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2 Heartbeats

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Just wondering what 2 heartbeats would sound like with a stethoscope or fetoscope? How much variation would there be? I have been sort of speculating about the posibility of multiple pg since conception and was listening in for the heartbeat last night. (I am having a UP/UC) I could hear a faint heartbeat-like sound that was 136/min. I could hear a very strong, obvious baby heartbeat that was 156/min. I could also hear my own heartbeat (which was in the 100 range). There was also a "wooshy" sound that I figured was likely placenta sounds. Could there have been 2 heartbeats or was it likely an echo? Would one be fairly faint while the other was so strong? Is 136 too low for a fetal heartrate?

Just curious
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Also, at 30 weeks what kind of movement would one expect with twins? I seem to have a fair bit of rolling in one direction on the left side while feeling kicks on the right. Or punches to the cervix on the right while feeling kicks to several other places. Sometimes I can really feel a lot of baby parts in there (more than I can attribute to one baby) yet other times it seems very much like there is only one and no more room for more.

I really imagine that it would be more obvious at this point if I were having more than one, yet some things really make me wonder........ (this is my 3rd pg so I know what I "should" be feeling at this point and this pg ain't normal :LOL)

Any expertise you have to share with me is more than appreciated!!
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I don't know what UP/UC means. Does that mean that you are having no medical-type interventions or assistance?

Anyway...my impression is that 2 heartbeats at 30 weeks should be VERY distinct, even with a stethascope. I suppose if the kids were right on top of each other, maybe not--but it doesn't fall into my realm of experience, since my guys liked to be oppose diagonals from each other. (Can we say OUCH?)

I actually felt more movement with my daughter than with my guys. She was kicking, rolling, punching multiple areas all at once constantly. Generally, my guys would not get too active unless they were being monitored, when they'd both work to knock off the monitoring devices. My boys were relatively big though, and due to the TTTS one of them had limited mobility. I felt more "internal" movements (not kicks or punches at me--they primarily liked to wrestle with each other). Kind of like how when your kiddo has hiccups it's internal (since it's not something they're doing TO you, though you can feel it because its inside you). Except for this involved a lot of wrestling, twisting, and roiling.

Please allow me to be a worrywart former TTTS-survivor parent here, but if you really think you are having twins, it might be a good idea to talk to someone (CNW, doc, experienced midwife, ect.) who can confirm whether or not you're having twins. If not, then you don't need to worry about it. If you are, then that way at least you have someone who can advise you if you start experiencing some problems (though chances are you won't, you'll just need to make sure you've got double supplies of birthing stuff ;>)
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I can't really answer any of your questions (we used u/s to monitor my twins once we realized there were twins at around 20 weeks), but I will agree with Tigerchild that, if you suspect twins, I would really recommend finding out for sure. If you're having twins you should be eating more calories &, as was mentioned, there could be a risk of TTTS. While it's certainly possible to have a healthy, problem-free twin pregnancy, there *are* increased risks related to growing two babies at once & IMO, at the very least you need to know one way or the other to be able to accurately evaluate your risks.
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Thank you both for your responses. I have tried to have it verified, but my doctor was less than helpful and after a falling out with her I am now doctor-less. Midwife care is not covered here and there are waiting lists for most doctors. I prefer to avoid that route if possible anyway, I don't want to be "on the record" officially as having twins (if it were to turn out that way) at this point as that would elevate me to "high risk" and could create problems with my homebirth plans. I had an U/S at 18 weeks and 1 fetus was clearly visible, but on almost all of the pictures of the U/S there is what appears to be an extra arm visible in the background. My SIL is doing her residency in OB right now, so she is going to show the photos around to the OBs she works with to get some other opinions.

I did listen for heartbeats again last night and again found 2. There is a louder one that seems to be in the 150 range and a quieter (but still easily audible) one that is in the upper 130 range (same as last time). I am going to get my other SIL to help me listen for heartbeats today. If we can both pick up different heartbeat rhythms at the same time I will persue it further, if the heartbeats seem to be at different rates but are the same rhythm I will assume it is an echo.

I am eating lots of extra calories (I feel horribly sick if I don't eat massive amounts of protien and iron daily) and my weight gain has been good. I take care of my own health and have been doing quite well so far. This pregnancy has been a lot more difficult and uncomfortable then the last 2 and I have had to make significant adjustments to accomidate for that. Regardless of how many there are I don't imagine there will be much different I would need to do at this point, though as the weeks go by that may change. That is why I am trying to figure this whole puzzle out

Thanks again for the input and keep it coming!!
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Do you have any other clues besides the heartrate? My twins were my third pregnancy too and my weight gain and fundal measurements was a lot higher than with my singletons. My fundal measurement was 40 cm (term) at 26 weeks. My weight gain was almost double too. I delivered at only 32 weeks but the last 4-6 weeks or so I could feel 2 babies. My son was very low and I could tell where his bottom/feet were. My daughter was higher and kept flipping around. I had several ultrasounds the last month and I could always tell if she was head or feet down before hand based on the movement I felt.
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Its been kind of a weird pg right from the start. I tested positive at 6 DPO and had M/S and severe exhaustion till about 24 weeks. I have been in mat clothes since about 8 weeks. I am only measuring a couple weeks ahead, but usually I measure 2-4 weeks behind..... I felt first movements at 10 weeks and now at almost 31 weeks I can feel movement in many directions and places at once. I can also feel at least 3 or 4 large parts and lots of little "nubs" if I poke around. I have gained over 35 lbs so far (I gained less than that with the previous 2 pg) and it is all baby. My face, arms, and legs are actually smaller then they were when I conceived. From the back I don't look pg, from the front I have this HUGE belly. My body hurts, the weight of my big belly actually HURTS my leg muscles!! I had to quit yoga because I just didn't have the strength (which is kinda sad for a mama who can pull a bike trailer carrying 2 kids around my hilly neighborhood :LOL) I feel lots of movement and definite pressure down low (my poor cervix gets pummeled), yet I feel lots of rolling and kicking way up high at the same time right under my ribs.

I know all these things CAN mean something, but they can also just be a variation of a normal singleton pg too. I had one who moved non-stop from 12 weeks on and one that didn't move noticably for days at 35 weeks. I had 6 weeks of severe morning sickness with one and none at all with another. I expected this one to be unique to, its just that this one just FEELS different for some reason. I wish I could just be sure WHY as it is driving me crazy!! My hormones and emotions are truly all over the place this time around and I hate the uncertainty I feel about it all right now.

I guess I will figure it out one way or another soon enough.

Thanks for your reply
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Nothing to add here, but you've got me enthralled! I've got no experience with twins, but I think it would be awfully hard to miss an 18wk fetus on an ultrasound.

Who knows, maybe there are two in there accounting for all the differences with this pg, or........

maybe you're having a GIRL!
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