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Need information

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Last night DH realized I only have 13 more weeks before the baby is "due" and now he wants a slew of information other than the books we are getting. I have pamamidwife's site on my computer as well as the spinning babies site. Any other good ones I should know of or have? TIA!
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What kind of info is he looking for? Labor and delivery? www.midwifery.org is a good one, as well as www.midwiferytoday.com. There are so many! www.gentlebirth.org, www.waterbirth.org, www.dona.org (doula site, with good links)

One book I recommend if you don't already have it is Henci Goer's Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth . Also Birthing From Within There is a good section in that book about the partner's roll.

If you can give me some more specific things he want's info on I can get you more book titles and links.

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Mainly labor and delivery as he will be doing it (except the labor part I guess :LOL ). He wants to know how to spin the baby (have a site) if it's positioned wrong, what to do if the cord is around the neck. Literally EVERYTHING. Thanks for those links and books! I will check them out. Anymore you have would be great!
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Have you checked out the unassisted forum on MDC? Talk to the women there and I bet you will get a ton more info!
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