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Anyone want to join me in the NCSS 10 day sleep plan challenge? - Page 3

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Day 7 Results




Bedtime: 7


8:00 paci
10:00 nurse
1:00 nurse
3:00 nurse
5:00 nurse; brought her to bed with me
6:00-8:00 rolled and fidgeted in and out of sleep

8:15 up for the day

I'm going to do my 10 day sleep result log tomorrow (day 8) because we will be out of town this weekend. I want to see what my results are BEFORE I go out of town and screw it all up. :LOL

Those of you waiting for books, etc. I'm sure I'll be starting all over again after our weekend trip.

Welcome, Mama Bear! Good to see another Sept. Mama!
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I may be a little late to jump in, but we've been doing the NCSS 10 day plan now for six days, though I admit I haven't been nearly as consistent as I'd like. We are battling a readjustment from being out of town, but things are looking up. My first log was as follow:

7:00 asleep (consistent bedtime for the most part)
8:30 rocked to sleep
10:00 nursed
1:30 nursed
4:00 nursed and walked and rocked (was up half an hour)
5:00 rocked
5:45 rocked
6:45 up for the day

So, six night wakings, 10.5 hours of sleep, longest span was 3 hours, 15 minutes.

We're also working on lengthening naps...he did 3-4 30-40 minutes naps when we started. Now, he can go longer, but only with help in the middle.

Last night he did this:

7:10 asleep
12:30 nurse
4:30 nurse
6:00 awake

I was almost scared to type it in case it was just a fluke!

It's good to hear how others are doing....sleep parenting is such a hard job!
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I've been keeping track still - but will just pick up with day 7 here:

8:45 - 9:1025 m
11:15 - 1245 m
12:10 - 12:50 40 m

7:20 - 12:205 h
2:50 awake
4:50 - 5:50awake
7:20 up for day

Obviously I still need to work on lengthening his naps, but I'm pretty excited about getting his first sleep of the night longer. And bedtime has become so easy. We just go into his room (he sleeps the first stretch in his crib - then is brought in with us when he wakes up), change into PJ's, one story and nurse to sleep. Bang - by 7:20 or so, he is out! My long-term plan is of course to remove the nursing from the picture, but I decided to get a routine established and ensure he was getting enough total hours in the day first. I'm taking baby steps!

Unfortunately, much like leomom, I'm headed out of town Sat, back on Mon and the flying to the west coast on Tues (thru Sun). Do you think for those 6 days I should keep him on EST or change to Pacific? Any thoughts? I really don't want to lose my new easy bedtime we've established...

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Day 2

10:30am - 12 nap in crib with paci (1.5 hours)
1:45pm - 4pm nap in crib with paci (2.25 hours)
6:45pm - 8:30pm in crib with paci (1.75 hours) - woke up at 7:30pm gave him paci went back to sleep (I was hoping to make this his bedtime, but when he woke up he was wired)

10:45pm - asleep in crib with paci
11:40pm - woke up crying gave him paci
4/4:15am - woke up 'talking' - waiting to make sure he was awake - brought him into bed - nursed - wouldn't go back asleep
5am changed his diaper - still wanted to 'play'
5:15am put him in his crib with paci
5:30am fell asleep
6am fussing - gave him paci
9:30am - up for the day

# hrs nap = 4.5 hrs (# hrs should be getting 3 - 4)
# hrs sleep = 9.5 (# hrs should be getting 10 - 11)
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Originally Posted by wrzos
Do you think for those 6 days I should keep him on EST or change to Pacific? Any thoughts? I really don't want to lose my new easy bedtime we've established...

I think I'd try to keep him as close to the same schedule as possible. I'm going to try that, too. Last tiem we returned from the ILs it took me WEEKS to get Kate sleeping again. Oh, how I hope that doesn't happen this time. :
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Day 8 Sleep Results



Bedtime: 7:15

8 (Nurse)
11:30 (Nurse)
3:30 (Nurse)
6:00 (Nurse)
6:30 (teething)
7:00 (teething)

Awake for the day: 8:05

Since we're going out of town today, I'm officially tracking my success and analyzing my data. Wish me luck.
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I stopped keeping track of ds naps/sleeping b/c I am having what I think is supply issues. I will go back to trying to implement NCSS when things stabilize again.

He has been taking pretty consistent naps, and is only waking up once or twice at night and he goes right back to sleep after he nurses, so for the most part its not that bad.

