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I just bought 'sposies for night use, I am tired of wet wet wet.

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Okay, all you cloth diapering mammas out there, I know this has been discussed many times before, but I just got back from Target with a bag of disposable diapers. We did cloth at night for a while, using either prorap covers or fleece covers, and that worked okay, but YIKES the morning stink just about knocked me out (and the stink stayed with the covers so they were always in the wash and starting to wear out). Then we switched to 'sposies at night for a few months. Very little stink and the bed stayed dry. But I always feel guilty using 'sposies, so last month we went back to cloth at night and thought we'd try changing ds several times during the night to eliminate stink and wetness (plus, I'm sure he's not thrilled with sleeping in a soggy dipe anyway).

Sooooo, I am now tired. just plain tired. It's hard to drag myself out of bed to change a diaper on a screaming tired baby in the middle of the night when he wakes up a little to pee. I have tried wool covers, fleece covers, AIO dipes, and ALL get wet if I leave them on all night, or even for part of the night. DS sleeps on his tummy and pees a LOT, so all that moisture just gets compacted and soaks through whatever he's wearing so our sheets are wet every morning. I am tired of everythign being wet.

I have tried using multiple multiple layers of cloth diaper/stuffings/doublers/etc. DS's little butt looks like it's encased in a huge pillow and still he soaks through and the sheets are wet, even when I change him 2-3 times each night. Ugh. So I bought some 'sposies and unless anyone can convince me of a super duper wonderful way of dealing with nighttime wetness, I think we will stick with the 'sposies.

: that was not the happiest post I've ever posted, but I am certainly willing to hear what you have so say (if you have the same problem and I'm not alone in the cloth diapering world by using disposables at night, or if you have a miracle cure for everything wet at night, I'm listening... )

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Did you try wool pants?
That's the only thing that works for us. Wool pants (fabric, not knit) over a pocket diaper (with pul) stuffed with a nighty newt
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And if you're willing to use AIO's you can't be anti-PUL so try an Airflow cover with a fleece-lined fitted. I swear they will hold ANYTHING. Really. We switched to cloth since sposies didn't last all night for us and I got tired of the laundry. I'll even LEND you an Airflow I'm so convinced... or a whole nighttime dipe.

As for the stink... a judicious application of bleach once and a while fixes the stinky fitteds. Using non-hemp fitteds with hemp flats folded to make doublers has worked the best for us. That way, if your hemp does get stinky (which I find it doesn't in those thin layers) you are not bleaching the elastic or prints in your fitted which can shorten their lifespan.

LMK if you need a "loaner" to try. It IS do-able!
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Hugs to you mama. I know exactly how you feel. I'm on the verge of buying some sposies for night time too. We're having all the same exact problems you are. I'll be watching this thread for everyones advice since I really don't want to go the sposie route.
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When my son was still in dipes and wet ALOT at night I used jb's and cpfs in a fuzzi bunz covered in an aristocrat and an angelwraps wool cover. (before that was sposies and wet sheets all the time) Worked really well. Had very few leaks after that.
Before I bought the fb i used sposies under the covers and that kept his clothes and sheets dry.
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What i use for ds, still in a small diaper.Yes, his bum looks huge, but doable, he can still crawl if needed, and it works!

Aabsorbant diaper, plus 2 thick doublers,snap it up.grab a premium prefold, biki twist it around and finish with a snappi. Bummis cover, or athick wool cover in a size medium. Tuck in the entire diaper. very important step. One part out will soak everything.
Works for us. Sometimes, I use an extra doubler around the bikini twisted prefold.HTH!
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I would also try fuzzi bunz.. with alot of stuffers. We use fitted and wool at night BUT the fb actually keep her dryer. Luckily she isn't a heavy wetter so we can get away with the wool and fitteds.
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I have been back and forth with night time diapering to. Ds isn't a huge wetter, but the stink is eye watering. I can't go near him and I can't imagine that it's a picnic for him. We have just boken down and are putting him in sposies for night time. 1 bag last us almost 3 months because we only use them at night. I have tried OC, hemp, pf's, wool, ME and they all give us bad stink. It's like stale amonia. I don't think you should feel bad. Do what you have to do.
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Thanks for your input.

It looks like some of you are using 2 covers at night? I guess that might work for the wet issues, but then we still have morning stink, not to mention that if I didn't change him at night, DS would be in *very* soggy diaper come morning.

As for the ME airflow cover, I JUST got one about a week ago, and you're right that does keep the sheets dry (but we still have wet baby butt and stinky stinky issues).

