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Need some rainy day ideas for today

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I've got an almost 4yo and a 7 month old, it's pouring rain, and my mind is pretty blank about what to do today. I'd much appreciate some of your ideas!
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How messy do you want to get?

On rainy, boring days we have:

mixed up odds and ends from the kitchen to make gooey (but inedible) recipes

taken the washable watercolor paints into the tub to paint the kids then let them wash up

put all the couch cushions on the floor for climbing and jumping

made forts out of lots of chairs and blankets

baked cookies or bread or made granola

mixed cornstarch and water to make oooblick (no idea how to spell that)-if you get the proportions right it feel solid but then gets runny when you try to pick it up

Turned up the dance music and dance like maniacs

put on puppet shows

wrote our own stories

: the kids have painted themselves with tempera paint

played with shaving cream in the sink or tub

played with water at the sink

taped bubble wrap to the floor and stomped on it (if we have it from packages we've received or from dh's work)

That's all I can think of.
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We like playing in the tub too, when the kids need a really good diversion. Bath crayons are great (then give you a good excuse to clean the tub after), blowing bubbles is fun. We even bring the kids' tea set in there & they have bathtime tea parties (although it is tough to get them to not drink the water!)

If your ds likes the computer, starfall.com is a great site for that age group.

We also usually do some baking as a special treat.

HTH. Have fun!
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