Best of Luck to everyone!!!
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We went to the ILs this weekend and I am exhausted. Coming down with a cold, too. Tomorrow is a new week, thank goodness.
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O.K. I've been postponing my 10 day sleep log, because it's just that much more effort to wake up and write things down, but somethings gotta give. Dd is 18 mos old and I'm ready to get a good nights sleep!
Thanks for the motivation.
I'll write my results when I start.
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am i understanding correctly without reading the book, that NCSS is for babies who are already having sleep problems? or is it also a good read to study preventive measures for later? my daughter is a good sleeper and napper but she has reflux and is starting teething (which worsens reflux) so i think as she gets more and more uncomfortable, i'll need to be more creative in how i help her get to sleep.
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New to the group- want to join

HI there,

I am so to find that other mom's are feeling the same sleep frustration. Alsyon was a great sleeper as a newborn, but now we are struggling. I go to a mom's group locally and today the facilitator gave me a new perspective on my struggles by suggesting that I not stress on getting sleep myself and just trudge through. While this may sound anti-helpful to some, it was a bit of a relief really.

Anyway, I read the NCSS and have stuggled with implementing so I want to join you. I want to know what things others are doing. We are trying to break the nurse-to-sleep cycle, but with limited success. I am considering a "boot-camp" weekend where my husband comforts her when she wakes up and I stay in the other room. While I know this will mean some crying, she will be in daddy's arms the whole time and not alone in a crib.

Are people trying to stick to nap schedules? Are you staying home to nap? Alyson is not much of a public napper anymore- with the exception of the car.

I look forward to hearing everyone's strategies. I've ordered several more sleep books through my library and will provide any additional ideas I find. I scoured the Amazon.com book reviews on sleep books and a few sounded good. One reviewer mentioned this website which is how I ended up here.
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Hi Tangle,
How old is your daughter. Mine is 18 mos, and is still nursing to sleep. She then wakes up another 2-3 times, and will only nurse back to sleep. Other than the car, I can't get her to sleep any other way. She has to be SOUND asleep when I lay her in her crib, and there's no going in there to pat her on the back, etc... If she's slightly awake, she's standing straight up in her crib. So, we'll see how the NCSS goes. I think I'll start it Monday. Want to join me?
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NCSS sleep plan

I was so happy to come across this message board tonight. It is my first time on this website, and I actually just reread my copy of NCSS yesterday and was considering making a committment to putting into action. My son is 15 months, cosleeps with my husband and I, and has never really had a sleep schedule. He still wakes up for 2-4 nighttime feedings lately. It was down to one for a while, but then teething or a cold seemed to disrupt his schedule. We have tried to follow the book, but are still giving him nighttime feedings and using a paci. He typically goes back to bed after a feeding (within minutes), so I was not really convinced it was a problem, although my husband thinks it is somewhat disruptive to his own sleep...it does not seem to bother me as much. Is it unrealistic to expect him to sleep through the night at this stage with 0-1 nighttime feedings? (If he is hungry at 5am or so, I don't consider that a nighttime feeding.) My pediatrician tells me that he should be able to sleep without a nighttime feeding (but I don't always listen to everything they say about sleeping/feeding). I usually trust my own instinct, but I am not sure if I am setting bad habits for my son. I tend to think his nighttime feedings are now a habit we've created, since it was easier to just feed him and have him fall right back to sleep. I have experimented with having him sleep in his own room, but he (and I) just sleep better when he is in my bed. So, I am just going to focus on reducing the nighttime feedings.

My son typically naps 1 times a day (early afternoon) for about 1-2 hours. We have an established bed time routine (dinner, bath, massage, stories, feeding, lullabies). He sleeps for an hour, wakes up, feeds or just replace paci. Sleeps for another 2-3 hours, wakes, feeds. Sleeps for another 2-3 hours, wakes, feeds, etc., until morning (wakes about 7:30am). He was going to bed about 8:30pm. Tonight I put him to bed earlier (about 6:30pm) and so far he woke 1x after an hour to feed (for about 3 minutes), but has been sleeping ever since (it is 9:15pm). So, we will have to see how the rest of the night goes, but I am hoping for the best.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am so happy to have found you all, since I am working on the NCSS too.
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Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know that Kate has the FLU! I am just recovering from it, also. So I will be AWOL for a while. Good luck with your sleeping. Rest assured, you guys are getting more rest than us! :LOL
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finally got the book

I just got my book yesterday and am about 1/2 way through it. i will catch up on the posts today. here's our log for yesterday:
Nap-30 minutes in bed
nap-on me in sling 3 hours
nap on my chest 30 minutes.
Bedtime- 8:30
11:30 (nurse 5min.)
1:30 (nurse 5-8 min.)
4:30(nurse 20 min.)
6:20 (woken up by the dogs thank you very much)
up for the day 6:45

Total sleep time:12 hours.