Okay, so maybe I'll cool off, get some sleep for 34 nights (that's how many 'sposies we have now ) and try the cloth again for nighttime.

I don't see how wool pants would be any better than a wool cover or wrap. Mostly because DS sleeps on his tummy and pees and the pee would soak through any amount of wool because it's compressed right there where he's peeing... kwim?

Thanks again, mammas!
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I use sposies at night and dont apologize for it. My DD soaked through everything, we tried wool and hemp etc etc. I dont have the money to find the magic combo, as she is a HUGE wetter. Plus its just a pita. For $6 I get a pack of Target dipes that last a month. And I CD all day.
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Have you tried Fuzzi Bunz? We stuff them w/ a trifolded microfiber towel on top of a Joey Bunz. DD sleeps 12 hours in one, and they're actually still pretty trim. We've got room for another towel or JB if we needed them. And the fleece inner keeps DD feeling dry. Sometimes, when the diaper is particularly soaked, DD's skin will feel damp, but not soaked.
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I second the Fuzzi Bunz nomination. It sounds like they might be your solution, or at least a similar pocket diaper. You can stuff then as much as you need to, and the liner part of the diaper keeps the wet away from baby's skin. I started using them at night around 4 months old, as soon as DD grew into the medium size, and she sleeps so much better now and although the stuffer is wet in the morning, I know it wasn't right up against her skin. I stuff with a premium prefold and a doubler, or two infant prefolds, or whatever is handy really.

My personal experience with sposies has not been positive; every time we use them we have a rash after a few days, and I've tried three brands.
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No judgement here, I know how you feel! We've been struggling with nighttime too. I've always used sposies at night to keep the kids dry, except now ds is overflowing his (brand name) sposies too so I've been trying a few CD options. I feel really bad making him sleep on such a huge diaper though, so I'm not sure what to do next.

Hang in there- you need to do what's best for your family and don't feel bad about it!
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We are nightime sposie users too...and don't plan to change anytime soon. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE cding the rest of the time
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I've soooo been there. Don't apologize for using sposies at night. It took us FOR.ever to find the right night time solution. I have a heavy peer as well and most of the things suggested just don't cut it.

As for the night time stink, I second the bleach suggestion. : A tiny bit in with our prefolds and other non-PUL dipes worked wonders. I've only had to do it twice in a year but I've noticed a huge difference both times.

What works for us: A thick fitted with extra hemp thrown in for good measure (usually 2 jbs but whatever we have available works too), under fleece pants. I my fleece pants.
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I use cloth on my 6.5 yo bedwetter and he is a SUPER heavy pee'er, we had to use Huggies OVernights on him, pull ups didn't work. What works for cloth is a Fuzzi Bunz (XXL) stuffed with a Happy Heiny's hemp stuffer size large with a boy doubler, I wrap that in a large hemper, and then I wrap all of that in a premium prefold. It works well. I can't imagine that there could be much heavier wetters out there as he's older and thus has a large bladder and usually pees at least twice per night.

As far as the stink goes, my son's dipes have no stink as long as I wash in super hot water (150 F.) I was having stink back when I was sometimes throwing them in the regular wash and I was shocked to discover that the stink went away when I turned up the water heater for the baby's dipes, I just figured that big kid pee smelled bad in the AM, but I was wrong.
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Well it is nice to know I'[m not the only nighttime 'sposie user coming out of the closet.

There were lots of fuzzybunz suggestions and I do have one, but it's a tad too big yet and the first time I gave it a test run, the fleece was totally waterrepellant and water just ran right off it and nothing got absorbed into the soaker. Yikes! Talk about nighttime leaks! So it's in the wash trying to get whatever is on it off to make it work.

DS is trying to help me type, must go, but thanks again for the suggestions!

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yUP.. Our mega-peer (who eats every 90 minutes some nights, yawN) is sporting a FB, with 2 JB with a microfiber towel wrapped around them... that USUALLY does it. But we just put THAT combo in a 'crat. SO far, so good
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we use sposies at night, no shame about it My DD hates feeling wet, any combo we have tried has failed. I'm sick of spending tons of $$ on solutions - every possible try is another $20-30, and then when it doesn't work....heck, I have accepted the $10 a month for night sposies. I really don't understand how some kids pee so much at night.

anyway, enjoy your 34 nights of sleep
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i use disposables at night too, we have 5 sleeping in our bedroom so there is no way im going to risk waking up anyone who is willing to sleep by attempting a diaper change. I dont like the idea of anyone being sopping wet at night even if there is no leaks. We have never had a leak with disposables.
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