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transverse breech?

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I think my wee one is transverse. I know I still have a bit of time for it to turn (I'm 31 weeks) but how do you all feel about a uc with a transvers baby? What should I look for or worry about? Thanks- Laura
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HI! I don't know the answer to this but i am interested to find out... may sound dumb, but don't transverse babies just turn on their own before they come out (because of course they can't come out that way)?
Maybe you could try a massage or chiropractic to get baby to turn (if that's what you and baby want to do)? Those are some things I 've seen suggested elsewhere.
firecat, eagerly awaiting someone more knowledgable to come and post!
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i am a similar boat.. my babe is all over but possible still breech or transverse 9that is bad english i know.. i wasn't sure how to word it..heh)..we are going ahead with our plans, but it gave me a little shake there..
I am not sure if i truly believe in the transverse lie.. babies are always point slitghly up or down, it is rare they are straight out sideways...i feel babies know the way out.. and for the most part head that way for their birthday!
Your baby knows what it is doing!..feels nice to say that to someone else after trying to convince myself of the same..which I have happily done...
keep us posted though in how your feeling.. I knwo with my baby the stress abot the birth has long subsided, but i am not overlly comfortable with this position.. with the strecthig out and little fet in my side or worse on my bladder or cervix!....these babies are just seekers!
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your thread title says transverse breech. i am not quite sure what you mean by that. breech means butt or legs is down, and transverse means the side of the baby is presenting. a breech baby can usually be born w/no problems, but i would NOT push AT ALL-let your uterus do all the work. this is b/c you need to let your cervix open completely to make sure the head is able to get out. the biggest danger of breech birth is a stuck head. also be prepared for resuscitation.

by transverse, do you mean that the baby is lying horizontally in your uterus? if so, it is physically impossible for her to be born like that. i think you said you are 31wks, so i definitely wouldnt worry yet- there is plenty of time for baby to get head or butt down. try walking, homeopathic pulksatilla, doing flips and handstands underwater, going to a chiropractor, getting moxabustion, doing a breech tilt, doing pelvic rocks, and explaining to your baby that she needs to straighten out.

eta either way, i would recommend letting a midwife feel your belly just so you know for sure what position your baby was in, so you can be prepared
i hope this makes sense. i am naking so i am trying to be succinct.
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Transverse is the only time I'd go in for a csection. (That and placenta previa.) The baby WON'T come out if it's transverse... I'd spend my time doing all I can now to get it into head down or breech (head down preferably, but anything but transvrse it good) position.
www.spinningbabies.com is a good site to learn more about it.

I don't know about laboring transverse or not... sometimes, I think (though I'm not sure), babies who are transverse will turn on their own in labor... but if not, then csection.
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Hmm... never mind...
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My little guy was transverse and turned head down a few hours before I went into labor. You have some time still.
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Do you mean transverse (sideways baby), breech (butt first) or a transverse breech (breech, but instead of the baby's butt being anterior or posterior it is resting against the side of your pelvis).
If you mean transverse breech, I don't think it would be too much of an issue. If baby is presenting in a side-lying position, I would probably wait to see if baby turned and if s/he hadn't turned by the time I knew I was in labour, I would probably transfer. I agree with Persephone, that a transverse is one of the RARE times I would consent to c-section.
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perfect time to encourage turning

Originally Posted by liamandpipersmama
I think my wee one is transverse. I know I still have a bit of time for it to turn (I'm 31 weeks) but how do you all feel about a uc with a transvers baby? What should I look for or worry about? Thanks- Laura
Now is the perfect time to gently encourage your baby to turn (many people believe before 34 weeks is easiest.) Communicate with your baby, start daily breech tilts (get your hips above your head on pillows for about 15 minutes), and try chiropractic or acupuncture. External version is also an option if you feel comforable with it. My first baby was born breech, and I would have a breech UC, but I don't know about transverse. Don't worry, your baby still has plenty of time to turn. Also drink lots of fluids to give her ample space to turn.
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I have a friend whose baby was transverse and she didn't know and had planned a homebirth. She labored for something like three days before transferring. She did wind up with a c-section, but there were no complications from waiting.

I personally would try to UC a transverse (breech, "poorly" positioned) baby because I believe they generally turn when they're ready, and that can be during labor. But I would transfer if I felt the need, and as others mentioned, this would be one of the few times I would consider a cesaerean (if I did transfer).
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so the thing is that it can be a complex thing--if the bag breaks before labor-- is the shoulder nearer the cervix or the bottom if the middle is nearest then the cord can prolapse. where is the placenta? low or high what baby is this? you can use a belly band or use a sling or sheet and tie your belly on the lower half- covering the top of your hip bones this funnel shape will help to guide a baby into place- contractions may do this but there is that chance-- and what are the percentages of BOW breaking before or early in labor?
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I think baby truned last night. I couldn't sleep because of all the movement and I have lots of movement up under my ribs now. I hope with time I'll be more confident in it's postion. Thanks for all your posts - Laura
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glad to hear the babe turned. i'm sure that's a load off, even though there is plenty of time yet. i'm just a few weeks ahead of you and while my babe has been in every possible position, she's been (mostly) transverse smashed at the tip-top of my uterus for a while now. when i tune into her and remind her about the path of least resistance, i get back messages of "chill out", "trust in others' (i.e. her) abilities", "trust the unknown", etc, etc. so i do (or put in the effort to). i don't know why she's in that position, but i do know there's a reason and i'm not willing to force the issue. there's time, i'm on my feet alot (gravity is supposed to keep the heavy head down i hear) and getting treatments, etc, so i figure, if she was ready, she would stay head down one of the times she got in that position.

blue violet, what were you going to say?
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