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How old was your child when you started cloth diapering? - Page 3

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Mariangelis first wore a cloth diaper at 3 months ( a gerber prefold and pull up cover) and then I started really getting into it at 5 1/2 months. We are now almost full time (sposies for sitters or family wathcing baby).
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Peter was in a Kissaluvs 0 at an hour old, but when we transferred to the NICU I didn't have the strength to fight for cloth there, so he wore sposies for a week. Since we went home on day 8, no sposies have touched his butt.
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Baby #2 I started at 15 mos and all because I got on a frugal kick(that's a laugh now), the tightwad gazette gave me the idea and the born to love site inspired me further. He had a simple stash of prefolds, bsww, me, kissaluvs, and bumkins aios. DD, baby#3, wore cloth from birth, she was born at home. Her first diaper was a preemie prefold trifolded in a bsww. (Still into simple then). Baby #4 was also born at home and his first dipe was a bbh duck duck goose print nb fitted with no cover. He had a matching duckie gown and socks.
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Luke was about 48 hrs. old or so. I'd have taken cloth to the hospital w/ me, but I was scared to death it wouldn't work and my family would do the I told you so...but after a day or so I got brave and dove in head first! I've never looked back even for a moment since! My one big regret in parenting is not knowing about cloth w/ my first 2 babies.
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14 months- it never occurred to me before then!!! I still don't know anyone IRL that cd's!!!
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I started when Jack was 6 months old. My mom encouraged me to try when he had a really bad rash that I couldn't get rid of. Our next baby will hopefully be CD'd from birth.
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with my oldest i tried for about 2 months ut he was always leaking. only now do i relize most of our diapers were fitteds that needed a cover or crappy aios :LOL
I started again when my youngest was about 6 1/2 months old and swithced my oldest into cloth a few meeks later.
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With my first I waited about a week and then she was in diaper service prefolds and bummis SWWs. My second was in prefolds and the same wraps from birth. My third was in all sorts of fun fluff from birth.
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I also tried initially but had crappy leaky diapers and gave up. Have been cd-ing full time just since December 21, when dd was 13.5 mos old. I wish I had known about the diapering board when she was newborn!
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We started when Eli was almost 2 and Jack was 4 months but quit after about 6 months (I don't remember why, I think we may have needed bigger diapers for Eli and couldn't afford it or something). I planned to cd Claudia from birth, but she was really early and the NICU refused to use cloth, but they did just lay her on the diapers until she got wiggly. She was in cloth as soon as we got home from the NICU, at 10 weeks old.
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From the day Shane was born thanks to Tammy and Amy. Before that I just never thought about it and knew no one who CD.
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With Max I started when he was a few months old, as SOON as we got our washer and dryer.

With Stella, she was born at home, so pretty much as soon as I could roll over and put it on her she had on a Fuzzi Bunz.

One hour Fuzzi Bunz
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#3 was 4 mos old (I think this was years ago), #4 and #5 were from birth. the first 2 weren't lucky enough to be cded (and momma was too ill informed).

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dd was 8 months when we first tried cloth but tried with terrible gerber covers and dsq prefolds and got discouraged. Then a few months later I bought a defective wahm dipe and got discouraged again. Tried again a month later with a different wahm dipe and loved it and slowly built up a collection.

ds we started at about 2 weeks because he came earlier than i'd expected and i'd just ordered the prefolds and they didn't arrive until the end of the next week.
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dd#1: CDed from about 4 days old (one pack of newborn sposies) until about a year old (when I was pg and moving and overwhelmed.) Then CDed again from about 21mo to about 30mo. She graduated to underwear at age 3.

dd#2 CDed from about 5mo (when I put both girls in cloth) to 15mo until dh and I split up and I put the girls back in sposies (overwhelmed with single mommyhood.) She was in sposies/pull-ups until she was nearly 4.

ds: CDed from 21mo (when I realized I wasn't going back to work, had the time to wash diapers, and couldn't really afford sposies.) 2nd DH was grossed out by the idea of CD, so I didn't even consider using CD on ds until the was totally out of the picture.
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about 4 months old but we used sposies when dh's grandpa died cause we weren't sure how long we'd be gone. They gave me horrible head aches and we won't use them again.
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We started with the diaper service pfs and wraps as soon as we got home (7 days). I used some sposies for overnight and outings until we went 100% cloth at 3 months and haven't used a single sposie since (20 months ago!).

I switched to fitted and aios at 3 months; I hated prefolds. I haven't used a single one of those in 20 months either!
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This has been so fun to read! It's amazing how many of us had NO idea that cloth could be cute. I had no idea about fitteds until I was 2 weeks pregnant with Emily and did a search on ebay for cloth diapers..... to buy some prefolds. I found all these neato fitteds!!!! Christopher was cloth diapered part time using gerber prefolds and .... gasp... rubber pants! I used those didee clips instead of pins sometimes, but they were awkward, so I usually just pinned. Then, a friend got me the prefolds that had velcro!!!!! I thought they were the coolest darned things and loved them. I still have a few.

I put prefolds on the baby that I watch during the day most of the time. She is allergic to wool and PUL, so I have one fleece cover that I use when I feel like putting a cover on her. I didn't use cloth on her until she was 19 months old, and I have watched her since she was 14 months old. I only watched her for 2 hours a day until recently when I started getting her full time. Emily potty trained, and I missed using cloth. I hate the sposies.... they smell bad and look nasty to me.

Happy Diapering!

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As soon as the dipes that I had bought would fit him (about 2 months old). But if the next baby is another micro-preemie I am going to get some hidden pearl dipes. If I am lucky enough to ever get to term the baby will be cd'd from birth.
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I started Julia in preemie prefolds with wrap covers or nylon pants the day I brought her home, which was when she was 4 days old. I didn't bother with cloth in the hospital-- as a matter of fact, I didn't change a diaper the whole time I was in there. My mom or MIL or DH did it; I was recovering from a cesarean and learning to breastfeed and there was just too much else for me to worry about. But once we got home we started on cloth.
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