've sat out old stoves, desks, toddler beds, bikes, old furniture (after all, we upgraded with curbside attire :LOL), beds, broken washers...I swear, the stuff is gone in minutes!
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: Guilty...I've found a few neat items on the side of the road. A lot of times up here, people will stack their stuff by the road with a free sign. Among other things I got one of those ab exercisers and an antique sewing table. My husband is a freak about it though, he actually digs in trash cans and dumpsters. He's found some good stuff too. I'm not into digging in trash cans.
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When we lived in Alameda, Rain and I used to leave things out for the "Furniture Fairies", and then we'd keep watch and ee how long it took. It was a treasured childhood memory... but it doesn't work so well pon the farm!

I love Lease Ending Day, which is the day all of the students' leases end at UC Davis (Sept. 1). I always get tons of stuff... last year I got two books that sold within a week for a total of $150, plus more...

Of course, now I need to declutter...

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