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Non-denominational baptism?

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My husband & I are interested in having some type of baptism for our baby that is Christ oriented yet not an initiation into a particular faith or church? Has anyone else done anything like this? I have no idea how to go about finding someone to do this for us. Maybe we could even do it ourselves? Any suggestions welcome.
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My younger brother was "dedicated" to Christ in family ceremony at a family reunion. My grandpa officiated, and the entire extended family agreed to be his spiritual family as well.
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A good friend of my MILs performed a small christening ceremony for my dd. He is ordained as a unity minister and he used rose petals to name her and asked that everyone present provide support and guidence to our family. It was vey low key.

Ask around if any of your friends/family knows an ordained minister and set it up on your terms. We only had a few people there and it was actually perfomed on my MIL's sailboat at the same time we chistened it (the boat is named after my MIL's deceased sister).

Good luck!

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I had a Unitarian Universalist minister do a baby naming ceremony. Mine was not Christian, but they can do it Christian if that is how you want it.
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baby dedications

I know that in our church we do baby dedications, in which the parents commit to raising the child with God part of the process, and getting the blessing of our extended family and the church body for support. (It takes a village!)

But I am really strongly opposed to infant baptisms. Choosing to be baptized should be a personal decision, one that parents cannot make for a child. My daughter is 10 and asks if she can be baptized each time we go to a baptism,and I keep telling her no! I said she could make that decision when she is 16, because I want her to make that choice for reasons other than wanting to go in the baptismal and be the center of attention! (BTW my husband was baptized 2 months ago,, at the age of 30. He was raised Lutheran and was of course "sprinkled" as an infant,,but wanted to act on his own decision at this point in life.)

I know that our church ( Christian denomination) is pretty generic, and you don't have to do any sort of denominational affiliation to be an active part of church...
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Baby Dedication:
I had my 2nd and 3rd babies dedicated to the Lord at non-denominational Christian Churches. It is a simple ceremony that recognizes that Children are a gift from God, He entrusts them in our care, gives us the ability to raise them. (That's always an encouraging thought when I am struggling with my parenting). I think its a really nice way to start and can be done at any age I believe. God Bless!
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