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Originally Posted by Spark
Jude goes potty now, but still sometimes pulls out his favorite Sunflower Derrieres yellow UBCPF and asks to be changed! It's so cute. I've since retired the yellow PF and he now gets to play with it in his toy box.

Ahhh, I LOVE cloth.
One of the first diapers I bought for Gemma was a GORGEOUS TXBB AIO. It had a woven outer -- the background was electric blue and there were BRIGHT fish swimming all over it -- and a bright orange panne inner. When we opened that fluffy package, Kieran grabbed the diaper and refused to give it up. He ran around saying "fishy, fishy, mama, fishy" and petting that diaper for days. It was like a lovey for him! We still have the diaper and every time he sees it, he just goes nuts over the thing. It is so sweet!

Now that he's using the potty, Kieran absolutely refuses to be diapered at all. After a week on the potty he even started refusing diapers -- or anything that resembles a diaper, like training pants -- at night. (With very few accidents, amazingly. ) Sometimes I almost wish he *would* let me put a diaper on him again ... I kinda miss those baby days with my first baby.
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Lyssi was a newborn ~ still in the merconium poopy stage ~ when we started!

after exclusively dd'ing my son ~ what a trip cloth was at first!
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I CD'd both kids from birth. I've always known I would CD. I've always hated the very idea of disposables.

I was all ready to use pins and rubber pants, and then my brother and SIL had their first child in '99, and I found out about velcro wraps. I was so thrilled. I thought they were the most wonderful thing since sliced bread. They replaced pins AND rubber pants. I started excitedly telling everyone about them. Then I got my Ecobaby catalog and discovered contours. I honestly thought they were the cream of the crop until about 9 months ago :LOL when I started coming in here and reading about the fitteds and hyena dipes etc. that you guys were using.

Anyway, by the time my first child was born I had about half prefolds and half contours (they were all OC though!). My dp mostly used pf's and I mostly used contours. That's all my first child ever used from birth until pl and then I used those same dipes on my second child until I discovered this forum and started building my fitted stash -- by that time he was in mediums.

Oh, wait, you didn't ask us for our life stories?
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We started somewhere around 6-8 weeks. I remember that first box of diaper samplings and this vague idea that I would find the end all be all of diapers in that box (kissaluvs and fuzzibunz)...little did I know that the world of wahm diapers was lying in wait around the corner to suck me in! :LOL
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I started thinking about it just before my DDs birth, I bought a few things here and there in smalls thinking they would be so small on her! Ha! I had a 6.8 lber and nothing I had fit her! I *thought* newborn diapers would be a waste of money! (Now Id buy an entire stash for our next baby) So she ended up in disposables until about 4-5 weeks and I cd part time till I built up a stash. Its been about 8 months now and I remember being so nervous and constanly thinking "how will I be able to cd- washing seemed like so much work and EVERYONE thougth Id lost my mind!?" Now I wash every other day because I love doing diaper laundry so much!
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I started CJ at 9 weeks. I don't even remember how I stumbled upon all the great new cloth diapers. I had some Kushies in my shopping cart at Amazon and I decided to search for some reviews and stumbled upon diaperpin. I never realized there was a whole other world for cloth diapering!
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We started on Day 2 - as soon as we left the hospital. We just didn't want to cart home all the dirties on day one.
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With my first I used sposies..sigh and with my second I started her at 4 months when I just couldn't stand throwing out another bag of sposies in the garbage. My bathroom smelled eventhough I took the diapers out every day. A friend of mine was using prefolds and rubber pants and I thought I'd give it a go and went on line to find out about it. I came here and well the rest is history, as they say. I never did buy prefolds and went straight to fitteds and covers.
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I didn't start cd until dd was 8 mo old and of course I wish I would have done it MUCH sooner.
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Keiran was 7 months when we started. I wish it had been from the beginning, but I wasn't brave enough.
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We started our dd in cloth when she was about 30 min. old
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Sarah was a few days old. I didn't receive my diapers in time to start sooner. Customs ... :

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I started cding both boys at the same time.

Aaron was 2 yrs 8 mo. Colton was 3 mo.
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Except for gerber cloth training pants, jade didn't wear cd's at all.

when I was pregnant for karis and active on both the march 2004 and the homebirth boards I started reading about all the newborn stashes my fellow pg mamas were getting together. I absolutely loved the idea. I started coming here and researching and shopping websites. I decided that I was going to do it, and also decided to switch chandler, who was almost 18 months at the time. Last January I met several MDC mamas at a diapering party here and bought chan's first cloth dipes. He wore a bumkins AIO home. karis was born 2 months later and was cd'd from birth except for some sposies in the first few weeks because we had cord issues. Last February, after reading a thread here, I purchased our very first FCB pul aio IN STOCK!! And it's been a whirlwind ever since!!
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In the back of my head I always wanted to with dd but never could take the plunge. When I found out I was pregnant with ds I started buying right away and put my nearly 2 yr old in cloth. We did it part-time with her and she daytime potty trained the week I brought ds home. She definitely loves all the new fun dipes I get for her bedtime. ds started with cloth diapers after 24 hrs the moment we stepped in the door at home!
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16 months, I started out using the diapers my mom used on my sister (who was 15 yrs old at the time)
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newborn.. he has never used a 'sposie'
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We started CDs at 5 months...when he was big enough for "Large" in most dipes. Next kid I plan to start earlier.
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Andy- don't remember, it was 17 yrs ago
Molly- 6 mos, but not at daycare
Katie, Jonah, Zach- about 2.5 mos, but that was before I discovered all the options.
If there's a next time I'll start when we get home from the hospital. Newborn fluff I can only imagine how precious it is!
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Alyssa was 3-4 weeks old or so. As soon as she got up over 5 lbs so the cloth diapers fit her. Otherwise, I would have cloth diapered her as soon as I got home from the hospital.
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