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midwife or OB?

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I had my first 2 daughters with and OB at a hospital...that was 10 and 14 years ago and midwives were unavailable here

I had Sophia at home with a midwife(19mos ago) and will do the same for this baby...

What are you choosing for your birth? why?
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ob -- under my medical insurance i have a choice of two hospitals and their associated ob clinics. I'd personally prefer a family doc who was backed up by an ob at the hospital but my grad student insurance doesn't cover it.

I had a csection with my first and the recent research that has come out re: the safety of VBAC scares me. I want the peace of mind of knowing that someone is monitoring me the whole time.

There are two? midwives locally -- one who does homebirths and one who will take you if you are a second + time mom. The second one has a young family and I think is trying to limit her practice. Neither is the right option for me.
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Because it's either VBAC or C for me and I'm 35 and I've had GD twice it's an OB for me. Plus I go to my DH's cousins practice(don't actually see cousin cause I can't do male OB's) so it's a family thing. I'm actually leaning towards scheduling a c-section this time. Having an emergency c-section was so frigtening for me that avoiding going through that again is high on my birth plan list of priorities.
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We used a OB with ds (2). We did not like the dr or the hospital experience (induction, epidural~ nerve damge from it, vacuum delivery, 3rd degree tear, etc.

This time we are going to a midwife for a birthing center or homebirth. The midwife is very sweet and is a hypnobithing instructor!
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I didn't really answer my own question...why I choose a midwife...

first of all I had a great OB with my first 2, unfortunately he didn't deliver either of my babies...they were delivered by the OB on call. I did have good birth experiences, natural birth with second etc. He was a little quick with a c-section, had one of the higher rates in the area however he was also the high risk specialist so Ithink that was part of that. He was very sweet and kind, I always said he was like Bill Cosby's character(he was jamaican and had the most awesome accent) he was soooo funny.

But I just decided to go a different route last time...the mw service is now paid for under the Ontario health plan, I loved the time spent with my midwife who is now a good friend as well, at least 45 mins to an hour, I knew all the mw in the practice..so either could have shown up and I would have been fine...

I also have no medical conditions, am on baby #4, practice hypnobirthing so have no need for drugs for pain and generally am a good candidate for home birth...

of course this is a different pregnancy...we will see how well it progresses...if mine and the baby's health changes I will be happy to revise my plan...and under certain circumstances may have no choice(midwife can't do twin pregnancies for example) my second choice would be midwife at hospital...there is a wonderful OB that does the backup for the midwives and if I need to go that route I will request him...
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My first two were hospital births w/ our family dr...who missed both births. LOL

My third was born at home in water.

This time, becuase of our situation, I'll most likely be at the hospital w/ a mw. However, this mw has been a HB mw for years and is retiring her practice to go work for an OB. I feel pretty comfortable having her for my prenatal care and birth attendant.
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I had an OB with my son 2 years ago. I was not satisfied with the level of care I received--large practice of doctors. It was very impersonal and the exams and recommendations were not consistant from doc to doc. I ended up with a section due to breech presentation, that the doctor did not discover until I was complete and ready to deliver.

This time around I have hired a midwife practice. There are 4 in the group. I am very excited to be seeing them and will hopefully be having a successful VBAC. I will be delivering in a different hopsital, than where I had my son. Because this particular hospital is the only one in the area that allows midwives to deliver.
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I'm using midwives because I feel that out-of-hospital birth is safest in most cases, and in particular, in my case.

I'm looking forward to being home with my other kids and not having to leave the house, etc.

I've had 3 hospital births (because of a resolved health condition) with CNMs, and I suspect while hospital births have their place, I do not need or want the extra "services" that they provide.

That said, I think that mamas should birth wherever they are most comfy, and where is safest for them and the baby. Without an acceptance of your environment, it will be harder to birth. Good luck to all as we make these decisions.
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Homebirth with a midwife and I can't wait!! We had a pretty typical intervention-filled hospital birth w/a med-wife last time and we just want a different experience this time around.
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We're staying home with the same midwife who I've seen since I was six weeks pregnant with my first son. She has caught all of my babies, my mom helped catch #2 & 3 because she likes to have four hands. Mom cut all their cords, also.

My mom had 4 hospital births - two with midwives, two with drs. Mine being the worst and her last one was a vaginal then a csection within a half hour later (twins). And 2 homebirths which she has always told me were the best experiences ever. So that is why I choose to go with a midwife/homebirths. Plus I really don't like hospitals much. My oldest was born at the birthing center (freestanding) as a comprimise for my husband.

