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How do you get ink out of fabric?
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I have successfully used hairspray. I think it's the alcohol in it, so you could try rubbing alcohol to see if it works. Of course, only if it won't ruin the fabric!
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Hairspray? I don't own any. What type of hairspray should I get?
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Not sure. My husband bought some cheap hairspray about 10 years ago and it was just sitting in the closet. I read online that it should work, so I tried it and it did. Maybe see if a friend or neighbor has some hairspray that you can use? It only took 1 or 2 squirts for my small ink stain.
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Okay, I tried it. I think I let the stain sit too long b/c I had to wash it a few more times but it worked. Thank you!!!!!!!
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