It already helped us last night b/c (and this sounds dumb) I didn't realize how much my baby would move and fuss in her sleep so I was puting her on the boob any time she stired in order to avoid a full out crying episode. Well, last night I didn't do that and she slept much much better.
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I think after reading the book that i am going to drop out of this chaleenge untill Iris is a little older. It seems like for babies under 4 months you just try to let go of the nightwakings and start a routine and schedule, but the goal is not yet a full five hours of sleep. So, I think I will snuggle up to my babe at all hours of the night and let it go for another month.
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Can I join ya?

First of all, I must sing the praises of NCSS. It's really been helpful for us. My DS just turned 18months. We co-sleep. Before we started NCSS, I couldn't get him to bed before 9-10 or 11 at night. Naps and bedtime were difficult and stressful. But, now we have a routine and DS is WILLING to go to bed. WOW. A few times he's even asked to go to bed. WOW. Now he's usually in bed and asleep by 8ish and he sleeps about 12 hours. His nap is usually 1.5hrs. I love this.
Here's my issue though. We're trying to wean DS from our bed and it's so HARD!! We put the pack & play in our room. He won't go to sleep there, but we can move him from our bed to the p&p after he's asleep. The problem is that he wakes up and stands up in his crib and wants out at 1 or 2 in the morning. How do we get him to stay, WILLINGLY, in the crib? Of course he wants to be with mama and dada at night. Why would he CHOOSE to sleep by himself when he can be with us? I need help with motivation. Or I need a way to comfort him back to sleep. Right now we just bring him up in our bed. I wonder if we just keep doing that for awhile, will he eventually see that we're there for him if he needs anything, and get comfortable in his p&p?
Any suggestions, mamas?
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Baby sleep- "boot camp"

Hi there mommies,

It's been a busy few weeks so I haven't been able to get online much. Alyson has been sleeping a little bit better, but I've been sooooo tired the past few days that I think I'm letting her regress by nursing her all the way to sleep again for naps yesterday and today.

Friday night my husband slept in her room all night. When she woke in her crib he took her out, changed her and put her in bed with him (a bed in her room). He rubbed her back and soothed her back to sleep 3 TIMES!!! He finally brought her back to our room around 3 am because she wasn't falling for the back rub anymore.

Since Friday, she has been sleeping until about 2:30 or 3am on her own. (HOORAY) Then she comes to our bed, nurses and (twice) slept for another 3 hour stretch. This is progress!! I really need to keep it up though and sometimes I am too tired.

Speaking of baby- I hear her waking from her nap (already ) and have to go.

PS Alyson is 7 months old next week.

Good luck everyone. I think there is hope!!

I will try to do another sleep log tonight.
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I want to join too!!

I am just starting to read this book and so far, it seems pretty good and I'm really excited to try this! DD *was* a great sleeper and she has turned into one of those babies mentioned in the book who sleeps less and less at night the older they get :
She's just shy of 4 months now and has been swaddled to sleep since about 8 weeks because she sleeps longer that way and doesn't seem too happy unswaddled while sleeping (although that has been changing on and off recently)

My biggest problem to start with is that she really doesn't have 'sleep cues', per se, she will suddenly go from 0 to meltdown in a matter of seconds and just scream herself to sleep while I run through my soothing bag of tricks to no avail. At least I'm holding her when this is happening This makes it VERY hard to put her down when she is 'sleepy' and not asleep, because she doesn't have 'sleepy', just screaming, then asleep. I have tried just putting her down after being awake for about 2 hours, but she just fusses. This only happens during daytime naps - bedtime has always been very easy and she miraculously has never (knock on wood) cried between midningt and 8am!

ANy suggestions here? I'll post nap and nighttime logs tomorrow.
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I'm interested in joining this thread! I've just re-read ncss and I'm motivated! DD is 10 mo and it's TIME!

But first, can someone help me understand the logging thing? Okay, so I'm supposed to write my plan first and after at least 10 days, I'm supposed to log and assess progress, right? But how many nights am I supposed to log? Just one, or 10 in a row? And then do I wait another 10 days or so before I log again? Help!

And when you are logging, are you guys keeping a notepad right there and jotting down the times, or do you just remember it in the AM? Writing the notes right then and there will be more effort, but it might be worth it, I think.

I still haven't written my plan :, but I've been doing the work for the past two nights, tonight is the third night. The past couple of nights have been encouraging! She's certainly not sleeping for much longer periods, but I'm doing Phase I for crib sleepers and have had great success with putting her down in the crib when almost asleep. I used to *always* nurse her til she was completely knocked out and I didn't expect this transtion to be so easy! I must admit, I was a bit sad that she took to it so well. My baby is starting to grow up!!!! :LOL
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