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I'm a homebirth wannabe, but my hubby is dead set against it So, for sake of sanity and argument, I will have an OB Hospital birth, with a very detailed birth plan. I will try to get it as close to a homebirth as I possibly can. (ie, no interventions, just leave me alone and let me birth my baby my way)
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i would love to have a homebirth with a midwife. I tried last time and ended up with a hospital transfer. If all goes well, I will birth at home this time.
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My prenatal care is with an OB I know and trust. When I give birth in the hospital I will be attended by a midwife and then an OB will come just for the delivery.

This is the setup I had with my first, and it worked well (plus is covered 100% by my insurance).
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I am doing all appts with my midwife again (same one as last time) but will also be under the close supervision of the 2 doctors in the practice and will have a hosptial birth attened by midwife, docs only if an emergency arises.

My son was born via emergency c-section due to a surprise breech discovered after hours of unmedicated pushing. Also, I had early shortening of my cervic and bedrest for the last several months of my pregnancy. And while those things don't make me high risk, they do raise a few eyebrows and make my midwife encourage me to be as comfy with the docs as I am with her.

I am happy with this arrangement. In fact, I was told last friday that my practice wouldnt see me due to an insurance issue. I actually cried about it much of the weekend. But, before I even woke up Monday (Valentine's day) they called to say they found a technicality to squeeze me in on. YIPEEEEEE I had an appt that afternoon.

B/c of the VBAC, I won't get the intervention free labor I want but thats okay this time around. Our birth plan will be very detailed and our midwife is nothing but accomodating as far as she can be.
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Midwife and hospital. The midwives here will not do a home birth. Midwifery in UT is steeped in controversy right now, so I don't blame them.
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We're going midwife and homebirth. I want it to be as hands-off as possible (kind of like UC with a midwife in the other room if we need her).

If we're in the small minority that needs more complicated care we'll go to the hospital, but I have faith in the statistics and look forward to birthing at home.

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My first DS was a home waterbirth, attended by MW. I intend to do the same for this one. Initially, I had planned to give birth at my MW's birthcenter, but as the time came nearer, the idea of getting in a car and driving to the birthcenter seemed very disruptive, and it seemed much more comfortable to just be at home. So we altered our plan. I also did concurrent care with an OB (who did not know that I was also seeing a MW). He wanted to induce me 3 weeks early because I'm overweight and he was of the opinion that that put me at risk for a large baby I couldn't birth (very stupid, and rather unsupported "fear" that OBs tend to hold, and not something he ever told me but that I've researched recently and figured out on my own). Needless to say, my DS was 7 lb 14 ou - a very normal, average weight for a newborn.

I also wanted to mention to those of you who are chosing the OB/hospital path, that I highly recommend hiring a doula. Especially if you intend a non/low intervention birth or natural birth. I am considering hiring one myself, even though I'll have MWs. (Not all MWs are present for your entire labor, depending on the practice. A question to ask when you're interviewing MWs.)
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I'm similar to you, Forevermama. And if dh isn't completely comfortable at home then I know I wouldn't be either. If there was a freestanding birthcenter near us I would go that route but there isn't. (I keep hoping one will open up before Oct.... I heard rumors but who knows) So it is a hospital birth for us. I like my OB alright but I am stongly considering hiring a doula to help keep my natural plan natural!
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For those of you who have reluctant husbands, I'd encourage you to make an appointment and actually meet with a homebirth midwife. She may be able to make your partner much more comfortable with the idea of a homebirth!

A lot of people have this idea that midwives just show up with their gloves and a loopy smile--it's not true, they come fully prepared with all the tools necessary in case of emergency. They bring the birthing center to your home. It's really amazing what a midwife can pull from her bag o' tricks.

Anyway, if he's willing to meet with a midwife, his mind might be changed. Then you can have the birth you want!
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My hubby was resistant, initially, to the idea of a midwife and birthcenter instead of an OB and hospital. Luckily, he's one who likes to do research on *everything*. Once he actually looked at the information, he became the biggest proponent, taking on all the biddies at his office who continue to view homebirth as "unsafe" (have they seen the national c-section rate??).

If you really want a HB or birthcenter, and if he's willing to read some information about them, give it a try. I also echo onlyboys suggestion to actually meet with a MW or two. She's probally used to situations such as yours, where the mother is very interested but has a reluctant partner.
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